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 A World Tree's seed? World Trees were the final forms of Trees of Life, and their seeds could directly grow a high-grade Tree of Life. Such a thing would never be found outside of the Elf Kingdom!

The five Trees of Life were not a big deal, but a World Tree seed would be incredibly difficult to obtain. If he could not obtain one, he would have to settle for an ordinary Tree of Life seed.

"Is there anything else? That's all there is to creating Water of Life?" Zhao Fu asked.

"Of course not. You also need to throw in a large number of corpses into the Well of Life; that way, more Water of Life will be produced," the golden dragon replied.

After hearing this, Zhao Fu understood - it turned out that the Fountain of Life was something that converted corpses into Water of Life; it was actually quite evil.

However, Zhao Fu did not mind - the Water of Life's effects would reduce the number of deaths, which was quite important to Great Qin.

It was just that the ingredients were quite hard to obtain. Great Qin now had one Tree of Life and still lacked another four. Great Qin still needed a seed too. As for corpses, they did not have to worry about that as Great Qin obtained a large number of corpses every day from clearing out the regions.

The majority of the corpses were below Stage 1 cultivation and had relatively low Grades, so they were essentially useless. As such, using them for the Fountain of Life was much better.

After conquering the Elf City, Zhao Fu did not have much to do, so he decided to take a look at the internal affairs of the Great Qin City, but he found that there was nothing for him to do there either.

Whether it was production or construction, everything was done quite well, and there were specialized people in charge.

The four main roads were also quickly being built. However, because Great Qin had unified the Xianyang Region, they had to extend the four roads throughout the entire region.

More houses and other buildings were also being continuously constructed. Now, the Great Qin City was essentially the same as a system main city, and it seemed quite prosperous and bustling.

In terms of production, everything was the same as before. They grew a large amount of crops, and most of the food was stored up. They had built many granaries, and the fruits were often sold to other regions, consumed by Great Qin's residents, or made into fruit wine.

In terms of management, there were people in charge of teaching others how to manage villages, towns, and cities. Most of it was on-the-job training, after which people would go off and manage their own places.

Because Zhao Fu was still injured, he could not go anywhere. Even though he had regained some of his strength, he did not have the strength to protect himself, so he always needed people to accompany him if he went out. Zhao Fu did not want this, so he remained within Great Qin's territory.

It was truly quite boring, and Zhao Fu decided that he could not go on like this. As such, he ordered Great Qin's Assassins to go out into the various regions and bring back women with Phoenix Qi to help him heal his injuries.

The Assassins obeyed and snuck into system main cities like ghosts, finding women with Phoenix Qi.

Zhao Fu could only wait in the City Hall. He also went to take a look at three of the bodyguards they were nurturing: Gao Li, Moni, and Qiao Yisi - they were all Legatees of the Silver Lake Immortal Legacy.

Currently, they were still quite weak, but they could use a bit of martial conception.

Because Gao Li was a City Lord, even though the time she had had with the Silver Lake Immortal Equipment was quite short, she was able to quickly use its power. The sword qi she unleashed was incredibly powerful and sharp, and it contained the power of a martial conception. Cutting through stone seemed like cutting through tofu to her.

As for Moni, the Xiongnu woman, she seemed incredibly ferocious and wild when she swung her saber. It seemed to be part of her nature, and Zhao Fu quite liked women like this.

Even though she had been forced to submit and their relationship had been quite cold and tense, after a long time, their relationship had started to change. Even if Zhao Fu hugged her or touched her important parts, she would not resist.

Finally, there was Qiao Yisi. He used a bow, and every one of his arrows was incredibly sharp and vigorous. A full-powered arrow from him would be able to pierce through a two meter thick wall.

Apart from this, Zhao Fu started to pay more attention to the situation at the borders. Currently, the only boundary region Great Qin could reach was the one that bordered Vietnam.

Despite the great rewards because of the shift in Fate, considering his injuries and the losses they had suffered, Zhao Fu did not plan on participating. Right now, his main goal was to clear out the four surrounding regions.

Earlier, Great Qin had established a large faction, which was the Vietnamese Guard, that seemed incredibly patriotic.

At first, Great Qin wanted to fully support the Vietnamese Guard in order to devour the entirety of Vietnam, but after Great Qin's plans changed, their support for the Vietnamese Guard decreased.

After such a long time, the Vietnamese Guard's foundations had become incredibly firm and was loved by countless Vietnamese players. Now, it had three million Vietnamese players, and as the leader of the Vietnamese guard, Ly Qinqian had become one of the most sought-after women in Vietnam.

Countless rich and famous people treated her with immense respect, and seeing how beautiful she was, many ordinary Vietnamese players viewed her as a goddess, and she was pursued by many people.

As for the invasion of China, Zhao Fu did not give them any orders and left them to do as they pleased.

The only boundary region in which no fighting had happened was North Nam, as the players of both sides were controlled by Great Qin. More precisely, Great Qin controlled the cores of both sides.

Before, Great Qin had created two factions on either side, gotten rid of some dissenters, and grasped both factions tightly.

As such, they were able to maintain the peace within that region. As for other regions, Zhao Fu had no control over them, and whatever happened happened.

The Vietnamese Guard took advantage of this opportunity to delve into the inner regions of Vietnam's territory and gain even more power. Now, Great Qin did not lack resources at all and could provide a large amount of resources to help them continue to grow before taking over Vietnam.

This was something to be excited about, because that way, they could silently control an entire country. Zhao Fu was not stingy at all and sent a large amount of resources to Ly Qinqian to help her continue to grow the Vietnamese Guard.

Moreover, through killing various creatures, Great Qin had obtained many Boundary Medallions, which could directly transport people to boundary regions. However, they were quite limited, as Boundary Medallions obtained in the south could only transport people to boundary regions in the south, and it was a one-way trip.

People could exchange for Boundary Medallions from the Chaotic World Stone Steles, and Advanced Boundary Medallions gave a return trip as well. Top-tier Boundary Medallions could send people anywhere within their country's territory.

These Boundary Medallions were not of much use to Zhao Fu, so he decided to sell them. After all, Zhao Fu had no intention of participating in the battles.

After a day or so, Great Qin's Assassins did quite well and brought 11 women back. However, Great Qin's reputation of shamelessly taking women once again grew.