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 An explosion sounded out as countless energy stones shattered, and Zhao Fu and the nine others unleashed their City Lord Seals. The City Lord Seals floated above their heads, giving off different lights and terrifying auras.

Those powers entered the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, causing the formation to give off a colorful light. It started to spin, and a massive aura rippled out.

Zhao Fu sent the Pillars of Ashoka into the center of the formation, and it was covered by a wave of energy, causing it to hover in the air.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the others and signaled for them to simultaneously act.

The others nodded and exploded out with Fate. The massive amount of Fate rushed into the formation like a massive flood.


A massive explosion burst forth as a multi-colored pillar of light rushed up into the clouds, causing the weather to change. Countless traces of Heaven and Earth Fate madly gathered, creating a massive gale that blew rocks and sand everywhere.

Countless traces of aura continuously gathered and condensed, and an extremely monstrous aura spread out from the sky. Everyone at the northern region of the Midland Continent sensed this aura, and they felt a chill within their hearts. Their hairs stood on end, but they had no idea what was happening.

In the end, after the countless traces of Fate continuously condensed, it formed a 100-meter tall cauldron that gave off a multi-colored light. It gave off an immense might and seemed like it could subdue countless creatures.

The ten people continued to pour their power and Fate into the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, and the multi-colored cauldron trembled, causing an incredibly strong power to explode out from it, dissipating all the clouds within 1,000 kilometers. Within the cauldron, the Pillars of Ashoka were covered by a formless flame and went through continuous changes.

On the surface, the surrendered Indian indigenous residents obeyed Li Si's command and knelt on the ground, exclaiming that they were subjects of Great Qin.

Traces of Fate rose up from their bodies and continuously entered the multi-colored cauldron before entering the Pillars of Ashoka. The Pillars of Ashoka struggled for a moment before trembling, and the engravings on its surface disappeared.

Traces of Great Qin Fate rose up from the ground, rushing towards the multi-colored cauldron. The formless flame absorbed the Great Qin Fate and became black flames, and under the black flames' effects, the Pillars of Ashoka once again went through changes.

After coming out again, the stone staff looked a bit different. The images engraved were not of Indian people anymore but of Great Qin's subjects.

The multi-colored cauldron turned back into countless traces of Fate, and a stone staff giving off a monstrous aura slowly descended from the sky, floating above the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation.

By now, the Pillars of Ashoka no longer gave off India's aura, and it instead gave off Great Qin's aura of killing and conquering. It now completely belonged to Great Qin and had turned into Great Qin's Nation Armament, making it so that Zhao Fu could use its power.

Everyone withdrew their strength, and Zhao Fu smiled as he looked at the Pillars of Ashoka. He soon found that he could change its name. Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to change its name, as Ashoka was an Indian emperor, and now that the Nation Armament belonged to Great Qin, the name should be changed.

Zhao Fu decided to rename it 'Nation-Suppressing Pillar!'

The meaning of this name was to suppress the Fate of other nations, and Zhao Fu took a closer look at the Nation Armament before placing it beside Great Qin's City Heart. Just like the Twelve Metal Colossi and Imperial Ruler's Seal, it would be strengthened by the Fate that Great Qin provided.

After successfully concluding this, Zhao Fu turned his attention to India's Clan Armament. A Clan Armament was more powerful than even five ordinary Nation Armaments, and there were only four such Clan Armaments in the world.

Clan Armaments were much more difficult to form than Nation Armaments, and only the four Great Civilizations had been able to create Clan Armaments. These were Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient India, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient China.

Now that they had taken India's Clan Armament, if they took the remaining two, Great Qin's power would be incredibly terrifying.

However, Zhao Fu had to first refine India's Clan Armament. This required them to capture many women and use their Fate to reduce the Clan Armament's resistance. Zhao Fu heard that India also had a Beauties Ranking, and Shama's fiancée had been ranked sixth on that.

If he captured all of the women on the Beauties Ranking, that should be enough, so Zhao Fu handed this matter to the Great Qin Assassins while he turned his attention to other things.

By now, they had also fully cleared East Green, and Zhao Fu moved to a system main city to fuse with the Region Heart, successfully unifying East Green.

Xianyang fused with another region, and all sorts of stats were once again boosted. Zhao Fu renamed East Green to Green Province, and it was Great Qin's second Province.

Great Qin now had 12.6 million people, 2.2 million soldiers, 19 Great Cities, 5 Cities, 26 Towns, and 2,279 Villages.

Great Qin's strength once again increased: out of the 2.2 million soldiers, 1.6 million were Stage 1 and 50,000 or so of them were Stage 2. Next, they were to clear out Little Valley.

Little Valley was filled with valleys, so it would be difficult for an army to move through. Hundred Bamboo was filled with bamboo seas, making it difficult to see. As such, Zhao Fu picked one at random, and now that they had 2.2 million soldiers, their clearing speed would be much faster.

Great Qin was now in a time of peaceful and steady development, and Zhao Fu did not have much to do. China also fell into a time of peace, and there weren't any major battles. Now that everyone was once again focused on developing, China welcomed in another period of peace.

Days passed, and soon, China soon recovered from the massive invasion.

At that moment, some people suggested invading Japan and South Korea. What those two countries had done during the invasion had infuriated many people, and now that China had recovered, they wanted to take revenge.

Many women from South Korea were incredibly beautiful and alluring, and many women from Japan were gentle and cute. After what had been done to them last time, some people from the Chinese side suggested capturing their women and making them slaves. This was supported by many men, who were all extremely excited.

However, the women did not agree. Even though they were of different countries, they could empathize, so they refused to do such a thing.

However, the men argued that since those countries wanted to do such a thing, they should do it too. As such, they gathered many people, most of whom were men, and started to invade those two countries.

In order to increase their forces, they attracted women by suggesting to take male slaves, especially those who were handsome and good-looking.

This attracted some people join, but those who joined were mostly ordinary players and smaller factions. The larger factions and families did not participate, as they wanted to focus on developing. There were not enough benefits for them to do such a thing.

None of the Hundred Schools of Thought joined either, as this was not in line with their ideology. They did not bother with such a thing.