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 The ballistae shot out bolts that carried an immense amount of force that blasted towards the shield wall.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Muffled thuds sounded out as the ballistae bolts landed on the shields, and their immense force caused the Shieldbearers to take a few steps backward.

Even though they were unharmed, their shieldwall had been destroyed, and they were unable to quickly reform it. The countless Skeletons did not fear death, and because they were excited by the prospect of killing living creatures, they quickly rushed towards the openings.

The shield wall looked like it was going to collapse, but the soldiers quickly killed the Skeletons that had entered, and the Shieldbearers pushed backward. Moreover, a dirt-yellow aura appeared around their shields.

The waves of yellow light joined together, forming an aura that seemed as steady as a grand mountain and incredibly indestructible, and it seemed quite extraordinary.

Zhao Fu slightly narrowed his eyes, and he once again ordered for the Stage 1 ballistae to be fired.

Ballistae bolts once again drew arcs through the air before descending, while the defending Shieldbearers roared, causing the yellow light to become even brighter.

After entering the region covered by the yellow light, the ballistae bolts significantly slowed down, and most of their power was stopped by the yellow light. The ballistae bolts only had a small portion of their strength left as they hit the shields, causing light clanging sounds. However, they were unable to pierce through the shields or push the Shieldbearers back, falling to the ground uselessly.

"Use the Talisman Bolts!" Zhao Fu ordered. The soldiers took out 1.5 meter long ballistae bolts that were covered with engravings. There was a white Talisman Stone at the center of each of the ballistae bolts and a small energy stone at the end of each.

The soldiers placed these Talisman Bolts on the ballistae and once again aimed at the shieldwall.

"Fire!" Zhao Fu ordered as countless Talisman Bolts shot out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Talisman Bolts turned into massive rays of light, giving off a sharpness that seemed to be able to pierce the sky, and they left behind faint traces in the air.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Talisman Bolts not only pierced the shields, but they stabbed through the Shieldbearers and the Infantrymen behind them. Blood flew everywhere as their bodies exploded, but the rays of light continued onwards, destroying everything in their path.

Roughly 10,000 Talisman Bolts opened up a gap that was tens of thousands of meters wide, and bloodied trails of limbs and guts extended for dozens of meters.

Sensing this aura of death, the countless Skeletons madly surged forwards, and the remaining Shieldbearers were unable to make up for such a massive gap. Adding on the continued barrage of arrows, the eastern side's formation gradually crumbled.

Seeing how mighty those Talisman Bolts were, Zhao Fu gave a satisfied grin. The Talisman Bolts' materials were Blue grade materials, and they were combined with White grade Talisman Stones and energy stones. Each Talisman Bolt was worth ten or so gold coins, and because of how rare Talisman Stones were, Zhao Fu had only made 10,000 Talisman Bolts as a massive killing tool.

Zhao Fu was quite pleased with the Talisman Bolts' effects. Since they had the ability to create things using talismans, they should use them in all sorts of ways. With how powerful these Talisman Bolts were, it would be worth making some more of them.

The battle in the sky was also quite intense, and terrifying shockwaves rippled out in all directions, sending fear into countless people's hearts. Seeing the shield wall collapse and the Skeletons flooding in, the eastern side's City Lords' expressions became quite unsightly.

They had already lost, and because they did not want to fight to the death, they gave the order to retreat.

However, even though they wanted to retreat, actually doing so was not so easy. Not only were they tied down by Great Qin's City Lords, but all of the soldiers were also tied down by the Skeletons. Because of how much these Skeletons hated the aura of living beings, they tightly stuck on to the soldiers and would not give up until the soldiers were all dead.


After being surrounded by a few of Great Qin's City Lords, one of the eastern City Lords was finally killed. After all, Great Qin had 28 City Lords while the eastern side only had 21.

Zhao Fu's job was to give commands across the entire battlefield, or with Zhao Fu's power, facing three City Lords by himself would have been no problem at all.

The first City Lord's death was a massive blow to the eastern side, and their morale plummeted. They wanted to run even more now, as no one wanted to die. With this sort of mentality, their battle power became weaker and weaker.


Light shot out everywhere, and after killing one of the eastern City Lords, Great Qin had even more people attack the other City Lords. Another City Lord was caught off-guard and was stabbed through the heart by Bai Qi.

With another City Lord dead, the eastern side's morale took another blow and greatly plummeted.

Below, the system main city soldiers obeyed the City Lords' orders and started to retreat, but the Undead did not let them go. It was almost impossible for them to retreat, forcing them to defend against the Skeletons' attacks while also trying to avoid Great Qin's arrows.

In the end, only 1.4 million soldiers were left, which was quite a heavy loss. However, most of the Skeletons had been killed, and now they had to face Great Qin's actual army.

Zhao Fu gave the order to attack, and the Cavalry rushed forwards like a sharp sword. The 70,000 Stage 2 soldiers were essentially invincible, and they slaughtered everyone in their way. They led the other Cavalry forwards to make way for the rest of the army.

Following this, the Infantrymen also rushed up and started to kill. Great Qin's 3.8 million soldiers were all in peak condition, while the system main city soldiers were all exhausted and injured. Moreover, their morale was incredibly low, and facing Great Qin's ferocious onslaught, they were forced to continuously back down.

Seeing this, the City Lords in the air completely gave up hope and did not hesitate to do all they could to run away. They had already lost, so if they stayed here, they would all die here. As for the soldiers, they weren't in a position where they could pay any attention to them.

Soon, the battle finally concluded with corpses littering the ground and blood covering everything as far as the eye could see. Weapons were scattered everywhere, and a pungent smell of blood filled the air.

After the situation with the soldiers had been stabilized, Zhao Fu also rushed into the sky and entered the battle.

Of the 21 City Lords, five used special methods to escape, three were captured, five surrendered, and eight were killed.

Roughly 200,000 system main city soldiers escaped, roughly 380,000 surrendered, and the remaining 2.6 million were killed.

All of Great Qin's Skeletons had died, and they also lost 80,000 soldiers. They also had many injuries, but with the results of the battle, these injuries and casualties were acceptable.

A long time ago, losing 80,000 soldiers would have been a heavy blow to Great Qin. Even though the losses were acceptable, Zhao Fu still felt some pain within his heart.

Following this, Zhao Fu ordered his people to conquer and relocate the system main cities of the City Lords who had been captured, killed, or had surrendered. Great Qin's army was still in good condition, so Zhao Fu gave the order to attack the nearest region and bring back as many people as possible.