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 The eastern side's six regions allied together, with 21 system main cities and 3.1 million soldiers. They had formed a simple sentry line but had not created any defenses. They seemed quite confident in their strength.

They indeed had a right to be this confident, as 90% of the 3.1 million soldiers were Stage 1 soldiers. Who could face such a force? They were simply terrifying.

Great Qin had 3.8 million soldiers, but they had less Stage 1 soldiers. Zhao Fu did not plan to directly attack, as that would result in massive injuries and casualties.

Zhao Fu and his Generals had long since discussed this and had made detailed battle plans.

"Things are bad! Great Qin has brought its army and is attacking!" Reports started to sound out in the six regions. The eastern side's factions were not surprised at all; they had been preparing for this day for a long time, but they did not expect the other side to be so fast.

The six regions' forces quickly gathered, and the City Lords quickly met together. The valiant-looking big man asked, "How many soldiers do they have? How many City Lords?"

A City Lord who had received some information lightly laughed and said, "At most, two million, if not even less. Only 60% of them are Stage 1 soldiers, and the rest aren't even Stage 1. They only have 12 City Lords, so we have a massive advantage."

Hearing that City Lord's words, the other City Lords felt much more at ease. They were able to deal with a force of this size and would be able to easily obtain victory.

However, a single region definitely would not be able to defend against a force of that size. Luckily, united, things were completely different.

"So they have two million soldiers and 12 City Lords. What should we do?" one of the City Lords asked.

The valiant-looking big man said in a loud voice, "We gather our forces and crush them in one fell swoop. Now that we have 3.1 million soldiers and 21 City Lords, there's no need to fear them; victory will definitely be ours!"

Most of the City Lords nodded and agreed, as they did indeed have a massive advantage.

However, some people were a bit hesitant. An elderly man said, "I think we should defend for now and wait until they reach us. That way, we'll have a bigger advantage. I feel that something's off; even though their forces aren't very scary, perhaps they have something hidden up their sleeve.

"Moreover, they know that we've allied together and how many soldiers we have. It's impossible that they'd send two million soldiers and 12 City Lords to just die; they're definitely hiding something!"

Hearing this, everyone else also sank into deep thought. They all started to feel suspicious towards such a direct advance.

However, the valiant-looking big man said disdainfully, "Perhaps they think they can beat us with their two million soldiers. I don't believe that a single faction's strength is greater than our six regions combined together. Moreover, we haven't constructed any defensive walls, and there aren't any good places for us to defend, whereas they have already advanced.

"We can build some defenses for now, but all of our forces are gathered here. If we don't take the initiative to attack and they instead attack other regions, what will we do? All of our forces are here, so our cities are defenseless and won't be able to stop them."

What the man said was right, and the rest of the City Lords fell into silence.

Suddenly, one of the other City Lords thought of something and said, "How about we form a defensive battle formation while advancing so that we can stop them from moving to other regions? We'll focus on defense and not take the initiative to attack. No matter what they do, we'll be prepared. What do you all think?"

This method guaranteed engaging Great Qin's forces but also prioritized defense. Adding on their numerical advantage, many of the City Lords approved, and the elderly man and valiant-looking big man also agreed.

Following this, the eastern side's army formed a massive formation with Shieldbearers on the outside, Infantrymen behind them, and Archers at the back. The Cavalry was organized into a separate group by themselves.

On the battlefield, the Cavalry was like a sharp blade. Because of the horses, it was incredibly difficult to integrate them into battle formations, so they could only be used for charging, breaking through, and disrupting.

The eastern side's army was like a massive flood and gave off a somber atmosphere as they shook the surrounding thousands of kilometers. There were not any sounds from birds or insects from the mountains and forests; there was only a terrifying silence.

Great Qin's army also gave off a world-shaking aura. All of their expressions were incredibly serious, and each step they took sounded like thunder. They showed no fear at all towards the army in front of them.

Very soon, the two armies faced off in this region, and the air became incredibly heavy. Even the wind seemed to feel incredibly sharp.

Zhao Fu looked at the massive battle formation in front of him and felt quite shocked. This battle formation's defense seemed quite powerful, and without enough force, it would be impossible to break through and cause this battle formation to collapse.

At that moment, the eastern side's City Lords exploded out with their auras and rose to the sky. Great Qin's City Lords did the same and also stood in the air.

The eastern side's army would not attack first, and they were instead waiting for Zhao Fu to attack.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh; he wasn't that stupid. If he used his two million soldiers to charge at the three million soldiers arranged in a battle formation, not only would he not be able to break through, but he would also suffer disastrous losses.

However, Zhao Fu had a goal in mind, which was to lure them out and deal with them together, rather than directly attacking.

"Retreat!" Zhao Fu ordered, and the massive army started to retreat.

The eastern side's City Lords looked quite shocked; they had never thought that Great Qin would retreat so easily like that. They had only just faced off, yet they were retreating without even fighting. This was simply too cowardly!

The eastern side's City Lords looked at each other, not knowing what to do. They had formed a battle formation and were waiting for Great Qin to attack to see if they had any hidden methods. However, they had never thought that Great Qin would retreat so easily without any intentions to attack.

"What do we do? Do we attack? Or do we stay here and defend? Or should we retreat as well?" one City Lord asked.

"Of course we should attack!" the battle-loving big man yelled impatiently.

The elderly man looked over and saw that Great Qin was withdrawing quite quickly without any intention of stopping. It did not seem like they would be able to quickly turn around and attack.

If the eastern side's army rushed up and attacked from behind, they might be able to heavily injure them. As such, the elderly man voiced his thoughts and agreed with the big man.

The other City Lords felt the same, and because they did not sense anything strange, they also gave the order to attack.

The battle formation below immediately collapsed, and the soldiers flooded forwards towards the Great Qin army while the 20 or so City Lords turned into rays of light and sped forwards.