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 The foreign countries' maddened attacks caused China's situation to become quite unfavorable. China bore immense pressure in the north, south, and east, while the western side completely collapsed as 30 million Indian players gathered together and attacked.

The other smaller countries also vigorously attacked and no longer chose to defend. This caused all of China to fall into a crisis. It looked like China was going to be unable to stop their onslaught; after all, China had to face 21 countries.

Within an elegant room in the Ancient Clans' territory, an incredibly beautiful woman was kneeling on the ground. She had a tall, slim figure; snowy-white skin; and a pair of large breasts. She was perfect in every regard and gave off a kind, motherly aura.

She was Nü Lü, Nü Wa's descendant, and the number one ranked woman on the Ancient Beauty Rankings.

"Elder, please agree to my request," Nü Lü said resolutely as she knelt on the ground.

In front of her, an elderly woman sighed as she said, "Do you have to do this? You've always been with your big brother Xuanyuan since you were young and always said that you wanted to marry him. To all of us old people, you're a perfect pair, so are you really willing to give that up and marry someone else?"

Nü Lü earnestly nodded - she had already made her decision.

The elderly woman in front of her couldn't help but try to persuade her, saying, "You have to understand that that person is not a good person. Not only is he cruel, but he's also violent and licentious. He already has many women there, and he will probably have more in the future. Do you know that you're jumping into a pit of fire?"

Nü Lü still determinedly nodded, saying, "Elder, I've already prepared myself. Not only will this be able to stop the shift in Fate, but if I stay by his side, I will be able to gradually change him. Perhaps this will save countless people's lives.

"As the King with the most potential in the world, this will not only affect all of China but also the whole world. I'm sure what I'm doing will be worth it!"

Seeing that there was no way she could change Nü Lü's mind, the elderly woman could only agree.

In the Ying family's residence, Zhao Fu was forcefully woken up. He felt quite displeased and asked, "What is it?"

The bodyguard quickly explained to him the situation, and Zhao Fu soon went to a guest hall. By now, Qiu Fengzi and woman were waiting there.

Zhao Fu looked at the woman and felt quite startled - as expected from the number one woman on the Ancient Beauty Rankings. She was indescribably beautiful and superior to even Wu Qingniang.

"What is it?" Zhao Fu asked.

Nü Lü faintly smiled and did not hide anything as she said, "I want to marry your Legatee and end this shift in Fate. You most likely need a large amount of Phoenix Qi, right? I have Phoenix Qi, and Great Qin is unable to reject me!"

Zhao Fu frowned - it was possible that the Phoenix Qi matter had been exposed. After all, the women that Great Qin caught all had Phoenix Qi, so it would not be too difficult to work this out.

Moreover, this woman was a bit too self-confident - did she really think her Phoenix Qi would be able to resolve all of this?

At the very least, her Phoenix Qi had to be able to heal all of his injuries. Great Qin's Fate had more or less recovered after unifying another region and killing a godly spirit.

Zhao Fu knew that an immense amount of Phoenix would be able to fully heal his injuries, so he felt that Nü Lü's words were a bit too overconfident.

As such, Zhao Fu wanted to directly refuse and have her return.

Qiu Fengzi could tell what Zhao Fu was thinking, so he immediately walked over to Zhao Fu's side and spoke a few words into his ear. Zhao Fu's expression immediately became one of shock - he had never expected the amount of Phoenix Qi she possessed to be so immense - it was more than a hundred times what Gao Li had. In fact, many Dynasty Legatees had pursued her before.

As Nü Wa's descendant, Nü Lü had a large amount of Phoenix Qi and was definitely the woman in China who had the most. If Zhao Fu was able to obtain her Phoenix Qi, perhaps he really would be able to be fully healed.

However, Zhao Fu still said, "Sorry, I refuse!"

Qiu Fengzi and Nü Lü both felt quite surprised, but Zhao Fu understood the current situation. He felt that it was too soon to end the shift in Fate, as this was a good chance to weaken the other factions in China as well as the foreign factions. Only after both sides had sustained great losses would it be good to end it.

Zhao Fu had decided not to deliberately slow down or increase Great Qin's growth; rather, he would keep a steady pace. However, if Nü Lü really was able to fully heal him, it would be too quick.

If the shift in Fate ended, everyone's target would once again be Great Qin, and they would ally together to deal with Great Qin. Even though Great Qin was not afraid of them, it was still quite annoying.

As such, Zhao Fu decided to refuse.

Nü Lü thought about it and immediately guessed Zhao Fu's reason for refusing, so she lightly smiled and said, "Don't worry. The various Dynasty Legatees are willing to negotiate for peace with Great Qin. They promise not to harm Great Qin within three years, but Great Qin must also not harm them. Furthermore, they won't care about the northern side of the Midland Continent!"

As the pillar of China's Fate, if Zhao Fu fell, everyone else would be heavily injured as well, and they could even perish. As such, Great Qin became an object that could not be harmed, so the Dynasty Legatees were forced to compromise.

This made Zhao Fu quite interested because the true threat was outside and not them. He did not have any time or energy to waste dealing with them.

Seeing this, Nü Lü smiled and said, "I trust that you realize that Great Qin is China's pillar. If Great Qin falls, everyone else will be affected as well. However, if much of China is conquered, China's Fate will be greatly reduced, and Great Qin will once again suffer a Fate backlash, making Great Qin the greatest loser."

Zhao Fu sighed - this was something that he had been worried about as well, and the other factions knew about this too.

In the end, Zhao Fu could only agree, and Nü Lü smiled.

Following this, Zhao Fu returned to the Heaven Awaken World and headed to the boundary region with Vietnam. Nü Lü also headed there with a Top-tier Boundary medallion.

After meeting with Nü Lü in the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu gave her a Reality Fruit. Zhao Fu did not trust this woman, so he wanted to take her into the Heaven Awaken World as soon as possible and have her fully within his control.

Nü Lü took the Reality Fruit and looked at it, and she understood that this was the method that Great Qin used to bring people into the Heaven Awaken World. She had long since made her decision, so she did not hesitate to eat it, and her real body entered the Heaven Awaken World.

Zhao Fu looked at the woman in surprise. He could not understand why she would give herself up - could it really be to save the world?

Zhao Fu could not do something like that, but if it was for Great Qin, he would give everything he had, including his life. Zhao Fu did not know how long Great Qin's path was, but he knew that he would die one day. However, there would be people to take his place and continue to lead Great Qin onwards.

"Let's go!" Zhao Fu said. Now that Nü Lü was fully within his control, he felt much more at ease.

Nü Lü followed behind Zhao Fu, and after seeing just how prosperous and powerful Great Qin was, she couldn't help but feel shocked.

After arriving at the Meeting Hall, Nü Lü looked at the people gathered, who all had extraordinary auras. She understood that she was going to meet Great Qin's legendary Legatee and felt quite nervous.

After following Zhao Fu in, Nü Lü stopped in front of where the main seat was. Seeing that it was empty, she thought that Great Qin's Legatee had not arrived yet and that they would have to wait.

However, she saw Zhao Fu continue walking before sitting on the chair, and everyone paid their respects before calling out, "Your Majesty!"

Immediately, Nü Lü stared at Zhao Fu, feeling dumbfounded.