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 After hearing Nü Lü's words, Zhao Fu nodded and asked, "You still haven't left?"

Nü Lü shook her head and smiled as she said, "Lord husband, you've read for an entire day now, and it's night time. I just left for a short while and made some food. I hope it suits your tastes."

Zhao Fu looked beside him and saw a table covered with dishes. Zhao Fu had not expected Nü Lü to treat him so well, and he looked up at her.

Facing Zhao Fu's gaze, Nü Lü's face became slightly red and asked, "What is it, lord husband?"

Zhao Fu couldn't help but ask, "Why are you treating me so well? There's no need for you to do so. I know I'm not that charming for you to instantly like me. You only joined Great Qin to stop the shift in Fate, right?"

Nü Lü lightly laughed and replied, "So that's what was on your mind! Now that you're my man, I'll be with you forever, so of course I have to treat you well!"

Zhao Fu didn't know how to reply to her, and he hadn't thought about his entire life yet. He suddenly fell silent.

"Lord husband, your food's getting cold!" Nü Lü smiled as she reminded Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu came back to his senses and nodded. He put the book aside and went to the table, picking up the bowl and chopsticks. He tried some of Nü Lü's food and found that it was quite good.

Nü Lü looked at the book that Zhao Fu had been reading and found that it was a special script. It was not a foreign language or an Outlander language.

"Lord husband, what is this book?" Nü Lü asked in curiosity.

Zhao Fu did not bother hiding anything and told her about the outside world. Hearing this, Nü Lü's face became pale - she had never thought that there would be such a great danger in the future.

"Can't lord husband tell the rest of the world about this so that all of humanity can make preparations?" Nü Lü sat down beside Zhao Fu and asked with an expression of worry.

Zhao Fu looked at her and replied, "That's not possible. If the whole world found out, the Heaven Domain Boundary would be closed ahead of time. If that happens, all of humanity will be destroyed. The Heaven Awaken World develops powerful people, and only the powerful will survive. In the future, humanity will not only have to face the Grassi people but the real Heaven Awaken World.

After hearing Zhao Fu's explanation, Nü Lü understood and felt quite happy that she had been able to join Great Qin. Otherwise, she would not have been able to know about such things.

At the same time, she understood Great Qin's various decisions - all of it was to defend against the enemies in the future, and as the ruler of Great Qin, Zhao Fu had many things to take into consideration. Nü Lü suddenly felt that Zhao Fu was quite charming, and her gaze towards Zhao Fu became more interested.

Zhao Fu felt quite uncomfortable being looked at like this, and he asked, "Aren't you going to eat?"

Nü Lü came back to her senses and smiled as she picked up her bowl and chopsticks and also started to eat. She did not ask about anything else big, and she instead just chatted with Zhao Fu about whether or not he liked the food and what he liked to eat.

After eating, Zhao Fu returned to reading while Nü Lü stayed by Zhao Fu's side. She occasionally made some tea and brought it to Zhao Fu, and she sometimes did some embroidering.

The next day, Zhao Fu received news that the advanced Talisman Equipment had been made. This caused him to grin, as he had been looking forward to this. The previous night, Zhao Fu had people take Nü Lü back to her own room. His closed heart was slightly touched, making him feel a bit uncomfortable.

Nü Lü did not come over today - she could understand Zhao Fu's personality and could tell that Zhao Fu's heart had not fully accepted her. This would take some time, so she did not cling to Zhao Fu.

However, her relationship with Zhao Fu had already far surpassed his relationship with any of the other women, and Nü Lü was already quite satisfied with this.

Zhao Fu went to where Shi Qianhuo was, and Shi Qianhuo handed to him a sword. This sword was made from Gold grade materials and a Gold grade Talisman Stone.

This sword was different to ordinary Talisman Equipment in that its blade was covered with runes and the body of the sword was black. The sword was one meter long, and the place where the blade and hilt connected had a gold rune giving off a faint golden light. The sword gave off a powerful, mysterious aura.


Zhao Fu sent his cultivation power into the sword, and the sword immediately devoured Zhao Fu's power, giving off a clear sword hum. The runes on the blade lit up as a sharp sword wind rushed out. Standing by the side, Shi Qianhuo felt as if the sword qi was going to tear open his skin, and he quickly retreated.

This sword's power was incredibly shocking, and Zhao Fu casually waved his hand, causing a sword light to flash out, drawing out a ten or so meter long sword gash on the ground.

This sword could rival a trash Epic grade weapon, but it required a lot of cultivation power, and only people with at least Stage 3 Cultivation would be able to use it.

This was simply too shocking - even trash Epic grade equipment was superior to Legendary grade equipment and had a mighty amount of power.

However, this sword's stats only had the stats of a Gold grade equipment and did not give as much as an actual Epic grade equipment. However, its power was enough.

Zhao Fu started to feel quite excited - this was a Talisman Equipment that was made from Gold grade materials and a Gold grade Talisman Stone, and it could rival an Epic grade equipment. Zhao Fu had bought 50 Gold grade Talisman Stones, so that meant they would be able to create 50 advanced Talisman pieces of equipment.

Those would be equivalent to 50 Epic grade pieces of equipment, and if his soldiers held Epic grade equipment, they would be completely unstoppable.

How could Zhao Fu not feel excited? The Kirsh Kingdom definitely would not have such things. If they could create a large number of Talisman Equipment, Great Qin would be able to stop any invasion.

However, it was a pity that this advanced Talisman equipment could only be used by people at Stage 3 or above.

However, Talisman Equipment made from Silver grade materials and a Silver grade Talisman Stone would rival a trash Legendary grade equipment.

Zhao Fu thought about it and tired out a Silver Talisman Equipment, and he found that it really could rival a Legendary grade equipment but required at least Stage 2 Cultivation.

Zhao Fu had bought 4,000 or so Silver grade Talisman Stones, so if they were all made into Talisman Equipment, Great Qin would gain the equivalent of 4,000 Legendary grade equipment. This was simply too exciting, and Great Qin would be invincible within this Legacy Land.

However, Great Qin only had a mine for Blue grade materials, Bronze Concentrate, and they still had not found a mine for Silver or Gold grade materials. As such, they could only obtain them by buying them, but this was limited.

It seemed that Great Qin would have to find Silver grade and Gold grade mines in the future - only then would they be able to mass-produce powerful Talisman Equipment.

It was a pity that these mines were extremely rare. After all, Silver grade and Gold grade materials were quite valuable, and they could only wait to see if they could find some by chance in the future.

Afterward, Zhao Fu went to the place where he had planted the Trees of Life. It had been a few days, and he wanted to see how many had started to grow.