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 "I felt that one of your subordinate's aura, Tuoba Qing's, is quite similar to this Desolate Blood Mask Shard's aura. Call her over and tell her to have a look!" the golden dragon suddenly said.

"Tuoba Qing?"

Zhao Fu thought about it and remembered that they still had not figured out just who Tuoba Qing was. Even now, Zhao Fu had no idea what sort of bloodline she had.

Xianru had also mentioned that Tuoba Qing had an immense amount of Phoenix Qi, and she had suggested for him to make her a concubine. However, considering that she was one of his loyal subordinates, Zhao Fu could not bring himself to lay his hands on her.

Hearing the golden dragon say this, Zhao Fu thought that perhaps they could work out Tuoba Qing's identity through this.

If she really did have a Royal Bloodline, she would have the power of the Royal Bloodline, which was much stronger than ordinary people's. That would explain why her Phoenix Qi was much greater than those of other people.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to call Tuoba Qing over to try.

After arriving, Tuoba Qing asked with a slight look of curiosity, "What is it, Your Majesty?"

Zhao Fu nodded and handed over the Desolate Blood Mask Shard as he said, "Come over here and drip some of your blood on this!"

Hearing this, Tuoba Qing replied with an 'oh' and made a small cut on her finger, causing blood to drip onto the shard. The blood was quickly absorbed into the shard, and the unresponsive shard started to give off a devilish blood-red light that instantly lit up the entire City Hall.

It seemed that there was indeed a connection between the Desolate Blood Mask and Tuoba Qing's bloodline. Zhao Fu felt quite surprised as he looked at everything in front of him.

As she was bathed by this blood-red light, Tuoba Qing stood there, stunned, as she felt as if all of her blood was boiling. Her body heated up, and her eyes became blood-red, making her look quite savage and terrifying.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu stretched out his hand, causing countless traces of a black aura to rush out, cover the Desolate Blood Mask Shard, and seal it before asking Tuoba Qing caringly, "Are you alright?"

Tuoba Qing came back to her senses and shook her head and smiled, indicating that she was fine, before asking in surprise, "What is that, Your Majesty? It gave me a feeling of familiarity and also transmitted some information to me."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked and asked, "What sort of information?"

Tuoba Qing thought for a moment before saying hesitantly, "It seems to be about the Desolate Blood Clan! There isn't much information, and I'm not too sure!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu was able to confirm that there was definitely a connection between Tuoba Qing and the Desolate Blood Mask Shard and that it was possible that Tuoba Qing was part of the Desolate Blood Clan's Royal Clan.

Zhao Fu smiled. He had thought that it would be impossible for him to find this Royal Clan, yet there was someone from it right beside him.

Seeing Zhao Fu smile, Tuoba Qing asked curiously, "What is it, Your Majesty?"

Zhao Fu told her all of the things relating to this matter to Tuoba Qing, and she looked quite surprised as she said, "For all my life, I've been with Wu Qing and them, living on the streets. I don't know who my parents are, and I never thought that I would have such an identity. Is there something I can do to help you, Your Majesty?"

Zhao Fu internally asked the golden dragon about this. Since they would not be able to find this Royal Clan, what could they do to restore the Desolate Blood Mask?

The golden dragon quickly replied, "It's very simple; make her a concubine then give her a City Creation Stone that has never been used. Have the City Creation Stone spawn people from the same clan as her, then give some City Creation Stones to the people who were spawned.

"After the number of people reach 100,000, you can use their Fate and Great Qin's Fate as support to restore this Nation Armament. Then, after using the Great World Refinement, that Nation Armament will fully belong to Great Qin."

Hearing the golden dragon's words, Zhao Fu felt quite happy, as this meant that Great Qin would have yet another Nation Armament.

However, Zhao Fu felt quite hesitant about making Tuoba Qing a concubine. If she was an ordinary woman, Zhao Fu would not even ask and just make her a concubine. However, Zhao Fu felt that he could not do this to a loyal subordinate.

Zhao Fu told this to Tuoba Qing and decided to respect her decision. If she did not agree, he would think of some other way.

After hearing Zhao Fu's words, Tuoba Qing's face became completely red, and she looked down as she thought to herself.

Zhao Fu did not want to make things difficult for her, and he decided to ask the golden dragon if there was any other method.

However, Tuoba Qing suddenly stepped up and hugged Zhao Fu, saying shyly, "I'm... willing to become Your Majesty's concubine!"

However, Zhao Fu calmly asked, "Why? Even if you refuse, I won't blame you. After all, this is something incredibly important. Because you are my subordinate, I don't want to mistreat you!"

Tuoba Qing's face became even redder, and she said in a small voice, "Ever since Your Majesty brought us to Great Qin and gave us such a good life, I've liked Your Majesty."

Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile; he had never had any thoughts towards Tuoba Qing. He lightly stroked her hair as he asked, "Is that so?"

Tuoba Qing shyly nodded within Zhao Fu's arms before saying, "Your Majesty, can you agree to a request of mine? In actuality, Wu Qing likes you as well and always hides in the distance to look at you. However, you have too many beautiful women around you, and neither of us has any confidence and thought that Your Majesty wouldn't want us."

Zhao Fu felt quite startled; he had never thought about these things before. He was quite familiar with Wu Qing, as she was one of the 12 Assassin Legatees, so Zhao Fu saw her quite frequently.

She was pretty but could not compare to those top-tier beauties. Moreover, she did not have any Phoenix Qi. The deepest memory Zhao Fu had of her was accidentally seeing her body after cutting open her clothes while fighting.

Zhao Fu thought about it and agreed to make both Tuoba Qing and Wu Qing concubines. Tuoba Qing happily kissed Zhao Fu's cheek before running out to tell Wu Qing.

Now, they only lacked one shard until they could make the full Desolate Blood Mask, and Zhao Fu had no idea when he would be able to obtain it. It was best to make preparations now so that they could immediately restore the mask after obtaining that final shard.

Afterward, Zhao Fu had half of his soldiers defend the eastern side, while the remaining half continued to clear out Hundred Bamboo. Only after controlling the surrounding four regions would Great Qin be able to confidently face the outside forces.

A few days later, Zhao Fu once again went to the outside world. This time, his gains were not as great as the previous time. He only obtained 200,000 Stage 1 corpses, 7,000 or so Stage 2 corpses, and only a few hundred Stage 3 corpses.

Apart from the corpses, Zhao Fu also bought some high-grade Talisman Stones and also received two important pieces of information.