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 Hearing that woman's words, everyone else nodded and expressed their approval because of the Contract last time.

The woman in white said angrily, "He took so many innocent lives last time, so shouldn't he be punished for that? Don't you feel that we should do something instead of letting him just do what he wants? This is definitely the best time to destroy him, so I think that we should do the will of the heavens and take justice for the lives that were lost."

Everyone looked at the woman in white, not knowing how to rebut her. After all, she had said those things out of the goodness of her heart. They had all seen the Undead Disaster and the countless lives that had been taken because of it.

All of them were filled with anger; there was not a single person who had been unaffected by those cruel scenes. However, even though they felt angry, none of them wanted to die, nor did they want their residents and soldiers to die.

"Ai! This is not a world where good is repaid with good and evil is repaid with evil; it's a world where the strong feast on the weak. We all know what we have to do," a handsome young man said as he sighed.

The others all agreed and decided to sign the Contract with Great Qin. Seeing this, the woman in white could only angrily leave.

On the eastern side, a valiant-looking big man coldly harrumphed, saying, "Great Qin sent presents to the other three sides and said that they were willing to sign peace Contracts, but only our eastern side has received nothing. Looks like they want to attack our eastern side, but they must be stupid to do such a thing since our eastern side is the strongest."

"Right now, we're not clear as to their plans, but it's certain that we'll have to fight with them. I want to see if we can convince the three other sides to work with us to attack Great Qin and get rid of them easily!" a cold-looking young man said.

A woman in a red robe said, "I don't think that's possible; I just received news that the three other sides have already agreed to sign Contracts. Since Great Qin dares to attack us, that means their strength is quite good and that they have a lot of confidence. I think it's best that we defend for now and not attack before we have more information."

A voluptuous young woman agreed, saying, "I also feel that we shouldn't attack, or both of our sides will suffer grave losses while others benefit. I'm sure everyone knows that Great Qin is not the only danger!"

Everyone else agreed with these words, so they decided to not attack until they had a better grasp of the situation. That way, they would be able to attack Great Qin with more confidence.

The four sides were not completely united and very rarely were factions fully united. As such, they were easily divided by Great Qin.

The four sides around Great Qin settled down, and after hearing about this, Zhao Fu felt quite delighted and planned to quickly sign the Contracts with them.

He first went to the northern side, and neither side brought any Generals or soldiers. Zhao Fu cupped his hands, acting courteous, as he said, "Greetings, everyone!"

Everyone from the northern side smiled, and after exchanging pleasantries, they started to sign the Contract.

The Contract limited every party and their armies, so it had to be a special Contract. Zhao Fu had planned a special Contract that was three meters long and two meters wide - only such a big Contract would be strong enough to restrict all of the parties.

Seeing this massive Contract, the northern factions gave smiles of satisfaction. They would only feel safe if the Contract was strong enough to properly limit both sides.

The Contract stated that none of Great Qin's soldiers would attack the northern side or enter any of the northern side's regions, or Great Qin's soldiers' stats would be reduced by 50% and the ruler would receive a backlash and die.

The northern side's soldiers could not enter Great Qin's territory, or else their stats would be reduced by 40%.

The terms of the contract were more disadvantageous for Great Qin, as their soldiers' stats would be reduced by 50% and Zhao Fu would suffer a backlash and die. On the other hand, the northern side's forces would only be reduced by 40%. Even though it was slightly unfair, Zhao Fu did not mind, as suffering a small loss was not too bad in order to get them to sign the Contract.

Zhao Fu had been thinking and planning such a thing for a long time, or he would not have signed a Contract like this so willingly.

Following this, everyone felt quite satisfied and took out their City Lord Seals to stamp the Contract. Zhao Fu took out the Great Qin Seal and pressed it against the Contract, causing it to turn into countless motes of light that entered Zhao Fu's and the other City Lords' bodies.

It was not just the northern side's City Lords but also Zhao Fu who let out a sigh of relief. However, the City Lords were not able to tell this.

If they knew just how disadvantageous the situation had been for Great Qin, they would not have hesitated to join together to attack Great Qin.

After signing the Contract with them, Zhao Fu headed to the southern side and signed the Contract with them before heading to the western side.

However, as he traveled, four sharp sword lights shot at him, filled with killing intent. The attacks were incredibly terrifying and could cause anyone's hairs to stand on end.

Zhao Fu expressionlessly stretched out his hand, and the Sword Mark on the back of his hand flashed as the Sin Dragon Sword appeared in his hand. Zhao Fu powerfully slashed out, and a massive, sharp arc of light easily tore through the air and shattered the four rays of incoming sword light.

At that moment, four women appeared on Zhao Fu's side. One of those women was the woman in white, and the three others were City Lords from her region.

The woman in white was called Jing Qianxue, and she was the City Lord of Thousand Snow City. The three other women were called Diao Nanlu, Zhuang Yuqin, and Fu Yingyan.

Jing Qianxue was murderously glaring at Zhao Fu. When she thought of the scenes from the Undead Disaster and how it had all been caused by the person in front of her, she couldn't help but feel immense hatred. This was especially so after she had saved the baby whose parents had been killed - from then onwards, she had vowed to kill Zhao Fu.

She had made preparations by first consulting with an esper and finding out that Zhao Fu could not use his Nation Armament.

As such, she took great pains to convince her three fellow City Lords to kill Zhao Fu. Jing Qianxue knew that Zhao Fu was very strong, but she felt quite confident because it was four versus one.

Zhao Fu looked at the woman in front of him and did not feel too surprised. He lightly laughed, "Long time no see!"

Jing Qianxue coldly harrumphed and ignored Zhao Fu as she directly attacked, stabbing her sword towards him.

The three other women attacked from different directions, attacking in synchronization. It seemed that their teamwork was incredibly good.

However, facing their sharp attacks, Zhao Fu looked quite relaxed. His strength was completely different than before - he was no longer the person who had to use a Nation Armament to fight with a single City Lord.

Jing Qianxue saw that their attacks were ineffective. They had to complete this assassination as quickly as possible because they would fail if Zhao Fu's City Lords appeared.