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 Zhao Fu did not mind them, as he had completed his goal in coming here. Following this, Zhao Fu gave out a quest for Indian indigenous residents, and he offered a high price of one gold coin for each one brought.

This made many people feel tempted, as one gold coin was equivalent to 10,000 copper coins. If they took down a village, they would be able to obtain a few hundred people, which was equivalent to hundreds of gold coins. If they exchanged that into money in the real world, it would be like winning the lottery.

Many people excitedly rushed into India's territory and started to look for indigenous residents. India could not put up much of a resistance at the moment, as they were still terrified of dying a true death. As such, they continuously retreated, and in just a few days, China was able to take over ten or so Indian regions.

Zhao Fu stayed here for a few days, and players continuously delivered Indian indigenous residents. By now, Zhao Fu had announced that he would only be taking 1.1 million Indian indigenous residents.

The players passionately responded to Great Qin's lavish spending of money, and they continuously brought Indian indigenous residents to him.

The Chinese players did not have any favorability towards the Indian indigenous players, and they would normally kill them and take their things. Now, even though Zhao Fu was effectively buying and saving them, the players would be able to earn a large income.

The door to the outside world continuously transported people, and Zhao Fu only returned to Great Qin after a few days. Only after hearing that Great Qin's Legatee had left did the Indian people show some resistance.

By now, he had bought 100,000 Indian indigenous residents and brought them back to Great Qin. He continued to buy them, and they were continuously transported over.

Now that he could refine the Nation Armament, Zhao Fu felt quite excited and grinned. Zhao Fu had also re-established the Maurya City, and because it had been relocated, it went from an Advanced City into a Basic City, which was a bit of a pity.

Zhao Fu decided to give the City Lord Seal to Bai Xihan. The Maurya City was Legendary grade, so its stats were naturally extremely good. However, as an Indian Legacy's city, Zhao Fu felt that giving it to an Indian person would be better, but it was a pity that he had no Indian subordinates. As such, he gave the City Lord position to Bai Xihan for now, and if he had any suitable Indian subordinates in future, he would give it to them. After all, only an Indian person could fully wield the Maurya City's power.

Following this, Zhao Fu returned to the Meeting Hall, where there were nine Indian women waiting. They were all extremely beautiful, and they had a decent amount of Phoenix Qi.

This was the special task that Zhao Fu had given to the Assassin Legatees, which was to capture the women from the Maurya Dynasty. A lot of the information from Flower Moon was about them.

The first one was 40 or so years old who had decent looks and a voluptuous body. Even though she was an older woman, she had a unique elegance about her and gave off a mature aura. She was called Karima and was Shama's mother.

The second was extremely beautiful, and she had a sweet and dignified bearing and a noble aura. She was called Priya, and she was one of Shama's three aunties.

The third was a graceful woman with delicate features and a slim figure. She was called Rani and was another of Shama's aunties.

The fourth was a housewife with a good figure and a moving appearance. She was called Jaanvi and was the final of Shama's aunties.

The fifth was the wife of Shama's uncle, and she was a mature woman called Tamanna.

The sixth was the wife of another of Shama's uncles, and she had a relatively small face and a slim body. She also gave off gentle airs and was called Lasya.

The seventh was Shama's sister-in-law, and she had decent looks and a well-filled figure, which gave off a hint of sexiness. She was a widow, as Shama's brother had died a while ago.

The eighth woman had a slim figure but looked quite lively and extroverted, and she was Shama's little sister, Dipti.

The ninth was a very beautiful woman with a graceful figure but serious aura. She was Shama's fiancée and was from a large family. She was called Anjali.

Zhao Fu looked at these nine women and did not say much, and he directly made them imperial concubines. A large amount of Phoenix Qi flowed out of their bodies and entered the Emperor Phoenix Statute, causing it to once again grow stronger.

None of the women thought that Zhao Fu would make them concubines, and they all had complicated looks on their faces: some had disgusted looks and others had looks of worry.

They were all primers for refining the Maurya Dynasty's Nation Armament, and Zhao Fu smiled as he asked the golden dragon, "What are the steps to refining a Nation Armament?"

Following this, Zhao Fu followed the golden dragon's instructions and started to make preparations. He first prepared a large room that was 300 meters wide and had ten stone pillars that were three meters tall form a circle. There were countless chains on the stone pillars, on which there were bound two things.

Those two things were, of course, the Nation Armament and Clan Armament, and even though they had both been suppressed by the formation, they still floated in the air and continuously struggled.

At the center of the ten stone pillars, there was also a platform that was one meter tall, on which there was a magic formation. On one side there was a dragon, and on the other side a phoenix. There was also a layer of warm jade on the platform, and walking barefoot on it would feel a bit warm.

"What next?" Zhao Fu asked the golden dragon.

The golden dragon replied simply, "Consummate with them! Or do some other things."

Zhao Fu felt quite dumbfounded and asked what else he could do, before saying to the nine women, "You should all know the situation you're in. The Maurya Dynasty has been destroyed, and the Nation Armament and Clan Armament has been suppressed by me. India has no chance of victory against me!

"As long as you become my concubines, you can live peacefully in Great Qin. Not only will I not destroy your family, but I will also give your family a Baronage and protect your family."

Hearing this, the nine women could only sigh. They had no way of resisting, and they not only had to think of themselves but also their family. If they could obtain Great Qin's protection, their family would be quite safe.

Zhao Fu brought them to the platform and saw Shama's mother flirtatiously gazing at him. Zhao Fu pulled her over to him, and Shama's mother lightly hugged his waist and said, "Your Majesty, can you not kill Shama in the future?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu lightly nodded, and Shama's mother smiled even greater and took the initiative to kiss Zhao Fu. Her tongue snaked into Zhao Fu's mouth, dancing with his with practiced ease.

The two of them tightly hugged, their temperatures rising as their hands roamed over each other.

The other women looked quite embarrassed, as they all knew each other and were quite familiar with each other. Looking at Shama's mother passionately kissing another man, this scene was quite taboo.

Shama's little sister had a worried expression on her face, while Shama's fiancée was expressionless. However, the other women looked quite interested; after all, they were quite experienced as well.

As Zhao Fu kissed Shama's mother, he gradually took her clothes off, revealing her body. He then continuously rubbed and groped all over her body, causing it to shudder, and a wetness filled Zhao Fu's hand.

Shama's mother's body lost its strength, and Zhao Fu placed her on the ground. His body then started to give off black Dragon Qi while Shama's mother's body gave off golden Phoenix Qi.

The two of them combined, forming a black and gold aura that entered the Nation Armament, and the Nation Armament's resistance immediately became weaker.

Zhao Fu smiled before looking at the other women.