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 Since Zhao Fu had the Great Qin King Art, which was an S grade Art, he did not want the Azure Stone Divine Art.

Moreover, if one cultivated two types of Arts, that could cause their power to become quite chaotic, and they could lose themselves to the chaos. Unless Zhao Fu obtained some sort of supernatural Art, he would not bother with any other Arts and would only use the Great Qin King Art.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to put the matter of the Art aside, the golden dragon suddenly said within Zhao Fu's mind, "Zhao Fu, I have a Celestial Art; do you want it?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. With the information from the demon god, he knew about such things.

In the Heaven Awaken World's records, Celestials had the power to destroy worlds. They were not within the six paths of reincarnation or five elements, and they far surpassed godly spirits. Their power was monstrous, and they were about the nine cultivation realms in the Celestial realm.

There did not seem to be Celestials in the Heaven Awaken World; at the very least, the demon god had never seen any Celestials, and they were just a legend within the Heaven Awaken World.

Hearing the golden dragon suddenly mention a Celestial Art, Zhao Fu's heart leaped, and he asked in shock, "Are you serious? Did the Heaven Murder Empire really have a Celestial Art?"

The golden dragon laughed proudly and replied, "Of course! Celestial Arts are incredibly precious, and even ordinary Holy Empires would not have such things. Back then, our most talented Emperor, which was Emperor Wushi, entered the Six Desires Celestial Palace and obtained a legacy, which was how he obtained that Celestial Art!"

After hearing the golden dragon's words, Zhao Fu felt incredibly shocked. He had never expected it to really have a Celestial Art. As for Emperor Wushi and the Six Desires Celestial Palace, Zhao Fu did not know much about them. However, he could easily guess that they were incredibly powerful existences.

Hearing that the golden dragon really did have a Celestial Art, Zhao Fu felt an itch within his heart; he could imagine just how powerful it was, so he immediately said, "I want to cultivate it!"

The golden dragon explained, "The Art is called the Six Desires Celestial Manual, and it is extremely powerful. It leans slightly towards the demonic path, and it requires at least Heaven Grade to cultivate. It is split into two main cultivation methods:

"The first is Suppressing Desires, which means that you will not be able to touch a single woman. Only after completely mastering the Art will you have a sliver of a chance, but even then it will still be quite dangerous.

"The second is Indulging Desires, and you can think of it as a dual cultivation method. You can cultivate together with countless women, and those with Phoenix Qi are the most suitable and beneficial to you. Your Cultivation will rise exponentially, and those women will receive benefits as well.

Both methods had their own advantages: the power one gained from the first method was purer, while the second one gave the fastest Cultivation speed. Which one should he pick?

Zhao Fu felt a bit at a loss. If he chose the first method, Suppressing Desires, he would have to wait until he completely mastered the Art to have a chance at being with a woman. With how difficult this Celestial Art was, perhaps he would never be able to touch a woman for his entire life.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite uncomfortable. After all, Zhao Fu still had some interest in those things.

However, if he chose the second method, that sounded to licentious. He would dual cultivate with countless women, which he felt quite repulsed by.

Currently, Zhao Fu's feelings were still closed off. Even though he had been somewhat intimate with some women, he knew clearly that he had never loved a woman.

Of course, Zhao Fu was not interested in men; he was sure that he was attracted to women.

The two options given by the golden dragon were both quite extreme, and after thinking about it, Zhao Fu felt as if his head was going to explode.

However, the Celestial Art's might was simply too alluring, and no one would be able to resist it. However, facing these two extreme choices, Zhao Fu did not know what to do. He decided to put this matter aside for now and spend some time thinking about it.

Zhao Fu looked at the next Region Treasure Box and opened it up. Countless traces of light shot out as a City Creation Stone appeared before him. This City Creation Stone looked quite special, and it gave off a powerful aura.

[Unnamed City Creation Stone]: A City-level City Creation Stone that has never been used. It needs to be named and for a City Lord Seal to be condensed.

"Hahaha..." Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh out loud; he had unexpectedly received a City for free. Back then, it had taken a great deal of time and effort for Great Qin to take down the Orc City, which had been their first City.

Who would have thought that they would obtain another City just like that? Zhao Fu felt as if he had won the lottery.

This City would be perfect to give to Tuoba Qing, as it had never been used before. After Tuoba Qing used it, it would be connected to her bloodline and spawn people with her bloodline. Afterwards, he would give her people some Villages, and it would not take long to spawn 100,000 people.

With a City's Fate to use as the foundation of the Desolate Blood Fate, there would be an even greater chance of restoring the Desolate Blood Mask. When that happened, Great Qin would have another Nation Armament.

Zhao Fu quickly called Tuoba Qing to the Meeting Hall.

Tuoba Qing had a faint blush on her face as she gently asked, "What is it, Your Majesty?"

Seeing how shy she looked, Zhao Fu smiled. After making her a concubine, Tuoba Qing had not seen Zhao Fu, and her blushing look seemed quite cute.

"This is for you. Go and condense a City Lord Seal!" Zhao Fu said as he handed over the City Creation Stone.

Tuoba Qing felt quite shocked; she had never thought that Zhao Fu would give her a City. However, when she thought about it, she realized that there was most likely some reason for this.

However, this was still a City, and giving it to her meant that she held some position within his heart.

Tuoba Qing went forwards with a red face and received the City Creation Stone before respectfully bowing to Zhao Fu and saying, "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

"Mm!" Zhao Fu nodded before saying, "Now that you're a concubine, you don't have to be so overly courteous!"

Tuoba Qing happily nodded before leaving to condense the City Lord Seal.

Zhao Fu looked at the remaining two Region Treasure Boxes and wondered what they contained.

He opened another Region Treasure Box, and a wave of heat rolled out. A flaming stone appeared before Zhao Fu.

[Flame Spirit Stone]: An Epic grade material that can be used to forge Epic grade weapons. It has an extremely powerful power that is of the Fire attribute.

After looking at the stone's description, Zhao Fu found that it was an Epic grade material, making him feel quite disappointed.


Just as Zhao Fu was about to open the final Region Treasure Box, an explosion sounded out from outside, and Zhao Fu felt quite startled as he immediately went outside.