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 Zhao Fu did not have time to process those system announcements before a massive explosion sounded out.


At the center of the Great Qin Village, the City Heart, the violet cube, started to tremble.

It suddenly exploded with a dark light that seemed to devour everything, and it broke through the roof of the Village Hall and shot into the clouds. Even the sky seemed to be pierced by it.


As the black light stabbed into the sky, another shocking explosion sounded out. The black light turned into a black pillar of light, and in that instant, the wind and clouds froze; the sun dimmed; and the black pillar of light gave off a terrifying aura.

The blue sky was dyed black, and black wisps of air started to rise from the ground.

The black wisps of air looked like long dragons and shined with a crystalline light. After rising from the ground, they ascended towards the sky. All of Great Qin's villagers seemed to be drawn innately to this spectacle, and they started to kneel on the ground. Bai Qi and Li Si were no exception, and they too kneeled on the ground with an emotional look in their eyes.

Black clouds started to slowly form in the sky, forming a cloud layer that covered the surrounding 1,000-kilometer radius area. Those black clouds were not the same as normal thunderclouds. They were a pure black color and gave off a black light that seemed to want to devour everything.

From a distance, it seemed as if the entire sky was covered by those black clouds. One couldn't help but feel as if apocalyptic lightning was about to descend, making one's hairs stand on end and fear to take root in one's heart.

All living creatures under the sky felt an aura of suppression, and it was as if their hearts were grasped by a pair of large hands, making it difficult for them to breathe.

"ROARRRRR!" Suddenly, the powerful cry of a dragon sounded out, shaking the heavens and the earth. A berserk and domineering black dragon appeared amidst the black grounds, giving off the airs of an emperor.

A pure-looking woman in white in Holy Light City, a man donned in armor in Soldier Forest, an elder in a green robe in Demon Tree City, and a 1,000-metre-long flood dragon with dark scales and 6 blood-red eyes in the depths of the Forest of Horrors all stared into the distance with surprise at where Zhao Fu was.

At other places, Great Xia's Legatee, Si Ji; Great Shang's Legatee, Di Wutian; Great Zhou's Legatee, Ji Shenming; and Great Han's Legatee, Liu Ye, also stared in Zhao Fu's direction with surprise.

At this moment, above the Great Qin Village, a massive, savage dragonhead within the black clouds slowly emerged, and it gave off an overbearing and domineering intent as it looked down at Zhao Fu.

Everything had happened incredibly quickly, and Zhao Fu was at a loss as to what was going on. However, he realized that this was the Great Qin's true Legacy - this was Great Qin receiving the acknowledgment of the heavens and the earth.

Zhao Fu lightly breathed out and closed his eyes, slowly spreading out his hands. A dark-gold robe with dragons embroidered on it slowly descended from the sky and lightly fell on his body. A dark-gold dragon crown also appeared and descended onto his head.

As all of this happened, bricks started to appear beneath his feet, slowly raising him up until a stone platform that was 18 meters tall and 9 meters wide appeared beneath him.

Zhao Fu was in the center of the platform with his eyes slightly closed. With his arms spread out and the black-gold dragon robe and the black-gold dragon crown on him, he gave off the airs of an Emperor.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of 12 swords clanging together suddenly sounded out, and it seemed to tear through the clouds, giving off a shocking aura. A tempest started brewing from this aura, and it spread out from the Great Qin Village. It seemed as if a disaster was about to occur, and sand and stones were blown into the air, destroying countless trees.

At this moment, 12 gigantic bronze men appeared in the sky, and each of them was around 100 meters tall. Their gazes were cold and all of them held a sword that pointed towards the sky, giving off boundless killing intent. The air in the surrounding 100-kilometer radius area seemed to freeze, and countless living creatures started to tremble.

At this moment, a multicolored light shined as the savage black dragon flew downwards and entered Zhao Fu's body.

Immediately, a powerful aura exploded out from Zhao Fu's body. This aura was filled with dignity, might, and a domineering sense that he controlled everything under the heavens.

Under this mighty aura, Liu Mei and Asani, who were next to the stone platform, kneeled down, pressing their foreheads against the ground. Their faces were incredibly pale, and their bodies trembled - they had never felt such fear before, and it was as if they had been pushed to the boundary between life and death. As the saying went, 'A commoner's fury results in blood splattering five feet; the Son of Heaven's fury results in corpses for a hundred miles.' This was the majesty of an Emperor.

Luckily, this aura gradually disappeared and the abnormal sign in the sky also vanished. Only then were Liu Mei and Asani able to relax, their bodies covered with sweat as they powerlessly lay on the ground. The 12 bronze giants turned into 12 bronze lights before flying over to Zhao Fu and reappearing as 12 small bronze figures that floated around him.

On the stone platform, Zhao Fu slowly opened his eyes. A dark light flashed within them, and Zhao Fu's appearance slightly changed. Now, there was a hint of majesty in his youthful looks.

In Holy Light City, Soldier Forest, and Demon Tree City, the three people's gazes became serious, and they stared into the distance silently for a while. The 1,000-metre-long flood dragon also looked away and lay on the ground again. However, it felt quite uncomfortable and slightly shifted, moving away from where the Great Qin Village was.

Si Ji, Di Wutian, Ji Shenming, and Liu Ye's blood became restless, and a sense of fear assaulted their hearts. All of them understood that a powerful competitor had appeared. They had upgraded their villages to Advanced Villages not too long ago and received their true legacies. Even though they did not have as many subordinates who were native to the Heaven Awaken World as Zhao Fu, they still had many players supporting them.

Other Legatees had raised their villages to Advanced Villages and obtained their true legacies, but they hadn't made the four of them feel such fear before. All four of them realized that the only person who could bring them such fear and pressure was the Great Qin's Legatee, who had remained hidden this entire time.

Needless to say, Great Qin was one of the most powerful and warlike empires. It destroyed the other States and concluded 500 or so years of war, unifying all of China.

From the Fates of the empires, Great Xia represented the first Chinese dynasty, so its Fate was represented as a Golden Divine Dragon Light; Great Shang was famous for its divine sacrifices, so its Fate was represented by an Azure Dragon Emperor Light; Great Zhou divided and conferred different parts of China, so its Fate was represented by a Nine-Headed Dragon Light; and Great Han governed by Confucian principles, so its Fate was represented by an auspicious and gentle Yellow Dragon Light. On the other hand, Great Qin was warlike and domineering, so its Fate was represented by a Black Gold Dragon Light.

Perhaps someone in later times also had a Black Gold Dragon Light and achieved great things in chaotic times, but that person's simply couldn't be compared to Great Qin's Black Gold Dragon Light.

Regarding Nation Armaments, they were items created through massive Nation Fates and enormous populations. The Great Xia Dynasty had the [Nine Province Cauldrons], which could suppress Fates under the heavens; the Great Shang Dynasty had the [Star Plucking Tower], which could allow it to observe the stars; the Great Zhou Dynasty had the [Investiture of the Gods], which could be used to manage and bestow titles on subordinates; and the Great Han Dynasty had the [White Emperor Sword], which could slay divine dragons.

Only Great Qin's [Twelve Metal Colossi] were armaments forged from the gathering of soldiers and soldiers' killing intent.