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 The four other Legatees couldn't help but fear Great Qin. Before, they had been somewhat happy that Great Qin's Legatee had not received the support of Great Qin because they thought that his or her development had been far slower than theirs. However, it seemed that they had been wrong: Great Qin had already started to bare its fangs at them, making them feel an incredible sense of pressure.

The four Legatees stared off into the distance, unable to calm down for a long time.

Within Holy Light City, He Xianru stood on the third floor of the Westfall Restaurant and looked into the distance. A violet light flashed in her eyes momentarily before she lowered her head. She saw that there was a trace of an aura around her that was invisible to the naked eye - the aura was black and looked like a dragon. He Xianru understood what this meant, and a faint smile appeared on her face.


Zhao Fu opened his eyes and opened his stats page because he seemed to have received a title.

[Great Qin Emperor]: The Legatee of the Great Qin Empire and has the blessing of the Nation Fate.

After looking at the description, Zhao Fu still felt quite confused about 'Fate'. He looked himself over and saw the black gold dragon robe and black gold dragon crown. It seemed that they were not pieces of equipment because the system announcement had said that they were created from his Fate.

[Great Qin - Black Gold Dragon Embroidered Robe]: Can only be worn by the Great Qin's Legatee, and it is the symbol of sovereignty.

[Great Qin - Black Gold Dragon Crown]: Can only be worn by the Great Qin's Legatee, and it is the symbol of sovereignty.

The items only had descriptions, and they didn't have stats. Afterwards, Zhao Fu looked at the little bronze men floating around him. He stretched out his hand, and they all flew towards him by themselves.

[Twelve Metal Colossi] (White grade): An armament forged by countless soldiers that can suppress a Nation's Fate. (Note: Do not use it easily, as using the Twelve Metal Colossi consumes a great amount of Fate each time. However, it can be upgraded through obtaining a great amount of Fate).

It was Fate again. It seemed that Zhao Fu needed to increase his understanding of Fate in the future. Zhao Fu thought for a moment before looking at the stone platform beneath him.

[Heaven Prayer Platform]: A special structure of an Empire Legacy Village. It can level up with a village. Special Stats: Resistance to natural disasters +30%, Chances of spawning S grade or above villagers +15%.

The Heaven Prayer Platform was most likely something that would only appear in villages with an empire's Legacy. It would be impossible for villages with the Legacies of normal families to have such a thing. It gave two important stats: resistance to natural disasters and better spawn rates.

There were many natural disasters. In the real world, there were droughts, floods, snowstorms, famines, and more. Right now, everything seemed quite calm, but it was difficult to say what could happen in the future. As such, the resistance to natural disasters would help greatly.

The second stat increased the spawn rate of S grade and above villagers. This was a stat that Zhao Fu greatly lacked. After all, the Great Qin Village had not spawned a single S grade villager yet. It was evident just how rare S grade villagers were.

After looking at these stats, Zhao Fu slowly walked down the Heaven Prayer Platform. Since it was his first time wearing the Dragon Robe and Dragon Crown, he was not very used to it.

After walking down the steps and seeing Liu Mei and Asani on the ground, he quickly went to help them up and gently asked them, "Are you hurt?"

Liu Mei and Asani shook their heads, but their faces were still pale. They still had not recovered from experiencing the terrifying might of an Emperor.

"Congratulations, Your Majesty! Felicitations, Your Majesty! You've obtained a Fate Legacy!" Li Si and a group of people came out with big smiles on their faces. They paid their respects to Zhao Fu before he could even speak.

Zhao Fu also slightly smiled and nodded before instructing them to take Liu Mei and Asani to rest. He went to the Village Hall and looked at the City Heart. After stretching out his hand, the Twelve Metal Colossi automatically flew to the City Heart's side.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu returned to the real world and searched up 'Fate.' He found that it was linked to one's destiny and life.

The ancient text 'Curtailing Excursions Essay' noted, "I feel blessed by the harmony of Fate; I delight in the outcome of the work of time. Fate is luck, and luck is Fate." The author of the 'Dream Pool Essays' stated, "In smaller matters, like a person's health and lifespan, he or she will become stronger or weaker according to his or her Fate."

These ancient texts were expressing that one's circumstances, whether it was someone of noble birth or a commoner or if it was a single person or an entire nation, was dependent on his or her Fate. This profound and mysterious concept decided the destiny of a person or a country. When one's Fate was strong, everything would go smoothly for him or her; when it was weak, even simple matters would become near-impossible.

After coming to this understanding, Zhao Fu realised how important Fate was. Even though Fate may have been quantified in the Heaven Awaken World, it was still something that truly existed - it was something that was always close to him but could not be touched.

After reading up on Fate, Zhao Fu went onto the Heaven Awaken World forum to see if there was any news. He found that a power that had remained silent this entire time, which had been watched by countless factions, had finally started moving. It was modern China.

In terms of Legacies, the Legacy of modern China could not be compared to even that of a large family's. After all, those from large families could at least obtain a blue cube from their ancestor's Legacy. However, modern countries were unable to obtain any legacies.

Things were not too bad for modern China because there were others in worse states. For example, the United States had only been around for 200 or so years and was a relatively newer country. As such, it did not have any Legacies within the Heaven Awaken World. Most countries had long histories, so they could inherit some ancient Legacies.

In terms of Legacies, the United States, which was a modern superpower, suddenly became one of the weakest factions. In the real world, the United States madly used money to buy anything it could use to barely keep themselves afloat in the Heaven Awaken World.

Among the modern countries, the one that was doing the best was modern China. After all, much of the world's development during ancient times was due to China, and it was only during recent times that China had gradually fallen behind. As such, it could be said that China was the strongest battle region in the Heaven Awaken World.

In actuality, China had been split by countless large families, but China's backbone still existed. In terms of Legacies, it could not compare to a large family's, but in terms of resources, there was no family that could compare to it.

China did not care about what happened in the Heaven Awaken World, but it required everyone to maintain order in the real world. All the various factions did their best to comply with this because it was not in anyone's interests for the real world to descend into chaos as well.

As such, China seemed to ignore the Heaven Awaken World, but this was not necessarily the case. There seemed to be signs of China's military appearing here and there - this was clearly China developing in the Heaven Awaken World in secret, and its might was shocking.

China had wanted to develop in secret, allowing the large families to fight each other to the death before destroying them all and establishing modern China in the Heaven Awaken World. However, China had never expected that it would be discovered so quickly.

One of the higher-ranked generals made a statement about patriotism, supporting one's country, and creating a peaceful future.

"A peaceful future?" Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh. Such a thing was impossible in the Heaven Awaken World. The future would only be filled with chaotic fighting, death, rivers of blood, and mountains of corpses.