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 In the end, they gathered a few million people and invaded the two countries. However, they were unable to create much of an effect, as most of them were just ordinary people. As such, they did not have any powerful measures and mostly just looked out for themselves, and there was also no unified command.

At first, they had some success, capturing some women and men, but they were also met with intense retaliation from the two countries. Nevertheless, the Chinese side did not suffer many losses.

However, both countries were afraid of the battles getting too intense, as this would result in more Chinese players joining, and Great Qin's Legatee might even step in again. They had seen what had happened to India, so they only tried to chase the Chinese players away and set up firm defenses.

Following this, the invading Chinese players became powerless to do anything. There were even people saying on the internet for Great Qin's Legatee to act and destroy the two countries.

Zhao Fu did not know about any of this - he was sitting beside a creek and leisurely fishing. With the One World Rod's ability to speed up his cultivating speed, as well as his Sovereign Bloodline and Heaven Grade, his Cultivation rapidly grew. He had now progressed from Stage 4-4 to Stage 4-8.

By now, they had finished clearing out Little Valley, and Zhao Fu renamed it Valley Province, making it Great Qin's third Province. Great Qin's strength once again increased, and they started to clear out the last neighboring region, Hundred Bamboo.

The Wyvern Den also became an Intermediate Den, and it would now spawn a Wyvern every three days. Great Qin now had 63 Wyverns and seven Wyvern eggs.

Zhao Fu was quite happy about this, as Great Qin had originally wanted to breed Wyverns by hatching eggs. Great Qin had Dragon-Incubating Celestial Grass and Water of Life, both of which could greatly speed up the incubation period of the Wyvern eggs.

They did not need to wait two or three years. Instead, they only needed to wait a few months for the Wyvern eggs to hatch. With the Wyverns' strength, they were worth Great Qin using a large amount of resources to nurture them.

After taking care of these things, Zhao Fu returned to the real world and decided to fill his stomach.

It was now winter in the real world, and Zhao Fu put on some thick clothes and called his bodyguard over. He wanted to ask his bodyguard to bring some food, but after hearing what his bodyguard had to say, his gaze became cold and said, "Bring him in!"

The bodyguard nodded and turned and left before a few people brought in a cold-looking young man.

"Proxy family leader, this is an assassin who has been hiding in the Ying family. Many of our people died trying to capture him," the bodyguard said in a low voice.

Zhao Fu expressionlessly read through the information that he had been handed. Now that Great Qin was working with Flower Moon, their intelligence system became many times more powerful, and they had also found this assassin hiding in the Ying family.

This person was someone that the Li family had sent long ago, and he had been hiding in the Ying family's residence for many months. It was a pity that Zhao Fu had countless people protecting him and rarely went outside, so this assassin had not been able to lay his hands on Zhao Fu all this time.

Zhao Fu looked at the cold-looking young man forced to kneel in front of him and asked, "You're from Night King?"

The cold-looking young man coldly harrumphed and ignored Zhao Fu's question.

Zhao Fu's expression did not change, and he started to read through some more of the documents. Those documents were about the young man's identity - he was called Leng Fei, and he was 23 years old. He had been trained as an assassin since he was young, and it was said that he was from Night King, as his big brother was one of the seven heads of Night King.

Night King was a top-tier assassin organisation, and it was ranked second in even the whole world. Its reputation was incredibly terrifying, and even large families did not dare to offend it. After all, assassins were quite difficult to defend against, and no one knew when one might be assassinated.

Moreover, everyone in Night King was an elite assassin, and they could get past incredibly tight security to perform assassinations. Their methods were quite strange and very difficult to defend against.

Night King had seven heads, and each of these heads controlled countless assassins. The organisation was quite big, and it had some branches in the Heaven Awaken World as well. Its name struck terror into many, and no one dared to offend it.

Zhao Fu felt that Leng Fei was quite skilled; otherwise, he would not have been able to stay in the Ying family's residence for so long without being discovered.

The intelligence reports did not confirm that he was from Night King, but since his big brother was one of the heads of Night King, killing him would result in irreconcilable hatred between Great Qin and Night King. The Li family would have spent a large amount of money to hire him.

Back then, Zhao Fu had not been the Ying family's proxy leader and was only a small figure who had been protected by Ying Xi. Leng Fei thought that Zhao Fu was a minor figure who would be very easy to kill without much effort.

It was a pity that Zhao Fu did not normally go out, and he resided in the depths of the Ying family's residence, where the security was quite tight. Only after half a month had he been able to successfully enter that region, but before he could make a move on Zhao Fu, the situation had suddenly changed.

Zhao Fu had suddenly become the proxy family leader of the Ying family, as well as Great Qin's Legatee's representative. His status went through a massive change, and the security around him became even tighter.

However, Leng Fei never gave up, and he instead became more motivated. By now, he was not doing this for the money but for the fame. Thinking about him killing Great Qin's Legatee's representative, that would be enough to shake the entire world and cause the world to remember his name.

He wanted to surpass his big brother and everyone else and become the top assassin in the world. With Great Qin's Legatee's renown, killing his representative would boost Leng Fei straight to the top.

Just thinking about this made Leng Fei feel quite excited. An assassin's fame was not determined by their strength but by the importance of the people they assassinated. As such, he decided to continue hiding and wait for an opportunity.

Zhao Fu guessed that the Li family wanted to take advantage of Leng Fei's unique identity so that whether he succeeded or failed, Zhao Fu would die without a doubt.

If Leng Fei's assassination succeeded, that would be for the best. Since Leng Fei was related to Night King, Ying Xi would not be able to do much about this. After all, she was not a family leader of the Ying family and was just a big miss of one of the branches.

If the assassination failed, perhaps Night King would be offended. Ying Xi would not mind too much, as Zhao Fu was only a minor figure back then, and she most likely would have given him over to avoid any trouble.

After looking through that information, Zhao Fu felt a coldness within his heart. Ever since entering the Ying family, Zhao Fu had never thought about letting off the Li family, and the hatred he felt towards them had never decreased.

"Do you have anything to say?" Zhao Fu expressionlessly said as he looked at Leng Fei.

Leng Fei coldly harrumphed as he proudly raised his head and said, "You're just a dog in front of Great Qin's Legatee; do you really dare to kill me? My big brother is one of the heads of Night King."

After hearing about what had happened, the Ying family's family leaders also came in. Looking at Leng Fei kneeling on the ground, they looked quite hesitant. Even though they were not afraid of Night King, dealing with them was quite troublesome, so they tried to persuade Zhao Fu, saying, "Zhao Fu, just cut off maybe one of his hands and send him back to Night King!"

Zhao Fu coldly looked at the family leader who spoke, making him feel quite awkward. Zhao Fu placed the documents on the table before calmly saying, "Kill him. Chop off his head, send it to the Li family, and send the rest of his corpse to Night King!"