Bringing with him those apprehensive feelings, Zhao Fu continuously increased his speed as he flew as fast as he could. His surroundings blurred as he passed them, and he then continuously used teleportation channels before he finally found the Maurya Dynasty.

The Maurya City was in a state of emergency, and soldiers gripped their weapons as they looked around, preparing to face any enemies. There were also soldiers patrolling everywhere to make sure that no one could sneak in.

They had already received news that Shama had died and that the City Lord Seal had fallen into someone else's hands. As such, they had to defend Maurya City until Shama once again entered the Heaven Awaken World.

In the Heaven Awaken World, after a Legatee died, they would not spawn anywhere else and would instead respawn within their own territory. After dying, Shama had returned to the real world, and he still did not know that his Nation Armament and Clan Armament had been taken by the golden dragon after he had died.

What he did know was that the City Lord Seal had fallen into someone else's hands, so he felt incredibly worried. However, he had a special item that reduced the death penalty to just ten hours.

There were still a few minutes before he could re-enter the Heaven Awaken World. If it was anyone else, Shama would not feel worried, because even if the City Lord Seal had fallen into their hands, the Nation Armament and Clan Armament would automatically protect the city.

However, facing Great Qin's Legatee, Shama felt quite worried and had a sinking feeling.

By now, Zhao Fu had already snuck into Maurya City. After all, not only did he have a high cultivation, but he was also an Assassin and had the Stealther. As such, he hid his presence and was able to easily sneak in without anyone discovering him.

Zhao Fu immediately headed for the City Hall, which was covered by an azure energy barrier. There were currently many people attacking it.

These were, of course, the Maurya Dynasty's soldiers. After all, if they could break the barrier, one of them would be able to conquer the city. In order to take precautions, the historical figures decided to break the energy barrier, as they had found that the Nation Armament and Clan Armament had disappeared.

It was a pity that this was a Dynasty-level barrier, and even though countless people had been attacking for ten hours, there were only small cracks on the barrier.

Zhao Fu silently continued onwards and entered the barrier. Because he had the City Lord Seal, the barrier was ineffective against Zhao Fu and could not stop him at all.

By now, Shama had re-entered the Heaven Awaken World. Seeing the state of the city, it seemed that no one had attacked or entered, so he was finally able to relax.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu put his hand on the City Heart and chose to conquer and relocate the city.


An azure pillar of light rushed into the sky and dyed the entire sky azure. Following this, a mighty dragon's roar turned into a corporeal soundwave and spread throughout all of India, and it was filled with pain, reluctance, and bitterness.

India, who had lost the battle, was already feeling quite depressed, but hearing this dragon's roar, their expressions fell, as a Dynasty Legacy had been destroyed.

In the sky, a dragon that gave off an azure light that was hundreds of meters long struggled in the air before its massive body shattered and dissipated into motes of light.

Everyone in the Maurya City looked up in the sky in shock, unable to believe what was happening. Shama felt so angry that he felt as if his eyes were going to explode, and he rushed towards the City Hall.

"System announcement! The Maurya Dynasty has been destroyed, and all of its Fate has been devoured by Great Qin. Great Qin has obtained a large amount of Fate."

"System announcement! Great Qin has destroyed the Maurya Dynasty and obtained all of its Legacies."

"System announcement! The Great Qin's City Heart has started to evolve, and it has completed 10/30 of the evolution."

"System announcement! The Great Qin City has obtained one-fifth of the Maurya City's stats."

"System announcement! The Nation Armament Twelve Metal Colossi has obtained a massive amount of Fate and has leveled up into a Level 6 Nation Armament."

"System announcement! The Clan Armament Imperial Ruler's Seal has obtained a massive amount of Fate and has leveled up into a Level 5 Clan Armament."

"System announcement! You have conquered a Legacy City and obtained 5,000 Achievement Points."

"System announcement! You have relocated a city and obtained 620,000 EXP!"

After hearing those system announcements, Zhao Fu couldn't help but loudly laugh before shooting into the sky. He ignored the furious, hateful, and pleading gazes below and turned into a black blur as he flew away.

Shama collapsed to the ground, his eyes empty as tears streamed out of them. Just like that, the Maurya Dynasty had been destroyed. He had lost the most important thing in his life.

Zhao Fu held the City Creation Stone as he quickly returned, grinning all of the way. He had actually destroyed a Dynasty, and the Fate that Great Qin had obtained caused it to recover to two-thirds of what it was before. It had also caused the Nation Armament and Clan Armament to level up again.

The Great Qin's City Heart had also completed 10/30 of its evolution - it seemed that a Dynasty Legacy was worth five State or Nation Legacies.


His gains this time were simply too monstrous; not only had he taken the Maurya Dynasty's Nation Armament and Clan Armament, but he had also destroyed the Dynasty itself.

This news quickly spread to the real world, and the Chinese side was incredibly happy. Not only had they destroyed a Dynasty, but Great Qin had also suppressed the Nation Armament and Clan Armament. However, there were some who sighed, as Great Qin's strength would once again grow.

However, they had never expected that Great Qin could refine other people's Nation Armaments and Clan Armaments; they thought that Great Qin had just suppressed them. After all, no one but the Legatees should be able to use their Nation Armaments or Clan Armaments.

On the Indian side, countless people felt incredibly furious. Not only had so many people died, but one of their Dynasties had also been destroyed, and even their Clan Armament had been suppressed and taken away. In the real world, India sent an army to its border with China and demanded an explanation.

However, the Chinese side did not give them an explanation, as they were unable to affect Great Qin at all. In actuality, Great Qin had killed many people from India's governmental faction, so in terms of military, China was now able to annihilate India. Because of this, China showed no fear. India did not have too much confidence, so they did not dare to attack and simply wanted an explanation.

India wanted to ally with America and some small countries to apply pressure to China, but none of them were willing to help.

None of the smaller countries dared to do anything against China now, and it was difficult for America to even survive. They did not have any Legacies within the Heaven Awaken World, so they could only steal indigenous Legacies and focus on developing. They paid no attention to this sort of thing.

Now, apart from India's large population, there was nothing to worry about it. China was now indisputably the most powerful nation in the Midland Continent, and no one could rival them anymore. China's position was now solid.

Zhao Fu returned to the boundary region, and none of the three other Dynasty Legatees dared to meet him. Even Liu Ye, who had been quite confident, had been convinced by others to leave first and return to his own region.

The other factions were also quite afraid of Zhao Fu. After all, Great Qin now had a method to kill a large number of players, so he could kill them too. As such, some of the leaders did not dare to stay and had their representatives stay.