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 Because of this, many decent-looking women did not dare to go out, and the rumors became worse and worse. People started to say that Great Qin's Legatee was incredibly lascivious and violated thousands of women every day. It was said that he lacked women, so he had ordered people to madly grab pretty women to serve him.

Some claimed that there were 7,000 or so female players who had been caught by Great Qin and was used by Great Qin's Legatee. What a pity it was for those women to have to be violated by Great Qin's Legatee every day.

Countless people talked about this, and the men were especially angry about it while countless women cursed, "Bastard! You animal! You pervert! You devil!"

After hearing about these rumors, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised - those rumors were simply too extreme. Great Qin had only taken ten or so women, so how had it suddenly become 7,000?

Moreover, Great Qin's Assassins moved quite discreetly, so they most likely were not discovered. Even if they were, people would not think that it was Great Qin who had done this. These rumors had definitely been spread by people on purpose.

However, after Zhao Fu looked at the 11 women's information, he understood.

The first woman was from Flower Moon. Zhao Fu really did not intend for this, and by now, Flower Moon was most likely completely mad.

When he had taken the first of their sisters, they had done all they could to try to bring her back but were unsuccessful. Zhao Fu did not accept any conditions, but they did not give up and continued to try to bring their sister back.

However, before they were able to bring back the first sister, another had been taken by Great Qin. Flower Moon immediately tried to find Great Qin to talk, but they had not even been able to meet with Zhao Fu.

Now, before those two had been brought back, a third one had been taken by Great Qin; how could they not be furious?

Apart from Flower Moon's people, Great Qin's Assassins had also caught a few other people with influence. One of them was part of China's famous Sunset Idol Group.

The Sunset Idol Group was made up of eight people, and they were all 17 or 18 years old beauties. Moreover, they were not only beautiful but also talented, being able to sing and dance extremely well, and they were loved by many.

Without a doubt, they were the most popular girl group in China.

However, out of the eight of them, six of them had been caught by Great Qin in one go. With only two of them left, their group would definitely be disbanded. Countless people were definitely heartbroken that they would never be able to see the Sunset Idol Group again.

There was another woman who was quite famous as well, who was the wife of an actor. The actor was quite famous within China, and because they had just divorced, she had countless people paying attention to her.

Finally, there was also a famous female TV presenter who had also been caught. After catching so many famous people, this matter would definitely draw a lot of attention, resulting in rumors of this scale.

However, Zhao Fu did not mind, and he ordered for them to be brought to him. First, the woman from the Flower Moon was about 23 or 24 years old and looked quite pretty. She also had supple skin. She was looking at Zhao Fu quite angrily, and she was called Lu Nanlei.

Next were the six young women from the Sunset Idol Group. All of them had rather slim and delicate faces, making them look quite beautiful. They were about the same height but gave off different airs. They looked at their surroundings in fear, and they were called Zhao Shuxuan, Yan Menghuai, Zhuo Nanqin, Bai Luhai, Long Pei'Er, and Xia Xiaoyao.

Next was the recently divorced woman. She was also quite beautiful and quite tall. She also had white skin. She gave off a sexy aura and was called Zheng Lindie.

The female TV presenter was someone who Zhao Fu had seen on TV while working. Her looks were above average, and she was roughly 27 years old. She was an intelligent and mature woman called Ye Qiuxia.

Of the remaining two, one was the big miss of a large family and looked quite delicate and fragile. Her face was streaming with tears and looked terrified - she was called Zhang Yingying.

The last was a quiet-looking girl whose looks were decent. She was most likely still in university and was called Qi Wenli.

Right after she came before Zhao Fu, she had kneeled down and begged him to let her go. She said that she was from the countryside, that her father had a crippling disease, and that her family was dependent on her mother. Her whole family was relying on her to do well in university and find a job to support her family, so she could not stay here.

Zhao Fu looked at her and felt that she was telling the truth. However, she had already eaten a Reality Fruit, so she could not return to the real world. As such, Zhao Fu promised to give her family a large sum of money as compensation.

Qi Wenli was incredibly grateful to Zhao Fu and expressed her willingness to become his woman. In the end, it did not matter if they were willing or unwilling, but Zhao Fu preferred them to be happy at least.

Following this, he made all of them Imperial Concubines, and the 11 of them gave off golden Phoenix Qi that formed a dense mist before entering the Emperor Phoenix Statue.

The Emperor Phoenix started to go through changes again and gave off a bright cry. Zhao Fu's injuries started to quickly heal, and with the 11 women's Phoenix Qi and the Fate gained from before, Zhao Fu's injuries had half-healed, and he was able to use roughly half of his strength now.

"System announcement! Great Qin's Legatee's injuries are recovering, and Great Qin's Fate is also recovering, causing China's Fate to start to recover! The shift in Fate has decreased!"

"System announcement! Because of the decrease of the shift in Fate, the effects have been reduced. Killing Chinese players will only result in four times the normal rewards and a small amount of Fate."

"System announcement! China's Fate is recovering, and once it has recovered, the shift in Fate will stop."

No one had expected Great Qin to be so important to the situation around China's borders. Everything began with Great Qin, so it made sense that everything would end with it. After Great Qin's Legatee's injuries and Great Qin's Fate recovered, perhaps these battles would come to a conclusion.

Even Zhao Fu had never thought that his injuries and Great Qin would be so important to China.

Everyone else was also quite shocked as they had never thought that such a thing would happen - what should they do? Should they help Great Qin's Fate recover? Or help heal Great Qin's Legatee?

The Dynasty Legatees and the leaders of various factions' expressions became quite unsightly. It had been incredibly difficult to heavily wound Great Qin, and now, something like this had happened.

All of the foreign factions were quite shocked as well. The five times rewards had been decreased to four times, and as Great Qin recovered, their rewards would decrease. If Great Qin completely recovered, this shift in Fate would completely stop.

When that time came, the situation in China would become the same as in other countries, and because there were not any bonus rewards, the various countries would no longer unite to attack China.

When that time came, their invasion would end in failure, and China would most likely exact a terrifying revenge on them.

Zhao Fu did not know what they were all thinking, and Great Qin's army quickly cleared out Red Plum Plains. The Chaotic World Stone Stele was about to level up, and Zhao Fu prepared to make something that could allow him to leave the Legacy Land.