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 Great Qin quickly invaded the next region and surrounded a system main city. The system main city's City Lord had already died, or else they could have had that City Lord persuade his residents to surrender.

Each system main city had at most 400,000 residents, and because most of the soldiers had died, they barely had any battle power; they were just ordinary civilians.

They had already relocated the system main city, and the residents were quickly packing their things in terror, preparing to escape.

However, they had never thought that Great Qin's army would arrive so quickly and surround them.

Zhao Fu did not waste any words and had those who were willing to surrender come out, while those who were not willing to surrender would be burned with the city. Zhao Fu did not bother having his soldiers charge in and unnecessarily increase the number of casualties.

Under the pressure of the army and many City Lords, most people rationally chose to come out and surrender. There were about 280,000 of them, but roughly 100,000 or so people were unwilling to surrender and stubbornly remained within the city.

Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to release fire arrows, lighting up the entire city. The raging flames devoured everything, and many people were burned to death. Some people wanted to rush out and fight to the death with Great Qin, but the Archers had been long since prepared, and those people's corpses covered the ground.

After taking care of this system main city, Great Qin's army headed toward the next one. That system main city's City Lord had surrendered, so they were able to easily obtain 400,000 or so people.

After obtaining so many people, Zhao Fu started to construct teleportation channels to send these people back to Great Qin. Otherwise, it would be quite difficult to travel with so many civilians.

Just like that, Great Qin continuously went to system main cities. However, because of the time it took, many of the residents had escaped by the time they arrived, but Great Qin's gains were still quite shocking.

A few days later, Zhao Fu sat in the Meeting Hall and listened to Wang Jian give his report. In total, Great Qin had obtained 5.4 million people, which was equivalent to one-quarter of Great Qin's current population. Zhao Fu had to take great care in settling them in and integrating them in order to prevent any uprisings.

Apart from population, Great Qin had also obtained 16 system main cities and an extraordinary amount of EXP to the point that the Great Qin City was about to level up again.

Moreover, they had also obtained six Region Treasure Boxes. Region Treasure Boxes were incredibly valuable, and after suddenly obtaining six of them, Zhao Fu couldn't help but grin.

After hearing how the eastern side had been crushed, all of the other sides rejoiced that they had not fought against Great Qin. They also felt some regret in not allying together, or they may have been able to deal with Great Qin. However, Great Qin's strength had become many times more powerful, and those three sides no longer had the opportunity to fight Great Qin.

Xianru was currently writing imperial decrees, and Zhao Fu looked at the four women in front of him, who were the City Lords that Great Qin had captured.

The first was wearing a red dress and had incredibly red lips. Her looks were quite good, and she had a graceful and seductive figure. She was called Fu Ningqin.

The second looked around 15 years old and looked quite cute. Zhao Fu had no idea how she had become a City Lord, and she was called Gongliang Qinruo.

The third looked quite beautiful and had a sweet figure and white skin. She was a classical beauty and was called Pang Ziling.

The fourth was a mature woman who had a mature figure and seductive looks. She was called Li Chun.

Zhao Fu glanced over them before making them concubines. As City Lords, they had quite a bit of Phoenix Qi, causing the Emperor Phoenix Statue's power to become a bit stronger.

Great Qin now had an extra 16 City Lord Seals. Zhao Fu did not take away the City Lord Seals form the City Lords who surrendered and gave the remaining City Lord Seals to others who had performed well.

Next, it was time to open the six Region Treasure Boxes. The things that Region Treasure Boxes contained were quite extraordinary and valuable, so Zhao Fu felt quite excited.

Zhao Fu opened the first Region Treasure Box, and light shot out before a talisman paper appeared before Zhao Fu.

The talisman paper was blood-red and 30 centimeters long and ten centimeters wide. There were runes drawn with black ink, and the talisman paper gave off a very strange aura.

[Swordcorpse Talisman]: A very evil talisman that is incredibly difficult to create. It can turn a corpse into a sword. The higher the grade of the corpse, the higher the grade the sword will be.

Zhao Fu felt that this talisman paper would be quite useful in the future, and he opened the next Region Treasure Box expectantly.

After the light faded, a large object appeared before Zhao Fu. It was another Dragon-Slaying Ballistae, and with its might, it was quite good as the second item.

Following this, Zhao Fu opened the third Region Treasure Box. A square-shaped azure jade appeared in front of Zhao Fu, and he looked at its description curiously.

[Azure Stone Divine Art]: S grade, Type: Art, Description: A stone-type art that provides one with a powerful defense after cultivating it. It is one of the more powerful Arts.

"An Art?" Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. Arts were not rare within the Heaven Awaken World, and one could find them being sold on the streets. They also dropped often when killing creatures.

For Basic Arts, if one engraved them onto a Profession Change Stone Stele, others could learn the Art by using the Profession Change Stone Stele. That was why Arts were quite cheap in the Heaven Awaken World.

However, that was only limited to Basic Arts. Arts were split into different levels, and Basic Arts were incredibly easy to find. However, higher-grade Arts were quite rare.

Moreover, higher-grade Arts required a vessel, which people could use to learn the Art. For example, the vessel of this Azure Stone Divine Art was the azure jade. Only with the azure jade would Zhao Fu be able to cultivate the Azure Stone Divine Art, and even if other people knew the technique, they would not be able to cultivate it without the jade.

Zhao Fu did not care much for Arts because low-grade ones were quite common, while high-grade ones could only be learned by a single person.

Zhao Fu did not bother with Arts, and he did not plan on using the Azure Stone Divine Art, as he already had the Great Qin Mantra, which was Great Qin's Legacy Art.

The benefits of using the Legacy Art were that it would become more powerful as the city became more powerful, and it also gave bonus stats, such as cultivation speed and recovery speed. Moreover, it would help one become more unified with Great Qin and make it easier to use Great Qin's Legacies.

The Great Qin Mantra was also split into different levels, and it changed according to one's position. The ordinary soldiers had the Great Qin Mantra, which was a D grade Art.

Captains received Great Qin Soldier Cultivation, which was a C grade Art, and Generals received Great Qin General Refinement, which was a B grade Art. Commanders and Great Generals received Great Qin General Heart, which was an A grade Art.

As the ruler of the Great Qin, Zhao Fu had the Great Qin King Art, which was an S grade Art.

That was the benefit of a Legacy; other Arts did not have this sort of effect, and this was the benefit of being a large empire.