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 After opening QQ, Zhao Fu found that there were quite a few messages waiting for him.

Niu Gu: Bro, where'd you go?

Lin Qingyu: Bastard, are you going to return that $5 I lent you? I trusted your character and lent you that money!

Boss Dong: Ai, I closed the shop. Now that there's the Heaven Awaken World, business has gone down.

The first message was from Niu Gu. He was Zhao Fu's former co-worker, and he had already met him in the Heaven Awaken World. Zhao Fu had brought him into Heaven's Choice, and he was currently being protected in the Ying family's residence. After Heaven's Choice had been destroyed, he had been sent to another region to develop there.

Zhao Fu had never thought that the first message would be from him. It seemed that he really saw Zhao Fu as a friend, and Zhao Fu's treatment had not been in vain.

The second message was from Lin Qingyu, who was a shop assistant Zhao Fu had worked with. Her looks were delicate and pretty, but she was quite stingy. Zhao Fu had forgotten his money once and borrowed $5, and even then she had hesitated for a long time.

The third was from the owner of the convenience store that he had worked at, and she was called Dong Meimei. Her personality was quite bright and cheerful, and she was a young wife. She had a 1-year-old child and a good character, and she treated her workers well.

Zhao Fu had foreseen her shop closing, as most people spent the majority of their time within the Heaven Awaken World. There was barely anyone to maintain production and transportation in the real world, and the world's economy was facing collapse.

Moreover, the world economy was only hanging in there because of the combined efforts of the governments and large families. Without their support, the real world would have collapsed long ago. Without any production, there would not be any spending, and this would become a vicious cycle. Before the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world, the real world would have already fallen into chaos.

Of these three people, there was no need to worry about Niu Gu, and Lin Qingyu just so happened to be online, so Zhao Fu sent over a message for her to send him her bank account details.

Lin Qingyu quickly replied: Have you come back to life, you bastard? Give me back my money, or you're dead!

Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile. Even though Lin Qingyu was quite stingy, their relationship was quite good. As such, he had asked for her bank account details.

Lin Qingyu asked curiously: Why do you want my bank account details? I'll just take that $5 loss and pretend that I threw it away; there's no need for you to return it. What have you been doing all this time?

Lin Qingyu's words were quite sharp, but Zhao Fu was not angry. He smiled as he replied, "I've been quite busy, but hurry up and give me your bank account details!"

"Ah, alright, my bank account details are..." Seeing that Zhao Fu was not giving up, Lin Qingyu felt quite strange and sent over her bank account details.

Soon, Lin Qingyu received a message that she had received $500,000. Lin Qingyu was given a big fright - this was the first time that she had seen so much money before.

Thinking about the fact that she had just given Zhao Fu her bank account details, she quickly sent a message, "Why do you have so much money? Did you sell yourself? Are you trying to buy me with this money?"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he replied, "I have plenty of money; that money is for you. Also, I have no intentions towards you at all!"

Seeing this, Lin Qingyu coldly harrumphed and replied unhappily, "I wouldn't consider you either. I'll save your money for you, but if you want interest, it'll be $1 per day. I'm going into the Heaven Awaken World now."

Seeing this, Zhao Fu replied that the money was for her and that there was no need to save it for him. With his identity, let alone $500,000, even $5 billion was not much. However, by then, she had already logged off.

Zhao Fu then looked at the third message. Dong Meimei had helped him in the past and treated him quite well. She was not online right now, so Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to repay her. He sent a message saying, "If you need anything, let me know. If the place you're staying at is not safe, I can protect you!"

After going through these three messages, Zhao Fu went through the other messages.

Zheng Dong: What happened? Why did you quit uni? What a pity!

Dong Suzhen: Lil Fu, why did you drop out of uni?

Zhang Yue: Hahaha, Lil Zhao, come follow your big brother. Your big brother has made it big!

Zheng Yuqin: Fufu, I miss you. Why didn't you tell me you were dropping out? I can't even contact your phone!

The first message was from Zheng Dong, who was the class president at Zhao Fu's university. He had a warm and passionate heart and liked to help others. Zhao Fu's impression of him was quite good, and they had a decent relationship. He had been helped by him many times.

Zhao Fu replied, "It isn't that much of a pity. Thanks for your concern, but I'm doing quite well."

The second was from Dong Suzhen, who was the teacher in charge of Zhao Fu's class. Her looks were very dignified and composed, and she was one of the female beauties of the university. Zhao Fu had helped her with some things before, and their relationship was quite good.

Zhao Fu replied, "I had some things that I needed to do, so I decided to drop out. Don't worry. I'm doing quite well!"

The third message was from Zhang Yue, who had been Zhao Fu's roommate at university for a while. They had been friends during the first year of university. He was a decent person but was sometimes pompous and liked to show off.

There had been four of them in a room, and Zhao Fu's relationships with the two other people were quite ordinary. They had not bothered to ask each other for their QQs, so they were no longer in contact.

Zhao Fu wondered what sort of opportunity Zhang Yue had made for himself, but from his words, it seemed that he had become the leader of a small faction or had established his own Village.

In response, Zhao Fu sent back an emoji of a person rolling their eyes.

The fourth person was Zheng Yuqin. Thinking about her, Zhao Fu felt quite complicated. Whenever she spoke, she would say things that could be easily misunderstood, but she did not have any romantic feelings towards Zhao Fu.

She was 35 years old and looked quite gentle. Her figure was quite voluptuous, and she had snow-white skin, making her look quite alluring. She was the owner of the snack counter at the university, and she had divorced a long time ago. Because she could not give birth, she did not have any children.

Back then, she had been moving things about, and seeing that she had been struggling, Zhao Fu had decided to help her. That was how they had gotten to know each other, and Zhao Fu had always treated her like an older friend.

However, she had started to develop feelings towards Zhao Fu. She would look at Zhao Fu with eyes filled with love, treating him as her own son.

Zhao Fu did not like this, as his mother had died while he had still been young. He was already 21 years old, and because his personality had already formed, he felt quite cold towards this and felt that it was unnecessary.

After knowing how she felt towards him, Zhao Fu did not contact her as much, but she would still go to find Zhao Fu and try to care for him. Zhao Fu could not bear to allow this to continue.

As such, after Zhao Fu dropped out of university, he did not contact her anymore.

Zhao Fu currently felt quite complicated. He thought for a moment before replying, "I had some urgent matters, so I had to leave. However, I have some time now. This is my new number. You can find me if you need anything. I'm currently at the Ying family's residence; if it's dangerous outside, you can move in, and I'll take care of you!"