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 There were also countless races in the Heaven Awaken World, and no one knew just how many they were. Perhaps there were tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, but they were grouped into eight major races.

The first was the Human Race, which was like humans and had a certain amount of intelligence, as well as pure human bloodlines. Examples included the Humans on earth, as well as some other races that fulfilled the conditions.

The second was the Devil Race, which was mostly beast-shaped creatures. They also had intelligence, and high-level Devils could turn into human form, such as the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon and the Wind Dragon Lord.

The third was the Demon Race, which included all creatures with pure demon bloodlines.

The fourth was the Outlander Race, that referred to races like Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, and the like. Even though they also had humanoid shapes, they did not have human blood, so they were referred to as Outlanders.

The fifth was the God Race, which referred to creatures with Divinity that had the blood of gods, as well as creatures created by gods, such as Angels and Elementals.

The sixth was the Water Race, which included all creatures that lived in water. There were many water regions in the Heaven Awaken World, and they were quite big. The Water Clan primarily lived in water, and there were all kinds of them: some were humanoid shaped and some were beast shaped, but because they did not belong to the Human Race or the Devil Race, they were called the Water Race.

The seventh was the Death Race, which included Undead creatures and monsters that belonged to the Underworld. This included the Black and White Impermanences and the Ghostworld Soldiers.

The eighth was the Spirit Race, which referred to all objects with spirits. Some rocks, trees, or fires that developed consciousness and intelligence would become part of the Spirit Race. Of the eight major races, the Spirit Race numbered the fewest.

Out of the eight major races, the Human Race was relatively weak, but because they had high tolerance and were able to accept the seven other major races, they had a lot of speaking power in the Heaven Awaken World.

The three strongest major races would be the Devil Race, the God Race, and the Demon Race.

The Devil Race controlled countless beasts, and their bodies were incredibly powerful, allowing them to easily cause destruction. The God Race and the Demon Race's innate stats were better than the other major races, so these three major races were stronger than the other five.

Apart from races, there were also different types and levels of kingdoms in the Heaven Awaken World. The weakest type was called a Barony, then a Marquisate, then a Dukedom, then a Royal Kingdom, then an Imperial Kingdom, then an Empire, and finally a Holy Empire.

Each of these was split into nine levels, so there were Level 1 to Level 9 Baronages. Baronages were usually created when a powerful kingdom bestowed land to a vassal state, allowing it to form its own kingdom.

Marquisates were like feudal vassals, and only Dukedoms had some strength. Only Royal Kingdoms and above were true kingdoms, while Imperial Kingdoms were above Royal Kingdoms, and Empires were above Imperial Kingdoms. The highest was a Holy Empire, which reigned above everything else, and they were extremely rare.

Apart from these were Divine Kingdoms, but they were controlled by gods and did not count within those classifications.

These ranks of kingdoms differentiated between the strength of kingdoms. When Great Qin first established a kingdom, it would be a Level 1 Baronage, and only then would it have some chance at survival. One could only imagine just how difficult it would be in the future.

Moreover, the currency would no longer by gold coins but violet gold coins, crystal coins, and high-grade saint coins. Violet gold coins were worth 100 gold coins, crystal coins were worth 100 violet gold coins, and saint coins were worth 100 crystal coins.

Only powerful kingdoms had saint coins, and they were things that lower-grade kingdoms would never even see. Currently, gold coins were the most common type of coin seen in the Heaven Awaken World.

There were also higher grades of equipment: above Epic grade equipment were Saint Armaments, Divine Earth Armaments, and Emperor Heaven Armaments.

Each of these were split into 12 levels, going from a Level 1 Saint Armament to Level 12 Saint Armament, above which was a Level 1 Divine Earth Armament. Divine Earth Armaments were equivalent to what ordinary gods used.

Regarding Cultivation, above Stage 9, there were also nine major realms: the Saint Realm, Earth Realm, Heaven Realm, Harmony Realm, World Realm, Divine Realm, Extreme Divine Realm, and Emperor Heaven Realm.

Each realm was split into Lower, Middle, Upper, and Complete, and all of these realms were incredibly powerful. Those in the Saint Realm could even kill gods - not just clones but actual gods. However, they would only be able to kill some weaker gods, but the higher one's cultivation was, the higher one's ability to kill even more powerful gods.

Right now, Zhao Fu was still a bit away from breaking through to Stage 4. He did not need to think about the realms beyond Stage 9 for now - that was simply too far away.

However, right now, Zhao Fu's grade was Heaven Grade, and he had a Sovereign Bloodline, so his cultivation speed was incredibly fast.

That was most of the basic information about the true Heaven Awaken World. Right now, the Chaotic World Stone Stele was not even at Level 6 yet, so it would still be some time before Zhao Fu could leave the Legacy Land.

Seeing that there was not much for him to do here, he decided that it had been quite a few days since he had returned to the real world. He was most likely famished, so he decided to return for a bit.

After his consciousness returned to his body in the real world, that familiar feeling of hunger immediately hit him. Zhao Fu opened his eyes and asked his bodyguard to order some food, and he heard that there were countless people who wanted to see him.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided not to see them yet, at least until he had eaten.

After the bodyguard brought him his food and Zhao Fu had taken a few bites, the bodyguard came and announced that Wu Qingniang wanted to see him. Zhao Fu instinctively invited her in.

It had been a while since he had last seen Wu Qingniang, and she looked even more mature and beautiful. Zhao Fu looked at her and lightly smiled as he asked, "What is it, Qingniang?"

Qingniang smiled as she sat down next to Zhao Fu and hugged him, leaning her head against his shoulder and saying softly, "I obviously miss you!"

Zhao Fu felt quite startled, and he then hesitated as he didn't know what to do with his hands. In the end, he decided not to hug her and just nodded.

After hugging Zhao Fu for a while, Wu Qingniang finally let go and instead changed to hugging his arm and leaning against him. She said, "You've been so busy lately, and it's hard to even meet with you. Have you become too important for me after becoming the Ying family's proxy family leader and Great Qin's Legatee's representative?"

After saying this, Wu Qingniang pinched Zhao Fu's waist.

Zhao Fu dryly laughed in pain and could only apologize as he said, "I've been fairly busy lately. I'm sorry about that!"

Wu Qingniang nodded and said, "I've heard about what has been happening with Great Qin lately, so I won't blame you. That's right, Great Qin has become incredibly important to this shift in Fate. What are you all planning on doing?"