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 From this, Zhao Fu could roughly gauge the Kirsh Kingdom's strength. Their soldiers were mostly at Stage 1, and there were also many Stage 2 and Stage 3 soldiers. In contrast, very few people in the Legacy Land had reached Stage 1, and Stage 1 was not yet common.

If they fought, earth's side would definitely lose - after all, the lowest-ranked soldiers were already so strong, and the kingdom's elite soldiers would definitely be much more powerful.

Zhao Fu wasn't clear as to the exact situation, so after entering the city, he said goodbye to the merchant group and looked for the nearest city.

The place with the most information would, of course, be a bookshop. Zhao Fu bought ten or so books and found a small inn. He stayed there as he read through the books he had bought.

About half a day later, Zhao Fu had read through many of the books and obtained a lot of information. First, the race here was called the Grassi People, and they were from a world that was devoured in the last century.

The Kirsh Kingdom had been founded for 64 years and had 300 or so regions. Its population was roughly 900 million. It had an army of 45 million soldiers, and they were essentially all at least Stage 1 soldiers.

What's more, the Kirsh Kingdom was just one kingdom from the worlds from the previous century - there were 40 or so kingdoms that had survived the invasion from other worlds. Of course, they had suffered heavy losses.

Many kingdoms and races had either been exterminated or turned into slaves. The battles between those worlds still had not fully settled, and there would still be some battles now and then.

The Kirsh Kingdom was a Level 3 Baronage and was a medium kingdom out of the 40 or so kingdoms. Its relations with the various other kingdoms was relatively friendly, but it had some conflict with a few kingdoms, making their relationship quite complicated.

Apart from these books, Zhao Fu also bought a large map that had this kingdom and the surrounding eight kingdoms. There was also a large gray area without any detail, which was the Legacy Land.

Zhao Fu was surprised to see that the nine kingdoms were so close to the Legacy Land. This meant that their world would have to face the invasions of at least nine kingdoms. If each kingdom had 50 million soldiers, that would be a total of 450 million soldiers.

They were all at least Stage 1 soldiers who were experienced and all decently trained. Their battle power was not something an ordinary person could compare to. What's more, they would also have many Stage 2 and Stage 3 soldiers. Their invasion would be quite terrifying, as currently earth's entire population was only eight billion.

Moreover, 450 million soldiers was already an optimistic estimate. After all, the Legacy Land was like a gigantic cake, so many other kingdoms might also move out. As such, it was possible that they would have to face 40 or so kingdoms.

If all 40 or so kingdoms decided to invade, they would have to face a force of two billion soldiers. The ratio between civilians and soldiers in most kingdoms was not 10:1 but 100:6, which was six soldiers for every 100 people, which was quite a good ratio.

This could guarantee the prosperity of a kingdom without injuring their foundations. Moreover, they would be able to provide a large amount of resources to their soldiers and help them continuously increase their cultivations.

If they really did invade, they could first double the size of their armies, meaning that there would be four billion soldiers invading. Most of these four billion soldiers would be Stage 1. With the Legacy Land's current strength, they would be obliterated.

This was the grave threat that the Legacy Land was going to face.

The layout of the lands in those kingdoms was similar to in the Legacy Land, with places being split up into regions, then regions being split into cities, towns, and villages.

Now, Zhao Fu had some basic information on his future enemies, and his goal for this time was more or less complete. Because he had left the border and the great wall and he was within the actual territory of the Kirsh Kingdom now, he could use his spatial ring.

Zhao Fu had brought a lot of money, and he wanted to see if there was anything good he could buy. These kingdoms had been integrated into the Heaven Awaken World for many decades, so the things they had would definitely be much better than in the Legacy Land. Because of this, Zhao Fu wanted to go on a shopping spree.

Great Qin now had so much money that it was difficult to spend it all, and this would definitely be a place where he could spend a lot of money and gain a lot from it. Zhao Fu went around, but because this was only a small city, he was not interested in most of the items, so he decided to head to a bigger city.

After teleporting ten or so times, Zhao Fu arrived at one of the Kirsh Kingdom's larger cities. Currently, Zhao Fu did not dare to go to its capital, as there might be many ability users and espers there, and that place was the center of the Kirsh Kingdom's power. As such, Zhao Fu had to tread carefully, so he decided not to go there.

This large city was tens of times bigger than ordinary system main cities and could accommodate ten million people. The city walls were incredibly grand and majestic, and Zhao Fu felt that he would be able to buy great things here.

After casually walking around, Zhao Fu found that there were many things that were worth buying here - equipment, skills, items, and materials. There was almost everything, and they were all high quality too.

Zhao Fu saw many shops selling Legendary grade and Epic grade equipment, but they were extremely expensive. Legendary grade equipment costed hundreds of thousands of gold coins, and Epic grade equipment costed millions of gold coins. Ordinary people would never be able to purchase them.

There were also many tamed beasts that could be purchased as pets. Some looked quite cute, but they were quite powerful or had special bloodlines.

Zhao Fu looked around and found a little beast with the Tao Tie bloodline, a little turtle with the Black Tortoise bloodline, and a python with the Feathered Serpent bloodline.

However, they only had a trace of those bloodlines, which was not of much use, and it was incredibly difficult to awaken them. As such, Zhao Fu did not buy them.

Apart from pets, there were also slaves. Slavery was quite prevalent in the Heaven Awaken World, and these people were kept in wooden cages. The men were made to do heavy labor, and they could also be trained to be slave soldiers.

The women could do some housework like washing clothes and cleaning, but the prettier women were used as female slaves. They all wore thin, transparent clothing.

They did not have any dignity or power, and their lives were in their master's hands. This was protected by law, and masters had certain powers over their slaves.

None of these slaves were Grassi people, as this was the Grassi kingdom - how could there be Grassi slaves here?

All of the slaves were other races, and other races would also make Grassi people slaves. That was why slavery was quite common.

This was a world where the strong devoured the weak - the strong did as they wanted, and this was what happened to the weak. If earth's humans were unable to defend, they would end up like this as well.

Zhao Fu felt quite disgusted towards actual slavery - even though Zhao Fu bought 'slaves,' he did not treat them as actual slaves, and he only did so to increase Great Qin's population.