Tuoba Qing's appearance had gone through some changes - her black hair had become blood-red colored, and its length reached her waist. Her eyes also became a pure blood-red color, and her pretty face became incomparably beautiful.

Her aura also changed - she not only gave off the airs of a next-door big sister but also a trace of devilishness and heroism, making her seem quite attractive.


An immense wave of Phoenix Qi rushed out of Tuoba Qing's body and entered the Emperor Phoenix Statue. The Emperor Phoenix spread its wings, causing countless rays of golden light to shoot out. The Emperor Phoenix seemed to have become a golden sun, shining light in all directions.

The Emperor Phoenix's wingspan of 40 meters grew to 120 meters, and the aura that it gave off became even more powerful and shocking.

Tuoba Qing looked at the destruction that she had caused. It was not just Great Qin that had been affected; the surrounding villages had also been heavily damaged as well. She saw Zhao Fu some distance away and hurriedly ran over and knelt on the ground as she said apologetically, "Please punish me, Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu climbed up from the heap of rocks, a trace of blood leaking out of his lips. He looked at Tuoba Qing kneeling on the ground and looked around at the devastating scene as he bitterly laughed and said, "You may rise. This wasn't your fault."

Tuoba Qing hesitated before getting up. Wu Qing went to Tuoba Qing's side and asked caringly, "Big sis, are you alright?"

Hearing her words of concern, Tuoba Qing lightly smiled and nodded.

The other Generals came to Zhao Fu's side with some light injuries. Seeing that everyone was fine, they let out sighs of relief.

Tuoba Qing's expression became quite worried, as she had caused not only Great Qin's Generals to be injured but even His Majesty himself.

Zhao Fu looked at Tuoba Qing, and thinking about her terrifying identity, his expression became serious as he said, "Tuoba Qing, come with me."

Tuoba Qing nodded and lowered her head, feeling quite depressed. She wondered how Zhao Fu was going to punish her, and no matter how it was, she decided to prepare herself for it. After all, this had been caused by her, so she should be punished.

She followed behind Zhao Fu, and they soon arrived at Zhao Fu's room.

Zhao Fu thought for a moment before telling Tuoba Qing about her identity. Without Zhao Fu telling her, she would find out sooner or later. This was an important matter, and Tuoba Qing had the right to know about her identity so that she could make preparations for the future if anything happened.

After hearing what Zhao Fu had to say, a look of shock appeared on Tuoba Qing's face. After hearing that she had a Royal Bloodline, she had already been quite surprised, and she had never expected to be part of the Creation Race.

"Your Majesty, will I bring trouble to you? You won't chase me away, will you?" Tuoba Qing asked anxiously as she nervous looked at Zhao Fu. Tuoba Qing felt that her identity could be dangerous.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "How could I? You're my concubine now, and I'll take responsibility for you!"

Tuoba Qing felt her heart stir, and she leaped into Zhao Fu's embrace and tightly hugged him. Her face became incredibly red as she leaned against Zhao Fu's chest and said, "Your Majesty, you're the best!"

Zhao Fu laughed as he also hugged her.

"Husband!" Tuoba Qing said. Her heart beat rapidly as she made a decision and lifted her head as she blushed. She then stood on her toes as she lightly kissed Zhao Fu, her tongue clumsily entering Zhao Fu's mouth.

Immediately, Zhao Fu felt as if his head had exploded, and he felt his mind being inundated by Phoenix Qi, making Zhao Fu seem to lose his rationality.

Zhao Fu instinctively reacted and passionately kissed Tuoba Qing back. Tuoba Qing shyly responded, and Zhao Fu started to take off her clothes.

For the next four hours, immense thumping and moaning sounds sounded out within the room. Because of Zhao Fu's Sovereign Bloodline, he received great bonuses and had immense stamina.

Back when he had received a Royal Bloodline, Zhao Fu had felt that something had changed within him, and he had never dared to allow himself to indulge himself in pleasures as he knew that he might not be able to control himself. After rising to a Sovereign Bloodline, he became dozens of times more powerful in that area.

If it wasn't for Tuoba Qing's special bloodline and the Phoenix Qi from the Emperor Phoenix Statue, it would have been very difficult for Tuoba Qing to endure this.

Tuoba Qing was currently powerlessly lying on Zhao Fu's body as she raggedly breathed. Only after a while did she regain some of her strength, and she lightly hit Zhao Fu with her small fist as she said, "You baddie! It was my first time, but you didn't hold back at all!"

Zhao Fu apologetically smiled as he said, "Sorry, I really couldn't control myself."

Tuoba Qing lightly harrumphed, but she did not feel angry at all. Instead, she simply sweetly laid on Zhao Fu's chest.

Zhao Fu stroked Tuoba Qing's smooth back and said in a promising tone, "Lil Qing, you're my first woman, and I'll definitely take care of you in the future!"

Tuoba Qing felt quite touched, and she looked at Zhao Fu with eyes full of love, saying, "Husband, I'll be yours forever!"

Zhao Fu smiled and held her in his arms. Soon, it was night time, and now, within Zhao Fu's dantian, there were seven black auras - he had already started cultivating the Six Desires Celestial Art.

Back when Zhao Fu had lost control, countless black runes had entered his head. Perhaps it was because of his Heaven Grade, but Zhao Fu learned the Art instantly.

The central tenet of the Six Desires Celestial Art was 'desire.' After fully cultivating the Art, one could even create an illusory world. Right after cultivating the Art, Zhao Fu could feel how powerful this Art was, and his Cultivation power had become many times purer.

Zhao Fu had wanted to call some people to bring some food, as Tuoba Qing was unable to get off the bed. However, at that moment, someone knocked on the door, and Nü Lü walked in with some food.

Seeing Nü Lü walk in, Tuoba Qing's face became incredibly red, and she dove under the blankets, feeling quite embarrassed.

Nü Lü glared at Zhao Fu before saying, "Lord husband, how could you ravage little sister Qing for such a long time? You didn't treat her tenderly at all."

Zhao Fu felt quite awkward because he and Tuoba Qing were both naked on the bed. Even though there was a blanket partially covering them, Nü Lü had suddenly walked in on them.

However, Zhao Fu could tell that Nü Lü did not feel displeased, and there was instead a faint blush on her face.

Following this, Zhao Fu got up and put on his clothes.

"Little sister Qing, I made some chicken soup for you so that you can recover quickly!" Nü Lü ignored Zhao Fu, brought a bowl of chicken soup over, and sat down next to Tuoba Qing.

Tuoba Qing quickly got up, put on some clothes, and said embarrassedly, "Thank you big sister Lü. I'll eat it myself!"

Seeing that Tuoba Qing had recovered so quickly, Nü Lü felt quite surprised and smiled as she handed the bowl over.

Zhao Fu sat at the table and ate as the two women chatted. Tuoba Qing seemed like a shy and innocent little sister while Nü Lü was like a gentle big sister who seemed to know everything.

After a while, Zhao Fu finished eating, and seeing the two women talking happily, he did not bother them and instead took out the final Region Treasure Box. Because of the abnormal signs from Tuoba Qing earlier, he had not opened it yet.