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 In ancient texts, the Unfettered Star was described to be a 'killing star' and 'imprisoning star - it had a trace of the murderous aura of the Seven Murders Star and a trace of the baleful aura of the Imprisoning Star.

The Imprisoning Star represented imprisoning and disciplining, and it was a malicious star.

The Unfettered Star had both the killing and imprisoning attributes, so it had a trace of an evil aura. That evil aura was manifested in its unfettered and unbounded nature, doing whatever it wanted and disregarding what other people thought. It was somewhat different from most evil auras.

After the Unfettered Star appeared, it shot down a violet and blood-red pillar of starlight onto Li Mu's body, causing his aura to go through changes. The power emanating out from his body became more and more powerful.

Following this, the pillar of starlight shrank until it only touched the sword that Li Mu was raising, engraving onto it the word 'Unfettered,' after which the starlight disappeared.

After the General Armament formed, the Unfettered Star in the sky, which gave off an immense aura of suppression, gradually rose and was hidden in the sky.

Zhao Fu took a look at the Unfettered Star and found that it had become violet and blood-red, and it gave off a malicious aura that struck fear into people. Zhao Fu looked at its description curiously.

[Unfettered Sword]: Grade: Epic, Stats: Strength +26, Intelligence +25, Constitution +20, Agility +20, Description: A Legendary grade sword that fused with the Unfettered Star's power and formed the General Armament, Unfettered Sword.

The stats were quite good, and the Unfettered Sword also had six Special Effects. The first five were the same as the others, so Zhao Fu just looked at the sixth one.

[Killing and Imprisoning Soldiers]: A type of soldier who has extremely powerful attacks and is also proficient at capturing. They are suited at capturing missions and are extremely powerful. They are able to suppress all sorts of military types to a certain degree and can use the Unfettered Star's power.

Each General Armament's sixth Special Effect was quite good, and this was especially so for the Killing and Imprisoning Soldiers. They would be quite useful on some battlefields.

After looking at the Unfettered Sword's description, Zhao Fu gave a satisfied smile and returned the sword to Li Mu.

Afterward, Zhao Fu heard that Great Qin's Assassins, who had sneaked into India's territory, had caught a few Indian women who ranked highly on their beauty rankings. Currently, the Maurya Dynasty's Nation Armament had already been refined by Great Qin and had become Great Qin's Nation-Suppressing Pillar. As one of the human world's four Clan Armaments, the Glass Peacock was immensely powerful, and Zhao Fu had witnessed its power for himself. He could not let this opportunity go, and after refining it, Great Qin would once again become much more powerful.

Right now, they lacked Indian women, and Zhao Fu had set his sights on the women on India's beauty rankings. All of them had a decent amount of Phoenix Qi, and capturing them would most likely be able to satisfy the amount of Phoenix Qi required to refine the Glass Peacock.

Zhao Fu did not pay too much attention to this, as Great Qin's Assassins had not captured many women yet.

The disappearance of the women from India's beauty rankings aroused great attention. After all, in this world, even if one was completely useless, as long as they had great looks, they would attract other people's attention.

As women on the beauty rankings, there was a lot of attention placed on them, so their disappearances caused a great uproar.

"How did those people disappear?"

Countless Indian people tried to guess what had happened. Some said that they had married into rich and influential families, making it so that they would no longer appear in public. Other people guessed that they had been kidnapped. Others said that they no longer entered the Heaven Awaken World, which was why no one saw them anymore.

Some people blamed their fans for giving them too much pressure, forcing them to go into hiding or even committing suicide.

Not many people had disappeared yet, so the Indian people could only make wild guesses. However, after a while, they would most likely be able to guess who was behind this.

They would most likely explode with anger - putting aside killing their people and conquering their territory, they were now daringly stealing their women. That was simply too outrageous.

However, even if they knew that this was done by Great Qin, Zhao Fu would still continue to capture women. After all, this was necessary to refine their Clan Armament. Before, they had invaded China, so this was Great Qin's revenge. As such, Zhao Fu did not hesitate at all to do this.

As for capturing Chinese women so daringly, Zhao Fu had not considered such a thing before. He did not want to stir up any trouble, and because they were from the same country, he did not want to harm them for no reason unless they offended Great Qin or forced Great Qin.

Zhao Fu left the matter of the Indian women here, as it would take some more time until they had enough women.

Zhao Fu went around Great Qin and looked at the construction. Afterwards, he felt that he did not have much to do, so he returned to the real world.

Zhao Fu felt that he had not gone on his computer in a long time. Ever since he had become the Ying family's proxy leader, he had not had the need to go on the Heaven Awaken World forum to look for information, so he had not used his computer.

Zhao Fu decided to have a look to see if there was anything that had escaped his attention. Perhaps he would be able to find something or obtain some inspiration.

After Great Qin was reconciled with the other Dynasties, China had settled into a time of peace, and all of the various factions did their best to develop.

Great Xia, Great Shang, Great Zhou, and Great Han had all unified a region now. Their speed was not slow, and they chased after Great Qin. Seeing the various Dynasties working so hard, no one else wanted to fall behind, and they also desperately developed.

The boundary regions were still just as chaotic before, but no one gathered a large amount of their forces to fight, and they resisted the temptations of the rewards. The rewards right now were not much, and the aftermath of the previous invasion gradually settled down.

China was now relatively peaceful, but the Legacy Land was still in chaos. This was because people of various countries still fought, and this was not just in the Midland Continent but in the other four continents as well.

Zhao Fu was quite concerned about the outside world, because if Great Qin could not defend against them, they would need the help of others.

This was quite frustrating; if Great Qin could not stop them, they would have to work with others, or they would be destroyed. Now that Zhao Fu had some information about the world outside the Legacy Land, he felt quite worried.

He did not know when the next stage of the Chaotic World would be unlocked, and when that happened, it would not be long until the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world. When that time came, they would be connected to the rest of the Heaven Awaken World, and people would be able to freely move around and kill.

Zhao Fu then looked at some other interesting threads and gained some insights.

A while later, Zhao Fu closed the Heaven Awaken World forum and looked at the penguin icon on his desktop as he hesitated. Ever since he had obtained Great Qin's Legacy, he had cut off all of his relationships, whether they were friends, classmates, or other acquaintances. He had not had much time and had been focusing everything into developing Great Qin.

Now, there was some change within Zhao Fu's heart, and after thinking about it, he signed into QQ. After such a long time, he wondered how the people he knew were, and he inwardly felt quite complicated.