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 "Great Qin is here!" a person suddenly yelled, and soon, the raucous scene quickly fell quiet. Countless people looked towards where that voice had sounded out from.

They saw a person wearing a black cloak, giving off a prestigious, terrifying, and mysterious aura. He was followed by people wearing hoods, who gaves off icy auras.

The countless people automatically made way and looked over with looks of curiosity, awe, and fear. So these were Great Qin's people - they were so scary. The person walking in front was most likely Great Qin's Legatee.

After personally seeing the renowned Great Qin Legatee, countless people felt excited and scared, but the scene remained quiet. At the center of the ocean of people, there was a building where the large factions' representatives were gathered. After hearing this, they all moved towards where Zhao Fu was.

"I am the Great Han Dynasty's Liu Ye!" Liu Ye brought over a group of people as he walked over to Zhao Fu, smiled, and introduced himself.

Zhao Fu looked at the refined-looking young man in front of him, nodded, and said, "I am Great Qin's Legatee!"

Liu Ye felt a bit awkward after hearing Zhao Fu's simple and mysterious self-introduction. He did not understand why Zhao Fu was still hiding his identity. However, there was a more pressing matter, so Liu Ye did not mind too much.

As for the Great Tang Dynasty and Great Qing Dynasty, they felt quite hesitant after seeing Great Qin's Legatee for themselves. There was some enmity between them, so they did not come up. However, as a Legatee of one of the five Great Dynasties, Liu Ye had some confidence and came to see Great Qin's Legatee, who he was wary of.

The battle would mainly be split into four regions, and many people had gathered here just to show respect to Great Qin's Legatee and would later move to their own regions.

The region that Zhao Fu had come to was the main battle region, where they would face the main Indian army. The 40 million players were all given to Zhao Fu to command.

Following this, Zhao Fu cordially talked with the various leaders, and the leaders' opinions of Zhao Fu somewhat changed. After personally meeting Great Qin's Legatee, they found that he was not as barbaric and ruthless as the rumors made him out to be and seemed quite kind and gentle.

Following this, the battles began, and some of them left. Zhao Fu commanded the main army, and with Great Qin's Legatee's mighty name, none dared to disobey, and they all acted incredibly submissive and loyal.

After all, their confidence this time came from Great Qin; without Great Qin, they would not have much hope at all.

Zhao Fu went to a tall platform and said with a mighty, booming voice, "There's nothing for you all to worry about! China will definitely win this time, so all you have to do is charge. Great Qin does not want any of the spoils of war, and I will instead reward all of them to you. Show these people China's true power and kill them all!"

"Victory for China! Victory for China! Victory for China!"

Countless people excitedly and passionately yelled. Their shouts were deafening, and they could be heard from dozens of kilometers away. Their morale was incredibly high, and they seemed invincible.

Zhao Fu gave a satisfied smile and formally let them out to battle!

The massive ocean of people gave off a terrifying aura and unstoppable momentum as they surged forwards.

Soon, Zhao Fu led the massive ocean of people to where India's defensive wall was. Looking at the 20-meter tall wall made from massive stones, it seemed quite difficult to break through

There were countless people standing on the wall, all of them holding weapons. They looked quite excited and had intense battle intent, showing no fear. It seemed that both sides had great motivation, and neither side's battle intent was weaker.

As the two armies faced off. The atmosphere became quite heavy, and it was as if two wild beasts were roaring at each other.

Zhao Fu stood in the air and looked at the Indian army ahead as he slowly raised his hand and pointed, yelling, "Charge!"


A massive sound burst forth as the massive ocean of Chinese players rushed at the Indian army.

Swish, swish, swish...

The air was continuously torn as countless arrows flew out from the walls and descended, and many Chinese players were killed.

On the Chinese side, many players also started to shoot arrows, and many people on the walls were hit and cried out.

The massive ocean of players quickly rushed to the bottom of wall, and they started to prop up ladders they had prepared and threw up grappling hooks. The Indian players continuously shot out arrows and threw down heavy objects and boiling oil, intensely retaliating.

There were many injuries and casualties on the Chinese side - some fell from a great height while others were killed by being smashed by heavy objects or burned by boiling oil. However, the Chinese side continued to charge, and the scene was incredibly intense. However, both sides started to lose vigor as they suffered many casualties already.

At that moment, a gray fog covered a 20-kilometer portion of the wall. Those within the gray fog were lost within it - Great Qin's Hundred Ghost Illusionists had acted.

Now, Great Qin's 300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists were all at least Stage 2, and some were close to breaking through to Stage 3. Unless the players' cultivations were at Stage 3, they would not be able to break free from the illusion and would be stuck within it.

Now that that portion of the wall had been taken under the Chinese side's control, countless Chinese players gathered over there and started to climb up.

On the other hand, those on the wall did not dare to enter the fog, as anyone who entered was not seen or heard from again.

It looked like this portion of the wall was about to be easily taken over, so Shama couldn't help but act. He unleashed his City Lord Seal, causing a massive aura to ripple out. An azure light shot out resplendently as a massive Sanskrit character rippled out.

The ghostly qi quickly dissipated - ghost-type skills were quite weak against such measures.


A massive black sword light, bringing with it a sharp sword wind, tore through the air and slashed towards Shama. At that moment, Zhao Fu also unleashed the Great Qin Seal's power and attacked Shama.

Facing this terrifying attack, Shama swung his long saber, and an azure saber light also slashed out and collided with the black sword light. Both of them exploded, but the black sword light then turned into countless traces of sword qi and continued onwards towards Shama.

Shama felt quite shocked and stretched out his hand, causing a semi-circular azure barrier to appear in front of him, blocking the countless black sword qi. The Sanskrit character also disappeared, and the ghostly qi once against tarted to spread.

However, Shama had no mind to care about that, and he looked ahead of him seriously. He understood who this person in front of him was - it was Great Qin's Legatee, the person Shama was wary of the most.

If Shama only used his City Lord Seal, he definitely would not be able to defeat Zhao Fu. After all, Zhao Fu had the City Lord Seal of a Great City, which had the additional power from 23 City Lord Seals. On the other hand, Shama only had an Advanced City Lord Seal, so he would not be able to rival Zhao Fu's power.

However, Shama was not afraid, as he had a Nation Armament and Clan Armament as well. He wanted to personally see just how powerful Great Qin's legendary Legatee was!