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 The various Dynasty Legatees were all very supportive of this, as India had humiliated all of China, but despite trying, they were unable to do anything.

They all understood that they were inferior to Great Qin's Legatee. Many of the difficulties they faced could be easily resolved by Great Qin.

After receiving the message passed on by Zhao Fu from Nü Lü, the Ancient Clans felt incredibly relieved.

With Nü Lü's looks, the people from the Ancient Clans thought that Nü Lü would simply be used for her body, making them feel incredibly pained. However, they could not ask for her back, as she had gone voluntarily.

However, hearing that Nü Lü was doing well, as well as that Great Qin was willing to deal with India, the Ancient Clans understood that Nü Lü had achieved her goal in changing Great Qin for the better. This was something all of the Ancient Clans wanted.

Even the elderly woman who had been opposed to this smiled in relief and supported Nü Lü's actions.

The only person who was still against this was Xuanyuan Xiu. He still had not heard about this, as he had been in the Heaven Awaken World this entire time, pursuing even greater strength. As the descendant of the Xuanyuan family, he had an incredibly powerful Legacy.

The Schools of Thought were also quite happy about the change in Great Qin. From how they saw it, what Great Qin was doing was quite unnecessary, as it was in a completely different part of the Midland Continent and had just recovered. They would not ask this of Great Qin, but Great Qin had voluntarily stepped up.

With the support of many sides, Zhao Fu smiled, as the first step of his plan was successful. After receiving the information on Shama's family, the second step of his plan was also complete.

Zhao Fu returned to the Heaven Awaken World and started to carry out the next steps. He first modified the door to the outside world. With how powerful it was, not only could it connect worlds, but it could also connect to other regions.

While it could only transport one person at a time, it could continuously transport people, so Zhao Fu planned to bring 50,000 Assassins.

The door could transport 12 people every minute, which was 120 people every ten minutes and 720 people per hour. As such, it could transport roughly 17,000 people per day, so it would take around two to three days of continuous transporting for Zhao Fu and the 50,000 Assassins to reach the western region of the Midland Continent.

Zhao Fu understood that this operation would be quite dangerous, so he had the 50,000 Great Qin Assassins all bring Talisman Equipment. The equipment was all made from Blue grade materials and Blue grade Talisman Stones, and it could rival ordinary Gold grade equipment.

Because of the Assassins' profession, they were not suited for wearing the normal Talisman Armor, so the armor was changed to light and flexible inner armor.

Most of the 50,000 Assassins were at Stage 1, and some were even at Stage 2. Zhao Fu also brought the 12 Assassin Legatees and gave them various tasks. He also brought with him the Hundred Ghost Illusionists.

As for everyone else, Zhao Fu left them in Great Qin and handed command to Bai Qi. He also had the main Great Qin army continue to clear out East Green.

After making preparations, Zhao Fu led the 50,000 people to the west of the Midland Continent.

It was impossible for India not to know about something so big. After hearing that Great Qin was getting involved, Shama and the various Indian factions had grave expressions.

This was because with Great Qin joining, the battles would become much more difficult. If this was a game, it would rise to Nightmare mode. Everyone acknowledged how terrifying Great Qin was, and no one doubted this.

The only thing to feel relieved over was that Great Qin had not completely recovered yet, and Great Qin and Great Qin's Legatee were still relatively weak, which made them feel much better. If it was Great Qin at its peak, they would not even dare to have a direct battle.

They would not lose for sure, and they even had some chances at success. If they could really defeat Great Qin, India's Fate, morale, and reputation would all be greatly boosted. No one would think that India was weaker than China, and they would believe that India was stronger than China and that India was the most powerful nation in the world.

Moreover, if they defeated Great Qin, they would not have to worry about the rest of China. They would be able to invade once again, and this would be a complete invasion without any worries. After all, after getting rid of Great Qin, there would be nothing standing in their way.

Shama would take Great Qin's Legatee's place and stand at the peak of the world, proudly looking down, and all people would have to submit.

Shama discussed with India's various large factions as to whether or not they should gather more people. They could only succeed, and failing was not an option. They had to spread chaos throughout China and step on that prideful nation, using it to boost India to the peak of the world.

On the Chinese side, they also quickly gathered people, and many Schools and Sects madly joined. Now that Great Qin had decided to help, they were filled with excitement and confidence.

The ordinary people reacted even more greatly. They loudly yelled in excitement, as not only were there immense rewards, but they also all believed that with Great Qin in the lead, they would be able to break through India's defenses and chase out all of the Indian players from the Chinese territory and vent out their anger.

Indian players and Chinese players continuously gathered, and the tension gradually built. Looking down from above, one would be able to see two masses of people that spread as far as the eye could see.

This was a battle between two countries and two peoples, and this would definitely shock the whole world and be told for thousands of years.

The entire world paid a great deal of attention to this battle. Whether it was Tina Pendragon or Akhenaten, all eyes were focused here.

Everyone knew that this battle would determine the fate of the Midland Continent, and it could even affect the entire world. After all, China and India combined had a quarter of the world's total population, and they could definitely affect the situation of the entire world.

If China won this battle, China's position would be unshakeable. If India won, India would take China's place.

However, even disregarding all of this, the intense battle between these two large nations was enough to make people incredibly excited.

After nearly three days, Zhao Fu finally transported all 50,000 people over. He then gave the 12 Assassin Legatees some tasks and had them carry them out secretly.

Following this, Zhao Fu led the 50,000 Assassins to where the Chinese camp was.

By now, there were roughly 40 million people gathered, and they were not only from the various factions but from many Schools and Sects as well. The noise was deafening, and everyone looked around as if everyone was waiting for a single person.