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 After arriving at the place, Zhao Fu saw that many of the branches had withered and looked dead. However, there were a few of them that looked full of life, and they had started to take root in the soil, making their leaves look greener.

Zhao Fu took a look and found that 70 or so of the branches had died, while around 30 had survived. This was already quite good - 30 Trees of Life was equivalent to three million gold coins.

Moreover, these were branches cut off for free, and with how lush the original Tree of Life was, he would be able to cut 100 branches every month without any problems. Great Qin's plan to develop a large number of Divine Tree Warriors was coming into fruition.

However, these branches needed some time to grow, and only after they became actual trees would they be able to develop Divine Tree Warriors. Now that Great Qin had Water of Life, they could speed up their growth.

Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied with these results. Zhao Fu planned to go to the outside world again, mainly to buy more Talisman Stones.

He had bought 700,000 White grade Talisman Stones last time, and with the 100,000 they already had, they had roughly 800,000 White grade Talisman Stones. Great Qin's army now had 1.8 million soldiers, and because the number was continuously rising, they had to meet this demand.

Moreover, Zhao Fu also wanted to create Talisman Defenses. Now that they had powerful attack equipment, if they could also have powerful defenses, Great Qin's battle power would become many times more powerful, so they greatly lacked Talisman Stones.

Moreover, Great Qin also needed a large number of Stage 1 corpses. After increasing their army size, they only had 150,000 corpses left.

After continuously clearing out East Green, Great Qin's overall population continuously rose, as did their army size. 150,000 corpses definitely wouldn't be enough, and because Great Qin's main task was to clear out the surrounding regions for now, they would not attack any other regions, so obtaining Stage 1 corpses would be difficult.

It was possible that the outside world would be able to provide a large number of Stage 1 corpses, as essentially all of their corpses were at least at Stage 1, and Great Qin even had Stage 2 and Stage 3 soldiers. If Zhao Fu could obtain their corpses, Great Qin's strength would once again increase.

Those were Zhao Fu's two main goals. After doing some preparations, Zhao Fu once again stepped through the door to the outside world and left the Legacy Land.

Because he now had a map, Zhao Fu did not need to randomly fly about, and he instead flew directly towards the Kirsh Kingdom. Before he had left last time, he had asked the Swan Goose Group to obtain more Talisman Stones for him, and with their abilities, they most likely would have prepared quite a lot.

Zhao Fu once again went to the shop's private room, and Roxi was the one receiving him once again.

"Dear guest, we've prepared the Talisman Stones you wanted. Almost half of the Talisman Stones in the Kirsh Kingdom are here," Roxi said as she smiled.

Zhao Fu nodded and asked, "How many do you have?"

Roxi explained, "There are 1.5 million White grade Talisman Stones, 200,000 Blue grade ones, 20,000 Silver grade ones, and 500 Gold grade ones, totaling six million gold coins. With your VIP card, dear guest can receive a 20% discount."

Zhao Fu was quite shocked to hear that the Swan Goose Group had been able to obtain so many Talisman Stones; this far exceeded what Zhao Fu had expected. The overall price was quite expensive, and even with the 20% discount, it was still more than five million gold coins.

Spending so much money made Zhao Fu feel an ache within his heart, but Great Qin greatly lacked these resources, so he had to buy them no matter how expensive they were. Zhao Fu had prepared a spatial ring, and he put all of the money in there and handed it to Roxi.

Roxi received the spatial ring and looked within it, and she revealed a brilliant smile before giving him a spatial ring with the Talisman Stones inside.

Zhao Fu took over the spatial ring and also took a rough look, and he found that there were not any problems.

"Dear guest, this is the Swan Goose Group's Sovereign Card; it will give you a 30% discount on everything we sell," Roxi said as she handed over a three-colored card.

Zhao Fu had spent over ten million gold coins at their store, and that was a massive fortune that ordinary people could not even imagine. It only made sense to give such a person a Sovereign Card. After making these transactions with Zhao Fu, her position in the Group became much higher.

Zhao Fu received the card and hesitated before saying, "Manager Roxi, there's something else that I want; I'm not sure if your Group will be able to obtain it."

Roxi felt quite delighted; she had not expected Zhao Fu to want other things. She started to become curious as to Zhao Fu's identity: there were less than five factions that could casually spend ten million gold coins, and with so much money, she could guess just how prestigious Zhao Fu's identity was.

"Dear guest, as long as you have the money, we can obtain anything for you!" Roxi said as she grinned.

Zhao Fu felt much more at ease because he did not know where he could obtain corpses. The Swan Goose Group was one of the largest financial groups in the Kirsh Kingdom, so perhaps they had their ways. As such, he did not hesitate anymore and asked, "I need a large number of Stage 1 and above corpses!"

Roxi felt quite startled; she hadn't expected Zhao Fu to ask for corpses. Ordinarily, corpses did not have much use and were simply buried.

Many people used Incantations of Rest in the Heaven Awaken World, which made it so that after death, people would not become Undead and their bodies would rest.

The Death Race was a special race in that any creature that died and became an Undead would become part of the Death Race. In order to prevent this, most people in the Heaven Awaken World used Incantations of Rest.

Roxi hesitated and did not immediately agree - after all, selling corpses seemed quite taboo.

After thinking for a moment, Roxi earnestly asked Zhao Fu, "Dear guest, do you really need a large number of corpses?"

Hearing that there was hope, Zhao Fu felt quite happy and nodded.

"I can't make a decision on this; I have to report this to the higher-ups in the group. Dear guest, can you wait for a short while?" Roxi said apologetically.

Zhao Fu understood how difficult this matter was, so he agreed.

Following this, Roxi left, and a female attendant came in with some desserts and tea.

Half an hour later, Roxi returned and smiled as she said, "Dear guest, the Group agrees to this transaction and will help you collect corpses. However, it will be a bit expensive: Stage 1 corpses will cost 20 gold coins, Stage 2 corpses will cost 100 gold coins, and Stage 3 corpses will cost 500 gold coins."

Roxi felt a bit nervous because corpses were essentially useless, and selling one for 20 gold coins was already incredibly expensive. After all, 20 gold coins would be enough for an ordinary family to live on for many years.

On the other hand, Zhao Fu was speechless with excitement. 20 gold coins for a Stage 1 corpse was an incredibly good deal, and hearing that they could even provide Stage 2 and Stage 3 corpses, Zhao Fu felt even more excited. After all, with those Stage 2 and Stage 3 corpses, Great Qin could nurture Stage 2 and Stage 3 soldiers.