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 Zhao Fu could only glance at the numb-looking slaves, but he could not do much about their situation. After all, this was someone else's kingdom, and he did not have a say in how things were run. However, Zhao Fu had long since decided that Great Qin would never enforce actual slavery like this.

Anyone who willing submitted and was willing to serve Great Qin would be viewed as Great Qin's subjects.

After walking around, Zhao Fu went to a very large shop filled with all sorts of luxurious goods. This was the city's largest shop, and it belonged to one of the largest financial groups in the Kirsh Kingdom, the Swan Goose Group. Zhao Fu would most likely be able to find everything that he wanted here.

Zhao Fu walked in, and a beautiful Grassi woman came up and smiled as she said, "What are you looking for, dear guest?"

Zhao Fu had been walking around for a while, so he knew what he wanted. Great Qin did not lack equipment and skills, and Legendary grade and Epic grade equipment was simply too expensive. As such, it would be better to buy a large number of battle items to increase Great Qin's overall strength.

What Great Qin lacked most was Talisman Stones. Great Qin could now create Talisman Equipment, and with how powerful they were, they would be one of Great Qin's greatest tools.

"Do you have Talisman Stones here?" After some practice, Zhao Fu could speak the Grassi language decently.

The beautiful Grassi woman smiled as she told Zhao Fu that most of the Talisman Stones being sold here were White grade and Blue grade Talisman Stones, but they had to be bought in bulk, which was just what Zhao Fu wanted.

"I'll buy all of the Talisman Stones you have here, regardless of grade. Bring out all of your Talisman Stones!" Zhao Fu said as he slightly smiled.

The Grassi woman's smile froze as she said, "Dear guest, our White grade Talisman Stones are one gold coin each, and there are 600,000 of them. Our Blue grade Talisman Stones are ten gold coins each, and we have 50,000 of them. The Silver grade Talisman Stones are 100 gold coins each, and there are 4,000 of them. The Gold grade Talisman Stones are 1,000 gold coins each, and there are 50 of them.

The sheer number of Talisman Stones was massive, and just the White grade Talisman Stones would cost 600,000 gold coins. She did not have enough authority to complete this transaction, and this was even more so with all of the higher grade Talisman Stones.

"That's right. I want all of them!" Zhao Fu said as he nodded.

The Grassi woman's smile became quite brilliant, and she quickly brought Zhao Fu to a private room before reporting to her manager.

A while later, an even more beautiful Grassi woman walked in with a bright smile and said, "Dear guest, I'm the manager here, and I'm called Roxi. I've brought what you've asked for."

Zhao Fu nodded and waved his hand, causing a mountain of gold coins to appear, which was enough to buy all of the Talisman Stones.

Roxi had never thought that the person in front of her would be so decisive and so liberal with his money, treating more than 1.5 million gold coins like nothing.

After going over the money, Roxi handed a spatial ring with all of the Talisman Stones to Zhao Fu before waving her hand and putting the gold coins away.

"Do you have any Trees of Life here? Living or dead ones are fine, as well as Fruits of Life," Zhao Fu said.

Hearing this, Roxi felt quite delighted and replied, "We have three living Trees of Life, and they are 1.5 million gold coins each; we also have eight dead ones that are 500,000 gold coins each, as well as 16 Fruits of Life that are 100,000 gold coins each."

Since Zhao Fu only needed the trunks of the Trees of Life to build the Well of Life, it did not matter if they were alive or dead. Zhao Fu thought about it and said, "I want five dead Trees of Life and one Fruit of Life."

Roxi left and came back soon, and Zhao Fu spent another 2.6 million gold coins. Zhao Fu did not feel any pain. After all, this would allow him to create Water of Life, and he would also be able to mass-produce high-grade Talisman Weapons. Zhao Fu felt too happy right now.

The world outside the Legacy Land was indeed quite good; it had everything one wanted as long as one had money.

"Is there anything else you'd like, dear guest?" Roxi felt quite happy and maintained her smile as she gently and respectfully asked Zhao Fu.

"That's all!" Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied as he put everything away and prepared to leave.

At that moment, Roxi took out a violet card with a Swan Goose on it and handed it to Zhao Fu, saying, "Dear guest, this is Swan Goose Group's VIP card. In the future, you'll receive a 20% discount at any of our stores."

Zhao Fu looked at it and accepted it before leaving.

After Zhao Fu left, the original female attendant came in and said happily, "Miss, that was most likely an important figure, right?"

Roxi smiled as she nodded. Zhao Fu had spent four million gold coins in one go, which was equivalent to the wealth of a whole region. To be able to easily take out so many gold coins, his status was definitely quite extraordinary.

In the Kirsh Kingdom, there were only 20 or so factions that could have such great spending power. Even though Zhao Fu was wearing his black cloak, Roxi could sense an extremely noble aura from him, and she guessed that he was most likely a Prince.

However, they would never have been able to guess that Zhao Fu actually came from the Legacy Land. Currently, with the Heaven Domain Boundary's protection, no one was able to enter or exit the Legacy Land. If Zhao Fu hadn't collected so many things, he would not have been able to leave either.

After Zhao Fu left this shop, he headed to other shops and bought more Talisman Stones. Most of them were White grade and Blue grade, and any higher grade Talisman Stones were extremely rare. After buying the Talisman Stones and Trees of Life, Zhao Fu thought about it and decided there was not else for him to do, so he decided to leave the Kirsh Kingdom. After flying for a few days, he returned to where he had set up the teleportation channel and returned to the Legacy Land.

Zhao Fu had left for a bit over a weak, and by the time Zhao Fu had returned, the clearing out of the Red Plum Plains was complete. After Zhao Fu returned to the Legacy Land, he received a few system announcements.

"System announcement! Your faction has unified Red Plum Plains, and Great Qin has obtained a large amount of Fate!"

"System announcement! Your faction has unified two regions; please set the Main Region and Subsidiary Region!"

"System announcement! Only after establishing a Great City here can you fuse with the Region Heart!"

After Zhao Fu returned safely, everyone let out a sigh of relief. Zhao Fu did not tell them about the outside world for now because he had to take care of Red Plum Plains first; the matter about the outside world would have to be talked about properly in a meeting.

So it turned out that one had to have a Great City before one could fuse with the Region Heart. Zhao Fu could only move one of the system main cities over, and following this, a three-colored light appeared in the sky, forming an orb of light that fused into the City Heart.

Of course, Zhao Fu set the Main Region to be the Xianyang Region and Red Plum Plains to be the Subsidiary Region. After doing so, the two regions' energy fused together, and the Void Zones around them became even more powerful. The region stats also became a bit stronger.

Zhao Fu also changed Red Plum Plains' name to Plains Province. From now on, he decided to name the regions as provinces and use a region system like in the ancient times.