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 Countless people in other regions could sense how terrifying and intense the battle at the main battle region was. Just the aura that they felt made them feel incredibly shocked. They all felt that they would not be able to deal with such terrifying power, and only Great Qin's Legatee would be able to face such a thing.

After sensing this incredibly terrifying power, Liu Ye's gaze became incredibly serious. He also felt a trace of worry as to whether Great Qin's Legatee would be able to resist it.

If he couldn't, they would lose this battle. Even though he used to be Great Qin's enemy, Great Qin was standing on China's side, so if he lost, things would be quite bad for China.

Back at the main battlefield, the world seemed to have gone dark, and all creatures seemed to have fallen silent. There was not even the sound of wind; there was only a five-colored pillar of light standing between the heavens and the earth, giving off an ocean-like aura.

"Skreeeeee!!" A massive bird's cry sounded out from within the pit, seeming to tear apart the heavens. Following this, a peacock giving off a five-colored divine light flew out of the pit. The five-colored divine light covered the entire land, and the massive aura seemed to cover the entire region, shaking the heavens and the earth.

This peacock was thousands of metres big, and seemed to be made of glass. It was incredibly beautiful, and on top of the peacock, Shama was standing there covered with blood, looking at Zhao Fu with eerie killing intent.

Shama had never expected that he would be forced by Zhao Fu to use his Clan Armament, the Divine Peacock Statue. Shama was not thinking about much and was just filled with fury, wanting to kill off Zhao Fu as soon as possible.

Looking at Zhao Fu, Shama once again attacked. The five-colored peacock flapped its wings, and a five-colored aura swept towards Zhao Fu like an ocean.

The five-colored ocean filled the entire sky and looked both beautiful and terrifying, and it seemed like it would disintegrate anything it came into contact with. The space around it continuously crumbled, and whenever the aura touched things like trees, the parts of the trees that were touched would instantly disappear as if they were wiped from existence.

The five-colored ocean quickly descended and inundated the land. Many people were caught in it, and they were killed before they could even cry out.

At the same time, Zhao Fu was also covered by this five-colored ocean, and such a monstrous attack was not something that an ordinary person could withstand; it was enough to decimate an army.

On the Chinese side, seeing that Zhao Fu had been covered by the five-colored ocean without any resistance, the Chinese players' hearts sank. Could it be that Great Qin's Legatee had died and that China had lost?

"Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar..."

Nine massive dragon roars rocked the heavens and the earth, and a golden light shot everywhere, dyeing half of the sky golden. Zhao Fu stood in the air above the five-colored ocean with nine golden dragons surrounding him. The five-colored ocean could not touch him at all, and Zhao Fu looked like a supreme emperor.

Even though Zhao Fu was unable to use his Nation Armament, he could use the Clan Armament. After all, the Clan Armament represented all of China, and he could use all of China's Fate.

Of course, the prerequisite was that he had to have the majority of the support of China, and that power had to be used against foreigners instead of against other Chinese people.

"We, Great Qin Legatee, request for China's Fate to be added unto Us to expel the foreign invaders!"

As Zhao Fu spoke, the entirety of China spoke, and all Chinese people received a system announcement. They immediately all consented, and countless traces of Fate flowed out from China's territory, madly gathering towards Zhao Fu.

The traces of Fate soon formed an ocean that flowed into Zhao Fu's body, while Zhao Fu automatically rose into the sky and gave off a brilliant golden light. He looked like a golden sun shining down on the earth, and the aura he gave off seemed to be able to destroy the heavens and the earth.

Seeing this, Shama understood that Zhao Fu had come prepared. However, he was not afraid as he could utilise India's Fate, and following this, the Fate from the various regions in India also gathered into an ocean and entered Shama's body, causing the five-colored divine light that the peacock gave off to become even more intense.

The terrifying auras of the two people covered the entire Midland Continent, and all countries and races could feel this immense power, causing people's bodies to tremble.

Everyone held their breaths. They had all been paying attention to this battle, as it was not just a battle between two large nations but also between two great ethnic groups. Both sides had unleashed their full power and gathered all of their countries' Fate for a final clash!

Zhao Fu and Shama stood facing each other in the sky, and the world seemed to be divided in half: one side was filled with a five-colored light while the other was filled with golden light.

Clang, clang, clang...

Zhao Fu moved first. The Sword Mark on the back of his hand flashed as five swords appeared around him. They were the Sky Demon Sword, Slaughtering Ghost Sword, Royal Wood Sword, Sin Dragon Sword, and Seraph Sword.

Under Zhao Fu's control, the five swords gave off thousand meter long sword light, filling the world with boundless sword qi. Everything around Zhao Fu was annihilated by the sword qi, with the ground below him being covered with sword gashes.


Zhao Fu controlled the boundless sword qi as he rushed at Shama. The five swords stayed beside him and also flew towards Shama. The massive amount of sword qi caused the surrounding air to explode, rocking even the surrounding regions.

Shama stood on the massive five-colored peacock and showed no signs of weakness as he charged over. He brought the terrifying five-colored ocean with him, giving off a shocking aura.


A gigantic sound erupted as the five-colored ocean and boundless sword qi collided, and it was as if two worlds had collided.

The sword qi was incredibly sharp, being able to cut anything, and the five-colored aura was powerful enough to disintegrate anything it touched. As they clashed, there was no definite winner as the sword qi continuously shattered the five-colored aura, while the five-colored aura also disintegrated the sword qi.

Zhao Fu waved his hand, and the five swords beside him shot out a large amount of different-colored sword lights as they flew towards Shama and started to attack.

The swords turned into rays of light ad attacked the five-colored peacock from different positions at different times, drawing out sword gashes in the air.

Shama controlled the five-colored peacock to give out a five-coloured divine light to block those sharp swords. The peacock mainly used its claws and wings to continuously block the swords or send them flying back.

The resulting shockwaves were incredibly loud and caused the sky to continuously shake.

Seeing that only some light injuries had been dealt to the five-colored peacock, Zhao Fu narrowed his eyes and exuded a cold aura.

Roar! Roar! Roar...

Dragon roars sounded out as the nine golden dragons around Zhao Fu roared as they rushed towards the five-colored peacock. After leaving his side, they turned into 1,000 meter long golden dragons and madly attacked the five-colored peacock.

The golden dragons either used their bodies to slam into the peacock, sending it flying, or used their mouths to bite it, though such attacks were not too effective. Some other dragons wrapped around the peacock and constricted it.

Adding on the five swords that continued to attack, the five-colored peacock was now at a disadvantage and became covered with wounds.

Shama's expression became quite ugly, and he immediately yelled, "God Emperor Body!"

"Skreeeeee!!" the five colored peacock gave a loud cry and suddenly spread its wings, giving off an intense five-colored divine light and forcing the golden dragons and swords to retreat.

Following this, the gigantic five-colored peacock turned into a five-colored wave of light that entered Shama's body.


A world-destroying power exploded out, causing the surrounding 10,000 meters to collapse and disintegrate. The area around Shama became pitch-black as if he had turned into a black hole.

At that moment, a five-colored divine light burst out of the black hole, and a terrifying figure appeared at the center of the black hole. The figure gave off a majesti, holy aura, and it was wearing five-colored feather clothes. There was a five-colored eye on his forehead, and his body was surrounded by a five-colored glow. There was a two meter long stone staff in his hand, and he looked just like a god.

Zhao Fu looked at Shama and felt quite shocked - Shama's power was now many times more powerful than before, and he was using the Pillars of Ashoka as well.

Shama coldly looked at Zhao Fu and swung his stone staff. A five-colored light shot out, blasting the golden dragons and swords away.

Zhao Fu looked back at Shama and grabbed at the air, causing the five swords to fuse into one and the nine golden dragons to enter the sword, ultimately forming a golden dragon sword. It looked quite like the Sin Dragon Sword, but it was completely golden and was covered with dragon scales.

The sword also gave off a world-destroying aura, and it seemed as if a single trace of sword qi from it could split the world in half. It was now like a peerless god's sword.

As Zhao Fu held the sword, his aura became more powerful until it was not inferior to Shama's at all. The true battle had begun.

Shama took the initiative to attack, turning into a ray of light and rushing before Zhao Fu. He raised the stone staff and swung it at Zhao Fu, while Zhao Fu slashed with his sword in response.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions continuously sounded out in the sky, and the destructive aura made countless people feel incredibly shocked. This completely surpassed a battle between humans, and it was like a battle between gods.

Zhao Fu held an advantage, as China's Clan Armament was stronger than India's Clan Armament, and China also possessed an advantage in terms of Fate. Thus, as they fought, Shama became more and more at a disadvantage.

Shama understood this, so he decided not to continue on like this, instead gathering all of his strength within the five-colored eye on his forehead.

The eye continuously spun within its socket and shot out a five-colored light. Even though it was incredibly beautiful, an aura of destruction and annihilation accompanied it, filling the western side of the Midland Continent. Everyone felt a chill as if they had fallen into an icy cavern. This eye was a forbidden eye.

Zhao Fu could sense the immense danger, and his hairs stood on end as he also felt a chill within his heart.

At that moment, the golden dragon said seriously, "Zhao Fu, give your body to me and let me control it!"

Zhao Fu quickly thought about this before agreeing. Following this, the golden dragon's consciousness entered Zhao Fu's head, and Zhao Fu's eyes had four pupils: a pair of blood-red pupils and a pair of black pupils. Even though there was no change to his power, his aura greatly changed.

Shama unleashed his attack and yelled, "Ashes to Ashes!"

The entire world trembled, as if in terror, and the five-coloured eye stared at Zhao Fu and gave off massive amounts of five-coloured light. Everything around Shama was obliterated, and anything that this eye hit would be completely erased. Even gods would stand no chance.

"Heaven and Earth Slash!" At that moment, Zhao Fu, or rather, the golden dragon, roared and slashed out.

The attack looked just like an ordinary person swinging the sword, and Zhao Fu felt quite surprised, not understanding what was going on.

However, the world soundlessly seemed to have been split in two. The sky and earth were split into two: there was a straight line cutting through the sky, while there was a bottomless gash on the ground that extended for as far as the eye could see.

Shama stared in shock - his body had been completely split in two.