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 Seeing them charge over, Zhao Fu gave a cold smile and had the retreating soldiers continue to retreat while the City Lords were to stop.

The eastern side's City Lords did not know what Zhao Fu was thinking, having the army continue to retreat while having the City Lords stay behind.

Zhao Fu raised a hand, and his Disaster King Ring flashed with a black light, causing dark clouds to gather.


Below, the ten Disaster Cavalrymen raised their black swords, roaring as ten pillars of black light shot up into the air. The entire sky shook as a massive amount of deathly aura formed dense, black clouds, and a gigantic black magic formation appeared, giving off a boundless deathly intent.

Boom! Boom!

Two massive explosions sounded out as a large amount of Undead aura suddenly exploded out from the sides. The ocean of deathly aura flooded towards the eastern side's army, bringing with it a soul-chilling coldness.

The eastern side's City Lords' expressions fell, and they realized what Zhao Fu's goal was. They immediately yelled, "Hurry! Arrange the formation!"

The soldiers also felt that something was off, and they had long since stopped their charge. They quickly gathered together and formed a defensive battle formation.

The countless Undead excitedly roared and swarmed towards the eastern side army from both sides. From above, one would be able to see two massive tides flowing at the eastern side army from both sides.

After clearing out the four regions, Great Qin had obtained many corpses. There were human corpses, Outlander corpses, and beast corpses. Zhao Fu had stored up all of those corpses just for this day to use the Undead army to whittle down the other side's numbers.

There were about six million Skeletons in total, and they charged at the eastern side's army from two sides. These Skeletons were more powerful than ordinary Skeletons, but they did not have Stage 1 strength. If there were a few of them, they would have easily been slaughtered by the system main city soldiers, but the Skeletons always achieved victory through numbers.

Soon, the two waves of Skeletons smashed against the massive army with immense force.

Surprisingly, the Shieldbearers explode out with all of their strength and gripped their shields, while the Infantrymen and Archers continuously attacked, causing all sorts of lights to fly everywhere, temporarily stopping the Undead army's charge.

This made sense because even though the six million Skeletons had double the army's numbers, they were individually many times weaker.

As such, the army was able to temporarily hold off the Skeletons. If there were more Skeletons and they attacked fiercer, perhaps they would be able to break through this battle formation. However, the countless Skeletons were blocked off by the Shieldbearers, while the Infantrymen and Archers attacked.

The Infantrymen behind the Shieldbearers released waves of sword light, saber light, and spear light that easily collapsed the Skeletons' bodies. The Archers shot out arrows that brought with them streams of air. Ordinary arrows were quite ineffective against these Skeletons, and only by hitting their heads could they instantly kill them.

However, these arrows with streams of air, though not sharp, carried a blunt force to them. The streams of air were as thick as a fist, and hitting a Skeleton would be like striking it with a hammer.

The Skeletons seemed quite helpless against the system main city army, and soon, they would all be killed.

However, Great Qin still had its army.

Great Qin was unable to control the Skeletons, so if Great Qin's soldiers were too close, they too would be attacked by the Undead. However, because they had retreated some distance away, they were quite safe. At that moment, the 1.8 million soldiers who had been hiding also charged out.

Great Qin's 3.8 million soldiers and 28 City Lords were all prepared for battle.


As this command sounded out, countless Archers drew their bows and released their arrows, causing the air to be torn as countless arrows streaked through the air and rained down.

Just as the eastern side's army was dealing with the Skeletons, that immense arrow rain descended the from the sky. The 21 City Lords wanted to work together to stop it, but Great Qin's City Lords turned into rays of light and shot at the eastern side's City Lords, engaging in a massive battle.

Below, many system main city soldiers were hit by the arrows, causing blood to fly everywhere. Some people were instantly killed, while others suffered heavy injuries and cried out pitifully.

The eastern side's army could only do their best to kill the Skeletons; only by killing all of the Skeletons charging at them would they no longer have to passively defend like this. As their attacks became more ferocious, the Skeletons' numbers started to decrease faster.

The eastern side's army had roughly 300,000 Cavalry, and they used the advantage of their speed to go around the Undead army and rush towards Great Qin's army like a sharp sword.

Great Qin's Cavalry had been waiting for them. By now, Great Qin had 500,000 Cavalry, and the ones at the front were 70,000 Stage 2 soldiers.

"Charge!!" Seeing the system main city Cavalry rushing at them, Great Qin's prepared Cavalry rode on their Black Forest Horses and also charged over.

The ground continuously trembled, and the sound of horses galloping could be heard in the surrounding few kilometers. Both sides looked incredibly solemn as they gripped their weapons and rode their warhorses as they sped forwards.

Both sides were like massive floods, continuously closing the gap between them and the other side.


A massive explosion sounded out as both sides' Cavalry intensely clashed. The sound of countless weapons hitting each other could be heard, and the air seemed to explode, causing the heavens to shake.

Suddenly, Great Qin's 70,000 Stage 2 soldiers exploded out with their full strength, causing a black flame to ignite around their bodies. A terrifying aura spread out as their expressions became wild and they gripped their spears.

"Kill!!" The 70,000 Stage 2 Cavalrymen were like a lightning bolt that directly charged through and pierced countless system main city Cavalrymen, littering the ground with their corpses. A single Stage 2 Cavalryman could easily pierce four or five Stage 1 system main city Cavalrymen without any resistance.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" The other Cavalrymen also roared as they also fiercely charged over. The system main city Cavalrymen were unable to defend against them at all, and their formation started to collapse. The battle between the Cavalrymen of the two sides quickly concluded.

Swish, swish, swish...

The sound of the air being torn continued to sound out as countless sharp arrows continued to rain down on the system main city soldiers.

"Arghhhh..." Pained howls sounded out as blood splattered everywhere. Countless people were hit by the arrows, and this was already Great Qin's fourth wave of arrows, killing around 600,000 to 700,000 people in total.

However, two million or so of the Skeletons had died as well.

Zhao Fu looked over the situation and ordered for Stage 1 ballistae to be brought out. The eastern side's defenses with the Shieldbearers were too powerful, and the Skeleton army could not break through.

Zhao Fu did not care if the Skeletons were hit; he just wanted to use the Stage 1 ballistae's power to destroy this shield wall.

With a Stage 1 ballistae's power, even if a Stage 1 soldier carried a heavy shield, they would be forced back a few steps if they were hit. If they were forced back, the shield wall would naturally collapse.