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 Zhao Fu found it quite difficult to deal with these Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits, as they all hid far away while Zhao Fu used a sword to fight at close range.

Zhao Fu did not want to charge up and kill them all one by one, as that would be troublesome. As such, he could only use a large AOE attack to deal with them all in one hit.

Just as Zhao Fu tried to take out the Sin Dragon Sword, he heard her angrily harrumph, acting as if she wanted to ignore Zhao Fu. The previous night, when Zhao Fu had been doing it with Nü Lü and Tuoba Qing, this perverted dragon had wanted to rush out and join in.

However, Zhao Fu had sealed her within the Sword Mark, so she could only watch, making her feel extremely angry and uncomfortable.

Now that Zhao Fu wanted to use her, Long Xiaoxiao hid within the Sword Mark and refused to come out, making it so that Zhao Fu could not take out the sword.

Seeing her like this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile, and his mood became a bit better as he said, "If you come out now, I'll give you a kiss."

Long Xiaoxiao felt quite delighted, but she still held it in. After all, this was the first time that Zhao Fu had taken the initiative to kiss her. She felt that she could push it a bit more, so she said, "I want to do it with you, or else I'm not coming out!"

Those words made the other sword spirits' faces red, and Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh as he said, "I'll just use another sword then!"

"Don't!" Sensing that Zhao Fu was about to take out another sword, Long Xiaoxiao cried out, and a green sword light shot out from the Sword Mark. A sword appeared in Zhao Fu's hand, and a figure appeared before him, immediately hugging him tightly and passionately kissing him. Her tongue quickly darted into Zhao Fu's mouth and entangled itself with Zhao Fu's tongue.

Zhao Fu also lightly hugged Long Xiaoxiao, and he felt quite surprised towards her almost maddened kissing, so he also started to kiss her back.

After a while, Long Xiaoxiao reluctantly parted from Zhao Fu's lips, but in the next second, she once again tried to kiss him. She did not know why, but she felt that after Zhao Fu started cultivating the Six Desires Celestial Art, he had become dozens of times more attractive.

Zhao Fu still had to deal with the Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits, so he had to quickly pacify Long Xiaoxiao. Seeing that she wanted to continue, Zhao Fu rapped her on the head with his knuckles.

"Aiya!" Long Xiaoxiao covered her head as she let go of Zhao Fu.

Long Xiaoxiao pouted, but she still happily went into her sword.

"Roar!!!" Zhao Fu raised his sword and a dragon's roar sounded out. Countless traces of water vapor gathered, condensing into tens of thousands of water swords in the air that gave off an incredibly sharp aura.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

As Zhao Fu lowered his sword, the water swords in the air quickly descended, tearing through the air. It was as if there was a wave of sword rain, slicing through everything beneath them.

The Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits in the surrounding 10,000 meters were decimated by the countless falling water swords, pitifully crying. Their bodies dissipated into traces of icy qi and fiery qi, and ice crystals and fire crystals fell to the ground.

In just a single attack, Zhao Fu had killed roughly 3,000 Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits. Zhao Fu put the Sin Dragon sword by his waist and walked over curiously to take a look at those crystals.

[Chilling Ice Crystal]: A special type of crystal that contains a large amount of Ice energy. It can be added to a Domain and can also be used as an attack item.

[Explosive Fire Crystal]: A special type of crystal that contains a large amount of Fire energy. It can be added to a Domain and can also be used as an attack item.

These crystals looked like ordinary crystals, but they had different types of energy. Moreover, what did it mean by it could be used as an attack item?

Zhao Fu tried it out and threw out a Chilling Ice Crystal. The ice crystal turned into an ice shard as it flew out, instantly piercing through a massive rock that was five meters wide.

Following this, Zhao Fu threw an Explosive Fire Crystal, and a fireball flew out, blasting a ten-meter wide crater in the ground.

With their power, it would be possible to instantly kill Stage 2 soldiers.

Zhao Fu felt quite pleased, and he collected all of the crystals before heading onwards.

There were not any threats as he moved on, and he killed Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits as he moved forwards, netting many crystals.

However, because he was too eye-catching as a target if he flew in the air, Zhao Fu could only walk, so his speed was quite slow.

A few days later, Zhao Fu arrived in the innermost depths of Gloomy Jungle. There, he discovered a large palace made of crystals, on which many pictures were carved. There were humans and flowers, and the pictures looked quite beautiful.

Over the course of the past few days, Zhao Fu had killed countless ordinary Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits and an Ice Spirit Lord and a Fire Spirit Lord.

They had been dozens of times more powerful than ordinary Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits, and they were about three meters tall. They could casually cast ice storms and fire rain and had extremely destructive power. They also had large AOE attacks, and it took Zhao Fu a while to deal with them.

After killing them, Zhao Fu obtained two Lord Crystals. They were different from ordinary ice crystals and fire crystals as they could be used multiple times.

With these Lord Crystals, one could use three types of skills - for example, the crystal that the Ice Spirit Lord dropped could cast an ice storm, an ice shield, and an ice shard, which was quite powerful.

After coming into the depths of Gloomy Jungle and seeing a crystal palace, Zhao Fu became serious. Even though there did not seem to be any danger, as the central region of this place, it was definitely quite extraordinary and would contain something dangerous.

Zhao Fu cautiously walked ahead and found that there were two crystal coffins, and there seemed to be two people lying within them. Zhao Fu became even warier and hesitated, wondering if he should go in.

At that moment, one of the crystal coffins gave off countless traces of icy qi while the other gave off countless traces of fiery qi. A cold aura and a hot aura rippled outwards like floods in all directions.

The people within the crystal coffins had come to life.


An explosion sounded out as two rays of light shot into the sky and turned into two figures.

Both figures were women who had extremely beautiful looks. Their skin was tender and as white as jade, and their long hair reached their legs. Their figures were quite graceful and elegant, and they did not wear much, only covering their important parts.

Both of them held metallic magic staffs that were about two meters long, with a picture of a moon on the top. The magic staffs gave off faint lights and looked like treasures.

One of them had flaming red eyes, and her coffin had the name Binoche on it. The other had icy eyes, and the name on her coffin was Kerache.

Both of them stood in the air, giving off mighty auras. Both of their eyes were fixed on Zhao Fu.

Seeing them appear and sensing their power, Zhao Fu's gaze became serious, and he tightly gripped the Sin Dragon Sword.

Binoche's beautiful face had a savage expression on it, and she waved her magic staff, causing a gigantic fire bird to instantly condense and rush at Zhao Fu.