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 "Stronger than Great Qin? Won't they be a great threat to China in the future?" Nü Lü asked worriedly.

Zhao Fu nodded and replied, "That's for sure. After all, India's population is not much inferior to China's, and their Legacies are not weaker either. Moreover, because India's territory is not as big as China's, the number of players they have in each region is much denser, so it is easier for them to gather together.

"As such, they have an advantage in both invading and defending, and they will be China's greatest threat in the Midland Continent. Even Russia is many times weaker than them."

"Do you have any way of stopping them, lord husband?" Hearing the most powerful person in China say this, Nü Lü started to feel quite worried about China's future.

Zhao Fu had also thought about this, and he lightly laughed before asking, "What do you think?"

Nü Lü thought before kissing Zhao Fu on the cheek and embarrassedly smiled. She then said, "I believe that lord husband is the strongest!"

Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile. He looked at the woman in front of him and kissed her on lips before somewhat clumsily stretching his tongue into her mouth. Nü Lü shyly reciprocated, and their tongues danced together as their body temperatures rose. A lovey-dovey aura appeared around them.

At that moment, Zhao Fu stretched out his hands to Nü Lü's chest. He knew that her breasts were quite big, but after touching them, he found that they were incredibly big, and they were even bigger than Long Xiaoxiao's.

A while later, Zhao Fu stopped kissing Nü Lü, but he did not move his hands as he looked at Nü Lü's red face and lightly chuckled.

Nü Lü embarrassedly clung onto Zhao Fu and buried her head in his chest as she asked in a small voice, "Lord husband, do you want to do it? I've... prepared myself."

Zhao Fu smiled as he started to take off Nü Lü's clothes and looked at her white skin and incredibly alluring figure.

"Do you like her?" A voice suddenly sounded out in his mind - it was the golden dragon.

Zhao Fu briefly paused, and he started to feel quite conflicted. He didn't know how to answer the golden dragon, as he was not sure how he felt towards Nü Lü right now.

"What is it, lord husband?" Seeing that Zhao Fu had stopped, Nü Lü looked up and asked shyly.

Zhao Fu smiled and shook his head, but he did not continue.

Nü Lü's face became incredibly red, and she lightly bit her lips as she took off her clothes, revealing her incredible body and enormous breasts. She then kissed Zhao Fu's lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth.

"Then just do it! I know what you're thinking!" the golden dragon calmly said within Zhao Fu's mind.

However, Zhao Fu gently pushed Nü Lü away and helped her put on her clothes again. Nü Lü felt quite surprised and could not understand why Zhao Fu had done this.

"Do you really know?" Zhao Fu said calmly out loud but to the golden dragon.

Nü Lü looked quite confused and could not understand. Seeing her expression, Zhao Fu explained about the golden dragon, causing Nü Lü to lightly cry out, and she once again buried her head in Zhao Fu's chest.

The golden dragon asked in surprise, "Aren't you going to continue? You don't need to worry about me; I'm actually a female as well. I know what you're thinking. She reminds you of your mo-."

"Enough! What do you want? And are there really male and female Fate Dragons?" Zhao Fu cut the golden dragon off.

"I can't clearly explain my situation, but what I wanted to ask was whether you wanted to control India's Nation Armaments and Clan Armament," the golden dragon said.

After hearing this, Zhao Fu wondered if he had heard the golden dragon incorrectly, and he asked to confirm, "Are you saying that I can control other countries' Nation Armaments and Clan Armaments?"

"Of course! Why would I mention it otherwise?" the golden dragon said as it rolled its eyes.

Zhao Fu felt quite shocked because this sounded simply impossible. Nation Armaments were incredibly important to countries, and they were part of their foundation. Only the Legatee of a Dynasty, Nation, or State could have one, and other people would not even be able to touch them, or they would be killed by the backlash.

As such, Zhao Fu had felt incredibly shocked when he heard the golden dragon's words.

"What sort of method is that?" Zhao Fu asked after calming himself down.

The golden replied, "It's a bit troublesome, and you'll need to make some preparations. If it wasn't because I thought India was quite a big threat and that it was better to get rid of it earlier, I wouldn't tell you this method."

Zhao Fu nodded seriously. If he really could obtain their Nation Armaments, it would be understandable for it to be troublesome.

The golden dragon explained, "Zhao Fu, you have that Emperor Phoenix Statue, right? Catch all of the women a part of the royal family with Phoenix Qi, as many as possible, and use their Phoenix Qi to weaken the Nation Armaments' resistance. Then, use the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation to do a Great World Refinement and forcefully refine the Nation Armaments.

"If you want to also use their Nation Armaments, you'll have to capture at least 100,000 of their people - the more the better - and after taking their Fate, you'll be able to use their country's Nation Armaments.

"If you want to use their Clan Armament, it will be even more troublesome. You'll have to capture almost all of the women with Phoenix Qi from their country and use their Phoenix Qi to weaken the Clan Armament's resistance.

"If that's enough, you'll have to heavily wound their country and cause the Clan Armament to grow weaker; that way, it will be easier for you to deal with the Clan Armament.

"Afterward, you'll need to use the Great World Refinement to forcefully refine it and catch at least one million of their people, have them submit to you, and take their Fate."

After hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked - if this was true, wouldn't he be able to steal all Nation Armaments?

A single Nation Armament was already incredibly terrifying, and if he could wield countless Nation Armaments, wouldn't he be invincible? That was simply monstrous.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel excited and asked, "Is this really possible? Also, what is the Great World Refinement?"

The golden dragon felt quite annoyed as it replied, "Of course it's possible. Back then, the Heaven Murder Empire had countless Nation Armaments. We didn't have the Emperor Phoenix Statue though, so it was even more troublesome. The Great World Refinement is a refinement technique created from ten people who have a large amount of Fate and are extremely powerful. They can use the Heaven and Earth Fate to conduct a refinement."

After hearing the golden dragon's explanation, Zhao Fu understood. However, the fact that the powerful Heaven Murder Empire had been destroyed by someone else was quite shocking.

Zhao Fu decided to stop thinking about this, and now that he had this sort of method, he had a reason to make a move against India.

However, Zhao Fu would not be able to fight Shama for now, as he had a Nation Armament, a Clan Armament, and a massive amount of Fate from his invasion. Zhao Fu did not have as much Fate, so he had to think of another way.