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A massive explosion sounded out as Shama held his long saber diagonally, and an azure flame burst forth from his body. Shama's clothes were blown about by the wind around him, and at that moment, his power greatly increased, making him seem like an invincible expert.

As Zhao Fu held the Sin Dragon Sword, his expression became serious. He first closed his eyes and lightly breathed in before suddenly opening them and exploding out with his City Lord Seal's power and his King's Power.

A wild gale erupted out as a massive amount of black aura streamed out from Zhao Fu's body and filled his surroundings, covering his body. Zhao Fu's body could not be seen within the black aura; only his blood-red eyes shined like two blood-red gems. His aura was also incredibly terrifying, making him seem like a demon god.

"Hahh!!" Shama attacked first, speeding towards Zhao Fu as he slashed out with his saber. A massive azure saber light rushed towards Zhao Fu like a massive gale.


A clanging sound rang out as a massive black crescent slashed out, seeming sharp to the extent that it could cut apart space itself. It flashed out, and even the black aura around Zhao Fu was blown away by that terrifying sword qi.


The black crescent instantly split the azure sword light in half and caused it to explode and dissipate, creating a wild gale. The people below were affected as well, and anyone hit by the wind was split into pieces, creating a bloody scene.


Shama slashed out with his saber again, destroying the incoming black crescent.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu's body blurred and disappeared, arriving above Shama in just an instant. The Sin Dragon Sword gave off a large amount of sword light as Zhao Fu slashed downwards, sending out a massive black sword light that seemed to be able to split apart anything.

Shama' pupils contracted as he gripped his saber with both hands and blocked the strike.


A muffled explosion sounded out as sparks flew everywhere, and Shama's body was blown ten or so meters back before he could steady himself. He looked at Zhao Fu seriously as a trace of blood leaked out from his lips.

"With your current power, it's impossible for you to defeat me. Submit to me or die!" Zhao Fu said with a domineering and mighty tone, shaking anyone's soul who heard him.

Shama's expression became savage as he felt the azure City Lord Seal within his body continuously trembling.


A massive explosion sounded out as the azure flames around Shama exploded, but his body disappeared. He appeared before Zhao Fu the next second and slashed towards Zhao Fu.


A heavy collision sound rang out as Zhao Fu used his Sin Dragon Sword to block, but at that moment, Shama lashed out with his leg, kicking Zhao Fu's abdomen and sending him back seven or eight meters.

"Great Qin's Legatee isn't so great after all!" Shama loudly laughed.

Zhao Fu's expression became cold as he raised the Sin Dragon Sword and pointed it at Shama as countless traces of black water vapor quickly gathered.


The water vapor instantly gathered into a 100 meter long water sword, piercing towards Shama. Shama narrowly dodged, and his sleeve on his arm was torn.

At that moment, Zhao Fu changed the direction of the sword, slashing the water sword horizontally towards Shama. Shama raised his saber and blocked the water sword but was still blasted back by the impact.

Zhao Fu once again swung the water sword, creating an immense sword wind that seemed to cover the heavens and earth, and he ferociously slashed towards Shama.

Shama coldly harrumphed and gripped his saber with both hands as his muscles bulged. His veins could be seen as traces of azure, and a crystalline aura started to rise out of his body before forming a massive, savage-looking bird.

"Skreee!!" Facing the sword wind, the savage-looking bird spread its wings and gave a piercing cry as corporeal soundwaves rippled out and destroyed the sword wind.

Shama's saber shined with light as the savage-looking bird flapped its wings, rushing out like an arrow shot out of a bow and bringing with it a mighty aura as it flew towards Zhao Fu.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu once again slashed out with his water sword, causing the massive bird to shatter into an azure aura. However, the water sword also turned into countless traces of water vapor and also disappeared.

At that moment, Shama suddenly appeared behind Zhao Fu and hacked at Zhao Fu with his saber. However, Zhao Fu seemed to have predicted this and swung backward with his sword, causing a sharp arc of light to slash out.

A look of surprise appeared on Shama's face, and he immediately retreated and used his power to form an azure barrier.


The arc of light flashed past and the azure energy barrier was instantly shattered, and a horizontal gash appeared on Shama's chest. Blood flowed out from the wound, dyeing Shama's clothes red. Luckily, most of the power had been stopped by the barrier, so Shama's wound was not very serious.

"Roarrrr!!" A gigantic dragon's roar rang out. Zhao Fu raised his sword as a massive sword aura rippled out. A water dragon spiraled in the sky, giving off a terrifying aura as the surrounding clouds were all dissipated.

Zhao Fu looked at Shama with his blood-red eyes, and the cold killing intent that he was emitting caused Shama to feel a chill within his heart. Shama was given a big fright and hurriedly put all of his strength into his saber as he prepared to block.

Zhao Fu swung his sword downwards, causing the water dragon in the sky to rush down with immense force and slam into Shama like a bolt of lightning.


In that instant, the water dragon smashed Shama into the ground and caused an enormous explosion. The ground caved in, forming a 100-meter wide crater, and dust filled the air, making it difficult to see.

The massive battle between the two people caused the two armies below to feel quite shocked. None of them thought that the two people would have so much power.

However, seeing Shama being blown into the ground, it was evident that Great Qin's Legatee held the upper hand. This caused the morale of the Chinese side to swell, and the Indian side, seeing their lord Shama seemingly lose, immediately lost a lot of their battle intent.

Zhao Fu stood in the air and looked down at the crater. He knew that things would not be easily finished like this. After all, from the beginning, Shama had only used his City Lord Seal's power.

The dust gradually settled, and Shama coughed up a mouthful of blood and stood up from the ground. He looked at Zhao Fu in the sky and madly laughed as he said, "Great Qin's Legatee, I admit that you're stronger than me, but only in terms of our City Lord Seals. However, victory is mine - it seems that you're unable to use your Nation Armament and Clan Armament. Today, I'm going to trample on Great Qin's name."

Zhao Fu did not reply to Shama and charged down from the sky and attacked.


A shocking explosion rang out in the surrounding thousands of kilometers as a silver pillar of light rushed into the sky and a monstrous power exploded out like a wild gale. The ground slowly collapsed as trees, rocks, and some people were blown into the sky.

The weather changed, and clouds madly gathered, forming a gigantic vortex with the azure pillar of silver light at the center. An oppressive aura covered the entire region, and countless creatures ran in terror.

A 100 meter stone pillar with all sorts of sceneries, people, and animals engraved on it slowly descended from the sky, giving off an immense power.