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 Everyone they passed in Great Qin treated Zhao Fu with immense respect, and Li Muqing and the two other women started to feel that Zhao Fu's identity was quite extraordinary. Only Feng Shiyu's mind was quite empty, as she was about to meet the man who she had been dreaming of for so long, making her feel quite nervous and excited.

After arriving at the Meeting Hall, Zhao Fu went and sat on the main seat, essentially declaring his identity.

"Zhao Fu, you dare to sit there? You're done for!" Feng Shiyu pointed at Zhao Fu and loudly said after seeing this.

Zhao Fu stared in surprise for a moment before laughing, and everyone else in the Meeting Hall also burst into laughter.

Hearing the laughter all around her, Feng Shiyu was at a loss, but Li Muqing pulled her over and whispered, "Zhao Fu is Great Qin's Legatee!"

"Ah!!" Feng Shiyu cried out. She stared at Zhao Fu in disbelief before looking at everyone else, and she finally realised that Zhao Fu really was Great Qin's Legatee.

Thinking about everything she had said to Zhao Fu, Feng Shiyu suddenly started to cry.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised, and he had never thought that someone like her would suddenly start crying. Seeing this, Zhao Fu said, "Alright, I won't blame you for the past!"

"Really?" Feng Shiyu asked as she stopped crying and wiped her tears.

Seeing Feng Shiyu stop crying so quickly, Zhao Fu wondered if he had been tricked by her, but he still nodded.

Feng Shiyu immediately became much better and pouted as she looked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and made her and the two others imperial concubines, causing the Emperor Phoenix Statue to obtain some more Phoenix Qi. He then ordered people to take care of Feng Shiyu and the two others.

Zhao Fu then took Li Muqing to the Rising Qin Academy. Looking at the massive academy, Li Muqing felt quite shocked; it seemed that Great Qin had been focusing on its culture and education for a long time.

After following Zhao Fu around for a while, Li Muqing smiled in satisfaction.

"Are you willing to stay in Great Qin?" Great Qin smiled as he asked.

Li Muqing nodded as she replied, "I never thought that Great Qin would focus on education so much. I'm willing to stay!"

Zhao Fu felt quite happy and said, "You can stay here then! If you have any requests, I'll do my best to fulfill them."

"Thank you, Your Majesty!" Li Muqing said as she bowed.

Zhao Fu nodded before leaving the Rising Qin Academy and returning to the Meeting Hall to see if there was anything to report from his subordinates.

Soon, the sun set and it was night time. Nü Lü brought in some food, and seeing this, Xianru said goodnight and left.

After eating, Nü Lü sat on Zhao Fu's lap and passionately kissed them. Only after a while did the two of them separate, breathing heavily. Nü Lü said with a blushing face, "Lord husband, you've brought many women back this time!"

Zhao Fu nodded and smiled as he asked, "What, are you jealous?"

Nü Lü raised a pink fist, lightly beat Zhao Fu's chest with it, and said, "No way. I'll accept as many women as you take. After all, you're someone who's going to be Emperor in the future. It's just that I feel a bit bad for those women - they might spend their entire lives there in loneliness and not experience any happiness. That sort of life seems quite pitiable."

After hearing her words, Zhao Fu fell silent.

Nü Lü looked up at Zhao Fu and said in a soft voice, "Lord husband, can't you treat them a bit better?"

Zhao Fu sighed and replied helplessly, "Most of them were caught and brought here, and some even feel enmity towards me. Even though they hide it, those people still hate me, so what can I do but to have them stay within the courtyard?"

Hearing this, Nü Lü said softly, "Lord husband, can't you try to treat them better? As long as you treat them as well as you can, there are very few women who won't accept this. They're all quite frail, and they just need a bit of care in order to treat you well. Look, aren't I yours now?

"Even though I used to like someone else and thought lowly of Great Qin, after marrying you, my heart is yours."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed in disbelief as he asked, "Do I really have such charm?"

Nü Lü smiled and kissed Zhao Fu before saying confidently, "Of course!"

"Then I'll consider how to treat them," Zhao Fu said after thinking for a moment.

Nü Lü happily replied, "Thank you, lord husband!"

Seeing Nü Lü's happy smile, Zhao Fu also slightly smiled and raised her chin before kissing her again.

A few days later, they had cleared out one-third of the final neighbouring region, Hundred Bamboo. During that time, Zhao Fu had found another two Silver Lake Immortal Legatees.

One was a Tauren called Kuka, who obtained the Silver Lake Immortal Axe, while the other was a Dwarf called Dalime, who obtained the Silver Lake Immortal Hammer.

Now, only the Silver Lake Immortal Shield did not yet have an owner.

This was quite good, as there was only one piece of equipment that did not have an owner. However, at that moment, Great Qin received some bad news.

It was that many regions had allied together, and these regions were quite close to Great Qin. The target of this alliance was, of course, Great Qin.

As Great Qin cleared out the surrounding four regions, many people had escaped to other regions. With such a big thing happening, it was impossible for the surrounding regions to not know about what was going on. They all felt how terrifying Great Qin was and knew they were not a match for Great Qin. As such, they decided to ally with the neighboring regions to resist Great Qin together.

Moreover, apart from the 100,000 soldiers that each system main city already had, each of them boosted their military by 50,000 soldiers, so each system main city now had 150,000 soldiers.

They did not take the initiative to attack, and they instead chose to defend. After all, there was a trace of hope that Great Qin would not attack their regions.

Zhao Fu did not express any ill-will and simply continued to clear out Hundred Bamboo.

As Great Qin was about to finish clearing out the Hundred Bamboo, those regions started to feel more unsettled, and they started to try to make a move against Great Qin.

The most powerful side was the eastern side, which had six regions allied together. There were 21 system main cities, and their army numbered 3.1 million.

In the western and southern sides, five regions had allied together. Each side had 18 system main cities, and each side had a force of 2.6 million soldiers.

The northern side was the weakest, with four regions allying together. They had 14 system main cities and 2.1 million soldiers.

There were 20 or so regions participating in total, with 71 system main cities and 10.4 million soldiers. Right now, Great Qin did not dare to make a move against those regions.

However, if the Great Qin destroyed them, they would be able to obtain 20 or so regions. Great Qin's plan involved conquering the surrounding 31 regions, and conquering these 20 or so regions would allow Great Qin to make great progress.