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 Most of the Grassi warhorses were a type of horse called the Azure Scale Horses, and they were roughly as big as normal horses but had azure-colored scales. They had Stage 1 strength.

In the outside world, Stage 1 warhorses were the lowest strength warhorses, as all soldiers were essentially at least Stage 1, and only after reaching Stage 1 would they be qualified to stand in the Heaven Awaken World. Otherwise, one would not even have the right to enter.

Now, it was time to kill another godly spirit.

Ordinarily, godly spirits would only descend if there was a sacrifice, and this was true for this beast god as well. Because they had already killed a god before, they had almost everything prepared. This time, Zhao Fu did not need the ordinary soldiers to participate - just him and the 23 City Lords were enough.

They first made the sacrifice, and just like last time, they used tens of thousands of animals and many people who were unwilling to surrender and tied them to wooden poles.

A priest loudly chanted on the altar, causing a massive, formless energy to ripple out from the altar. The people and animals bound to the wooden poles felt a sense of coldness and an immense sense of fear as they all started to struggle and scream.

However, all of their struggling and screaming was useless - their bodies quickly withered, and their screams gradually died down.

The scene was quite terrifying, and the panicked screams could cause one's hairs to stand on end.

Streams of blood-red qi gathered in the air, giving off a massive might. The priest loudly and sincerely shouted, "Glorious beast god Dokohl, your sincerest believer, Kasi, has offered 10,000 creatures to humbly request you to descend."


A gigantic explosion rang out as the blood-red qi in the air continuously writhed before forming an enormous vortex. An incredibly powerful and barbaric aura suddenly descended, filling the entire underground region, and the atmosphere became quite oppressive.

The countless bound people and animals gave one final cry before they all died, and their souls and fleshly essence were absorbed by the vortex.

A horse giving off a white divine light appeared at the centre of the vortex. It looked incredibly elegant and said in a proud voice, "Humble believer, why have you summoned Us?"

Zhao Fu looked at Dokohl and did not react much. He only felt curious as to whether all godly spirits were this proud.

No one answered him, because after the summoning was complete, the priest quickly left. As Dokohl's priest, he would be under Dokohl's control, and because Zhao Fu currently had nothing that could get rid of professions, he had the priest leave first.

The scene was quite awkward, because after Dokohl spoke, the area fell completely silent. Dokohl looked at the 20 or so people in front of it and felt that they were not its followers, making it feel that something was off. However, as a godly spirit, how could it be scared into retreating so easily?

Facing these 20 or so people, Dokohl did not put them in its eyes at all - that was the confidence it had as a godly spirit. How could it fear mere humans? Moreover, most of them only had Stage 3 cultivation.

"You'd best all kneel and worship Us and beg Us to forgive you, or We will make you taste the fury of a god." Dokohl felt quite angry and gave off a powerful might.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and gave the order to attack. The City Lords unleashed their City Lord Seals, and by now, Zhao Fu's King's Crown was Gold grade. It was incredibly sensitive to the aura of godly spirits and King's Aura, and sensing Dokohl above, it trembled excitedly.

Dokohl's expression immediately changed - it had never expected them all to be City Lords. By now, it was able to confirm that this was a trap, and it did not have much confidence against 20 or so City Lords.

However, it was just losing a clone, so Dokohl did not want to leave. Instead, he wanted these people to taste its wrath.

What it didn't know was that even if it wanted to run, it would not be able to, as the underground region was filled with restrictive barriers and a barrier from the golden dragon in order to prevent the demon god Kerr from descending as well. Moreover, the barriers were able to weaken Dokohl as well.

The battle quickly exploded, and both sides unleashed their full power. Terrifying shockwaves rippled out, turning into gusts of wild wind, which would be able to cause any outsiders' hearts to tremble.

However, the situation was more favored towards Great Qin. Dokohl was not very strong, and it was even weaker than the demon god Kerr. It was one of the weakest godly spirits, and because of the barriers, it was unable to draw more power from its true body. As such, it was easily suppressed by the various City Lords.

"Roarrr!!" Dokohl furiously roared and exploded out with a large amount of white light and vehemently counterattacked. It felt quite humiliated after being suppressed by this group of people and just wanted to kill everyone present.

Clang, clang, clang...

Countless chains shot out from the air and bound up Dokohl, who was about to go berserk. Zhao Fu had acted, but his power was still limited. He was unable to use his Nation Armament, so the others also helped out.

The City Lords grabbed onto the chains and sent their power into the chains, causing them to become even more powerful. They gave off various lights and tightly bound Dokohl, after which everyone dragged Dokohl towards the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation.

Dokohl desperately retaliated in humiliation and loudly roared that it wanted to kill everyone and make them die horrible deaths. However, he was still dragged onto the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation in the end.


1,000 energy stones on the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation immediately turned to dust as a formless energy grabbed Dokohl's body. At that moment, Dokohl felt a sense of crisis and started to struggle with everything it had. The City Lords gritted their teeth, vigorously pulling on the chains and causing them to go taut, not giving Dokohl an opportunity to escape.

Dokohl's body was covered by that formless energy, and its flesh started to be ripped away, causing it to howl in pain.

Zhao Fu saw that the thousand energy stones were not enough - before, they had been enough to refine a dead godly spirit, but directly refining a living one would take more energy, so Zhao Fu added another 1,000 energy stones.

Those energy stones were once again instantly disintegrated, and an even more powerful energy grasped Dokohl. This energy caused Dokohl to give his final scream before its body collapsed into countless motes of light.

A small, white tongue of flame as big as a fingernail appeared - that was Dokhol's Divinity, and it was much smaller than demon god Kerr's Divinity. However, Zhao Fu was still quite satisfied.

They had easily killed another godly spirit, and Zhao Fu smiled before going back and fusing the Divinity with the Black Forest Horse Den.

Because Dokohl was a horse, its Divinity was very suited to the Horse Den. After fusing, the Black Forest Horses' name was changed to Black God Horse, and the average horse was now Stage 1-5, which was much more powerful than ordinary Stage 1 warhorses.

They had successfully built a Fountain of Life and then successfully killed a godly spirit, causing Great Qin to burst into celebration.

However, others did not feel this way. After receiving the system announcement from before, the various countries understood that once Great Qin recovered, the shift in Fate would conclude. They only had this one chance, and because they did not want to miss out, they decided to do all they could during this period of time to obtain more benefits.