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 The first thing was that there were two worlds besides their human world that had been devoured; it was not just their world that had been devoured.

The Heaven Awaken World was boundless and continuously devoured worlds, expanding its area. The devoured world would appear at the edges of the Heaven Awaken World, causing the Heaven Awaken World to become larger and larger.

Compared to the Heaven Awaken World, the worlds that it devoured seemed quite small and only added a bit to it.

As such, every century, the Heaven Awaken World would devour many worlds, expanding into many areas. Zhao Fu did not know just how many worlds had been devoured this time, but he heard some rumors as to two worlds besides the human world.

One was most likely a Water Race world, as 80% of its regions were covered by water. There was a high likelihood for people of the Water Race to appear in such places.

The other was most likely a Demon Race world, as the world contained a large amount of demonic qi, and only a world occupied by the Demon Race would be like that.

Even though there were eight major races in the Heaven Awaken World, there was no system to decide where they were scattered; everything was random. A human world could appear next to a demon world, next to a god world, or a devil world.

Their world was quite fortunate because if they had to face a demon world from the previous century, with how cruel and ferocious the Demon Race was, the danger that their world would face would be much greater.

However, because the demon world had been devoured at around the same time, they would have the same amount of time to develop, so the difference in their strength would not be too great. At the very least, if the demon world invaded, the human world would be able to put up some resistance.

The water world was not too dangerous either, as they mostly lived in water and did not have much need for dry land. As such, there was not too much reason for them to invade the human world.

The land in the Legacy Land was many times bigger than the water regions, and it was impossible for the Water Race to invade just for those few water regions. Perhaps they would launch a small-scale invasion, but that was nothing to worry about.

The main danger was from the previous worlds. They had been developing for far longer and could easily bully newer worlds. They were a threat to all newer worlds.

There were also the neighboring worlds. If the neighboring worlds were friendly, there was nothing to worry about. However, if they weren't friendly, one could only hope that they were not one of the scarier races, or they would also invade.

The Grassi people had wanted to fully invade the human world as soon as the Heaven Domain Boundary had disappeared, just like what the Lantong people had done to them. However, recently, their plans had somewhat changed.

Of course, if the human world was strong enough, it could invade other worlds, such as the water world or the demon world. In fact, they could even invade the Grassi people, but they had to be strong enough.

The second piece of news was that a Level 1 Dukedom had appeared in a world near the Lantong world and Grassi world. This forced the battle between the Lantong world and Grassi world to temporarily stop.

After all, the strength of a Level 1 Dukedom was too terrifying because in order to become a Level 1 Dukedom, one had to unify an entire world.

It was said that that world was a devil world, and the people there had short horns and were called the Horned Devil Race. They were incredibly powerful, forcing the Lantong people and Grassi people to stop fighting.

This matter was quite important because if the Horned Devil Race destroyed the Grassi people and Lantong people, humanity would have to face an even more powerful enemy. Zhao Fu felt quite worried and hoped that the Lantong world and Grassi world would be able to defend against them. Otherwise, their world definitely would not be able to stop them.

These two pieces of information were both quite important, as this could not only threaten the human world but also influence the direction of the human world in the future.

"Looks like we still need to develop faster," Zhao Fu muttered to himself as he sighed.

Zhao Fu felt quite unsettled and was always worrying. Only by obtaining great power would Zhao Fu be able to feel at ease.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu discussed this matter with his Generals, and afterward, Zhao Fu gave the order to increase the speed of clearing out Hundred Bamboo.

Great Qin started to work even faster and more efficiently, and soon, one week had passed.

"System announcement! Your faction has unified Hundred Bamboo, and Great Qin has obtained a large amount of Fate!"

"System announcement! Your faction has obtained another region. The main region is Xianyang, and Hundred Bamboo will automatically be made a subsidiary region!"

"System announcement! Only after establishing a Great City here can you fuse with the Region Heart!"

"System announcement! Congratulations, your Level 1 Great City has leveled up into a Level 2 Great City!"


:3492950\/6240000 892640\/2482000

Zhao Fu smiled; they had finally cleared out the last region, and they could now focus on conquering the outside regions. Zhao Fu relocated another system main city over and renamed Hundred Bamboo to Bamboo Province, Great Qin's fourth Province.

After clearing out countless villages and obtaining the EXP from four system main cities, the Great Qin City once again leveled up. Zhao Fu went to the City Hall and looked at the City Heart's new stats.

Village Name: Great Qin City (Epic)

Level: Level 2 Great City (1,800,000/23,000,000)

Village Area: 9,400 square kilometers

Village Territory: 461,800 square kilometers

Residents: 3,492,950/6,240,000

Military: 892,640/2,482,000

Popular Support: 85

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +160%, Territory Crop Growing Time -160%, Population Limit +110%, Residents' stats can randomly +11, Soldiers' stats +12%, Population Attraction +130%, chances of attracting higher grade population +130%.

Subsidiary Village Limit: 16,400

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village...

Great Qin's population was now at 20.5 million, and they had boosted their military to 3.8 million soldiers. They had 23 Great Cities, five Cities, 37 Towns, and 4,169 Villages.

Of the 3.8 million soldiers, 2.1 million were Stage 1 soldiers, and 70,000 were Stage 2 soldiers. They also had a few hundred Stage 3 soldiers.

Within the Legacy Land, Great Qin's strength was simply monstrous. Zhao Fu felt quite excited; with this sort of force, he planned to face the eastern side soon. Time was becoming tighter and tighter, and they had to quickly restore Great Qin.

Under Zhao Fu's command, ranks of soldiers that gave off an austere and solemn aura marched towards the eastern side.