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 "What sort of attack was that?" Zhao Fu asked in shock.

The golden dragon calmly replied, "It was an Origin attack! Because you're too weak, you're unable to use it. If it wasn't for you having all of China's Fate, I would not have been able to use it either!"

Zhao Fu nodded; he understood that he was still quite weak at the moment.

Clang, clang, clang...

The golden dragon controlled Zhao Fu's body to use the King's Crown. Countless chains flew out and pierced Shama's corpse, and three things were dragged out by the chains.

They were a glass peacock, a 30-centimeter long wooden staff, and an azure City Lord Seal.

These three things gave off different, terrifying powers, and they continuously struggled, wanting to break free from the chains. However, the golden dragon used China's Fate to forcefully suppress them, and he put them away.

If a Legatee died before establishing a city, it would not be a big deal, and their death would just be like an ordinary person dying. They would lose their items and cultivation, but they would still be a Legatee. After all, because they would not die a true death, they would still be the Legatee and would just lose some Fate.

However, things would be different if they had already established a city. After all, they would have formed a City Lord Seal, and after dying, their City Lord Seal would remain within their bodies and could be obtained by others. That meant that their cities would be in grave danger and could be conquered at any moment.

That was why the other Dynasty Legatees had been worried and had not come to meet Zhao Fu.

However, even if one lost one's City Lord Seal, they would still have some powers, such as destroying the city and making it recede into a Town, before re-establishing the City and re-condensing a City Lord Seal. That way, the City Lord Seal in Zhao Fu's hand would become useless.

As for the Nation Armament and Clan Armament, the golden dragon had used a secret method that relied on killing the Legatee to forcefully steal them over.

Now that Shama had died, the Indian side's morale completely collapsed. After seeing Zhao Fu's world-destroying power, making him seem like a god, they felt completely terrified and continuously retreated, while the Chinese side gave chase and killed everyone in their way.

In the other battle regions, after Shama died, the Indian armies also lost their will to fight. Liu Ye stood in the air, his pupils constricted as he felt greatly shocked. The sword gash had extended to where he was, and that was two regions away from the main battle region.

Back then, it had all happened as soundlessly as a light breeze passing by. The entire sky and earth had been split in half, and countless people had turned into bloody vapor.

This sort of power was simply too monstrous; Great Qin's Legatee's methods were incredibly chilling. That mighty and terrifying power had disappeared, while the Chinese side felt an immense wave of Fate enter China. After all, this had been a battle between two nations and two ethnic groups, and they had used all of their Fate.

The losing side lost a lot of their Fate, which was absorbed by the winning side.

Through this, countless Chinese players knew that the Chinese side had won this world-shaking battle. Great Qin had won.

China's the mightiest! China's the strongest! Long live China!

Countless people excitedly yelled - this included both ordinary people and even the leaders of large factions. All of them felt extremely happy about the result of this battle.

After all, India had been the greatest threat to China and its biggest enemy. Now that they had defeated India, they all felt incredibly delighted. After suffering this loss, India had taken a big hit and would not dare to invade China so daringly, and China would not have to worry about the threat of India.

On the other hand, the various countries around the world felt quite disappointed, as China's strength was simply too strong. They had hoped that India would win so that China would be suppressed, making it easier for them to deal with China in the future.

All of the countries supporting India fell silent and were not able to say anything at all.

However, what no one had expected was that an even more shocking piece of news exploded out right after: three million or so people in India had died in the real world.

Even hundreds of people dying in a country was something that could shake the whole world, and now that three million people had suddenly died, it was as if the world had exploded.

How could so many people have died? Just what had happened?

Countless people felt terror, and when they thought about so many people dying, their bodies trembled. After all, three million dying all of a sudden in the real world was incredibly terrifying.

It was not just the foreign countries that felt shocked and afraid but even the Chinese side. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Countless people could not understand how such a thing could have happened. Soon, some people realized that Great Qin had participated in this battle and had stated that Great Qin would definitely win this battle.

Could it be that Great Qin had obtained something that could mass-kill players? Soon, it was confirmed that this was indeed done by Great Qin.

Immediately, the entire world gasped in horror; they had never thought that Great Qin would obtain such a terrifying method. Now, who would dare to oppose Great Qin? If they died, they would die a true death. Who wouldn't fear such a thing?

After this matter was reported, Great Qin became dozens of times more dangerous. Those who had opposed Great Qin before felt quite afraid; if Great Qin used this method against them, they would be done for.

In that moment, all insults and opposition directed at Great Qin instantly disappeared. No one dared to make even a bit of noise.

This was indeed done by Great Qin, and they had done it through the Reality Harming Talismans. Before, Zhao Fu had chosen one million elites from the army and given each of them a talisman paper, but he had not told them what the effects were.

Without the Reality Harming Talismans, the Indian army would not have withdrawn so quickly and decisively. It was only because they had heard that countless people were dying in the real world that they had felt terrified and unhesitatingly retreated.

The Chinese side flooded forwards, killing the escaping Indian players. Because they were still within China's territory and the Indian players were intruders, killing them would give four times the rewards.

Zhao Fu looked at the azure City Lord Seal in his hand and did not hesitate. He had previously obtained information as to where the Maurya Dynasty was, which was in a region near the border.

As the most powerful and famous Dynasty in India, everyone knew which region it was in. Zhao Fu disregarded everything else and turned into a ray of light and flew in that direction.

He naturally felt quite excited and nervous because he was about to take over a Dynasty. Of course, he had to be careful - even though people normally would not be able to log on for ten days after dying, perhaps Shama had some way to return to the Heaven Awaken World in advance.

If that happened, Shama could relocate the city, and even though it would cost him and his Legacy, there was nothing Zhao Fu would be able to do about it.