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 In actuality, the place that Zhao Fu was in was not the true Heaven Awaken World - the true Heaven Awaken World was a vast, boundless world, while the place that Zhao Fu was in was only what was called the Legacy Land.

Just as its name implied, the Legacy Land was a place where many Legacies were collected. Most of these Legacies were historical Legacies from dynasties, states, nations, and large families.

Every century, the Heaven Awaken World would devour some worlds. In order to prevent the new worlds from being immediately slaughtered, there would be protective regions, which was the Legacy Land.

The Legacy Land was not only a place where Legacies were collected but also a place that protected beginners from new worlds. This allowed those with Legacies to become stronger so that they would be able to defend against invasions from other worlds.

The Heaven Domain Boundary was a barrier that protected the Legacy Land. If the Heaven Domain Boundary disappeared, the Legacy Land would truly fuse with the Heaven Awaken World. When that time came, those inside would truly be part of the Heaven Awaken World as opposed to just within the Legacy Land.

Essentially, it was like a barrier around a small part of a very large map.

Right now, the Legacy Land was on the edge of the Heaven Awaken World. Because the Heaven Awaken World continuously devoured worlds, its size continuously grew, so the worlds that were devoured naturally appeared at the edge and continuously expanded the size of the Heaven Awaken World.

There were many benefits at being at the edge, as they could avoid facing off against some extremely powerful and ancient factions for now. Most of the factions at the center of the Heaven Awaken World had existed for tens of thousands of years, if not hundreds of thousands or millions of years.

How could people who had only entered the Heaven Awaken World for a few years fight against factions that had existed for over tens of thousands of years? They would be completely suppressed without having even a bit of power to resist.

From the demon god's information, Zhao Fu knew that most people in the Heaven Awaken World called the edges of the Heaven Awaken World the Border Wilderness Regions. Not only was there less Fate in such regions, but there were also not any benefits, so those ancient factions would not lay their hands on the Border Wilderness Regions.

That was why the Border Wilderness Regions were able to escape disaster. The only threat that they would face were from worlds that had been devoured the previous century.

After all, they would have developed for many decades, and even though they were weaker than the others, it would be easy for them to deal with the newer worlds.

Even though the ancient factions would not bother with the Border Wilderness Regions, others were still quite interested, as they would be able to obtain a large amount of Fate as well as countless slaves and resources.

Slavery was quite prevalent in the Heaven Awaken World, and essentially all the factions that conquered other factions would make the conquered factions their slaves. Very few people would accept people from other worlds, so after conquering them, they would normally view them as slaves rather than as their own subjects.

Zhao Fu knew that after the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world, there would be a disaster, which was the invasion from other worlds. The other factions would have developed for many decades, while they would have only developed for a few years - they would be at a significant disadvantage.

In the past, many races had gone extinct or become slaves - these were all things that had happened before.

Most people in the Legacy Land did not know of this. The cruel Chaotic World was to train people to have the ability to resist in the future. They could limitlessly revive now, but things would be different in the future: once a person died, they would remain dead without any more chances.

Currently, this sort of knowledge was forbidden, because once it was revealed, it would result in mass panic, and they would no longer be able to properly develop.

If everyone in the world found out about this, they would make preparations. However, because of this, the Heaven Awaken World would deactivate the Heaven Domain Boundary ahead of time. As such, even if they made preparations, without enough time, they would still be easily slaughtered.

As such, the Heaven Awaken World had nurtured a group of powerful experts to make sure that the new worlds were not easily destroyed. As for those who were weak, they would become food for the strong.

Before, Zhao Fu had heard the Black and White Impermanences and the Ghostworld Soldiers mention the Legacy Land, but they were unable to say anything and had received warning announcements.

Luckily, Zhao Fu had devoured the Divinity of a demon god and obtained this information himself, or he would still be ignorant about it, only finding out after the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world.

Right now, everyone in this world, regardless of their race or nationality or skin colour, was called 'Human' by the system.

The other worlds had similar titles, but 'Human' was the title unique to earth.

Zhao Fu was not sure how many other races there were next to Humanity, as they were all devoured in the previous century. It had not been too long, and because the information was not of great significance, the golden dragon did not know, and there was no information about them from the demon god.

Currently, everything outside the Legacy Land was a great mystery. If Zhao Fu could head to the outer world, he would have an incredibly advantage, and this would be very important to Great Qin.

The Heaven Domain Stone he had obtained some time ago could open the Heaven Domain Boundary, and Boundary Iron was an important material to opening the door to another world, while an Enhanced Spatial Stone could enhance spatial power.

What Zhao Fu had been waiting for was a Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel, which could allow a person to cross from one world to another. It was something that could only be exchanged for after the Chaotic World Stone Stele reached Level 6.

The reason why Zhao Fu had never spent any of his War Points was because he had been saving up for this. It was extraordinarily expensive, and if he spent any of his War Points on anything useful, it would take a long time before he could finally purchase it.

Zhao Fu was in a hurry to see what the true Heaven Awaken World was like, and he wanted to know what his future enemies' strength as like. This would allow him to make sufficient preparations so that Great Qin could put up some resistance when the time came.

That was the reason why Zhao Fu wanted to quickly restore the Great Qin Empire. Only after establishing a nation would they have some form of resistance, or they would not be able to resist at all.

Right now, the battles within the Legacy Land were incredibly ferocious and intense, but they were completely meaningless in the end. Zhao Fu understood that his true enemies in the future would be much stronger, so he had to prepare to fight against them. His foresight was not as lacking as everyone else's.

Fighting between themselves would only result in everyone becoming weaker, which was not good. In this world, the weak did not have the right to live; this was how cruel this world was.

Moreover, because China's territory as at the center of the Midland Continent, the center of the Legacy Land, it had an advantage, as the invasions would start from other continents.

Zhao Fu was not sure how the future would be, how many people would die, or how many races would go extinct. Right now, Zhao Fu was still as weak as an ant.

The golden dragon was right - the human world was only an inferior civilized world, and there were superior worlds and Legacies. Humanity was indeed incredibly weak.