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 "Use the sword formation!" Jing Qianxue cried.

Hearing this, the three other women retreated and stood in four directions around Zhao Fu. They raised their sword and yelled, releasing a wave of monstrous energy.

Their swords gave off a dazzling sword light that shined in all directions as four massive waves of sword qi exploded out and rushed into the sky. The dense clouds in the sky instantly dissipated, and the massive amount of sword qi continuously spun in the sky.

Heaven and Earth Essence Qi continuously gathered as the sword qi vortex became larger and larger, giving off an incredibly mighty and sharp aura that seemed corporeal.

The entire region seemed to be covered by this immense sword qi, and everyone who sensed it felt immense fear. Countless beasts started to run in terror, and in the distance, people looked at the sword qi vortex and found that something was off as they hurried over.

Underneath the sword qi vortex, Zhao Fu felt an immense sword aura bear down on him, making it so that he was unable to move. Zhao Fu tried to wriggle around but found it impossible.

Seeing this, the four women felt quite delighted. They waited for the sword qi vortex to become a bit bigger before having it explode out with power to instantly kill Zhao Fu.

Suddenly, their expressions froze as an even more powerful chilling intent rushed out. Under the center of the vortex, Zhao Fu's body was completely covered with a black fog, and only his blood-red eyes, which gave off a brilliant blood-red light, could be seen.

Zhao Fu had exploded out with the Great Qin Seal's power, and the 24 other City Lords had sent their power into the Great Qin Seal as well. Before the four women could come back to their senses, Zhao Fu had broken through the suppression of the sword qi vortex.

At that moment, Zhao Fu appeared before Jing Qianxue and raised his sword, slamming her down to the ground with immense force.

Jing Qianxue's body was like a massive boulder that had been dropped from the sky, heavily crashing onto the ground with a massive thud. The ground was unable to bear this impact, and it caved in to form a ten or so meter wide crater.

The three other women were quite shocked, and they wanted to activate the sword qi vortex. However, with one less person, the sword qi vortex had become quite unstable.

At that moment, Zhao Fu had appeared in front of another woman and pierced through her chest with his sword. Blood spurted out, and the woman looked quite confused before falling to the ground and also creating a crater in the ground.

Seeing this, the remaining two women's gazes became cold, and tears flashed in their eyes as they gave up on supporting the sword qi vortex and instead yelled as they rushed towards Zhao Fu.

The relationship between these four women was as close as sisters, and they had spent most of their time happily together. They often chatted and did things together, and the feelings between them were quite strong. Seeing Diao Nanlu possibly die, their emotions spiraled out of control.

Zhuang Yuqin stabbed towards Zhao Fu ferociously with her sword, bringing with it immense sword qi. However, Zhao Fu simply moved to the side, narrowly avoiding Zhuang Yuqin's stab.

Moreover, as their bodies passed each other, Zhao Fu didn't hesitate to slash down with his sword. A black sword light rushed forth, and seeing this, Zhuang Yuqin was given a big fright. She wanted to use her sword to block, but her hands were instantly sliced off by Zhao Fu's attack, causing her hands and sword to fall.

Zhuang Yuqin cried out, and she tried to retreat. However, Zhao Fu sent a back kick towards her. Zhao Fu's foot contained immense strength as it smashed into her chest, causing a few of her ribs to break as she coughed up a mouthful of blood and powerlessly fell to the ground below.

"Ahh!!!" Fu Yingyan's eyes were filled with tears as she hatefully cried out, slashing out a ferocious sword light, but it was easily blocked by Zhao Fu.

Following this, Fu Yingyan charged at Zhao Fu without any regard for her life, continuously swinging her sword as crescent-shaped sword lights slashed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu also slashed out with his sword, shattering those countless sword lights and causing sword light to shoot everywhere.

Fu Yingyan could not maintain such concentrated attacks, and after a short while, she was completely exhausted. Zhao Fu slashed out horizontally, causing a formless sword qi to slash out through the air.

"Ahh!" Fu Yingyan wasn't able to dodge in time, and her long and slim legs were cut off. Her body also crashed to the ground and made a crater.

Fu Yingyan coughed up a mouthful of blood and flipped herself over as she tried to crawl up, but Zhao Fu plummeted from the sky and slammed his feet onto Fu Yingyan's back.

Immediately, the crunch of bones breaking sounded out as the force of Zhao Fu's descent seemed to break all of the bones in Fu Yingyan's body. Fu Yingyan cried out and coughed up another mouthful of blood. Her gaze became quite hazy, and she looked quite pitiful.

Not only were her legs cut off, but her body was also covered in blood as she powerlessly lay in the crater. Most of her bones were broken, and blood flowed out of her entire body.

Zhao Fu stood on Fu Yingyan's back, and because most of her bones were broken, it was quite soft. Zhao Fu's expression was quite calm - since they had dared to try to ambush and kill him, they had become Zhao Fu's prey.

Zhao Fu smiled as he raised the Sin Dragon Sword and slashed down towards Fu Yingyan's head.

"Please, don't kill her!" someone cried out.

Zhao Fu paused and looked at Jing Qianxue, who had called out, and asked, "Why not? Just then, you all tried to kill me!"

Jing Qianxue knelt on the ground. Looking at the pitiful states of the three other City Lords, she bitterly wept as she said, "I was the one who wanted to kill you; it has nothing to do with them. You can do whatever you want to me, and I won't resist. However, please spare them!"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said softly, "All of you must die!"

After saying this, Zhao Fu once again raised his sword.

Suddenly, a ray of light landed beside Zhao Fu and said gently, "Your Majesty, it's best to stop. They can provide a large amount of Phoenix Qi."

Zhao Fu turned to look at Xianru beside him and put away his sword. By now, many of Great Qin's City Lords had arrived, and the western side's City Lords had also arrived.

Looking at the wretched scene, all of them felt quite shocked. The western side's City Lords thought about it and immediately realized what had happened, causing their expressions to fall.

Now that those people had tried to assassinate the other side's leader, could they still sign the Contract? Jing Qianxue had doomed them all!

Seeing that ten or so people from Great Qin had come, the western side's City Lords all felt quite nervous. If they ended up fighting, they would be in deep trouble.

However, Zhao Fu did not mind this and was still willing to sign the Contract. His army was gathered in the east to defend against the eastern side, who might advance at any moment. Zhao Fu did not bring any soldiers to sign these Contracts, while the western side's City Lords had many soldiers nearby.

If it was just with Zhao Fu's own strength, without using the other City Lords' power, he would not have been able to defeat those four City Lords so easily. Killing all of these City Lords here would not be possible.

Seeing that Zhao Fu was still willing to sign, the western side's City Lords let out a sigh of relief and also signed the Contract. As for Jing Qianxue and the three others, they were handed over to Great Qin to be dealt with.