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 High-grade Talisman Stones combined with high-grade materials would be able to create incredibly powerful Talisman Equipment. When he thought about his soldiers all holding weapons that rivaled Legendary grade weapons, Zhao Fu felt that they would be able to kill even gods and buddhas that stood in their way.

However, this was not possible for now, and Zhao Fu returned the sword to Shi Qianhuo and ordered him to create 150,000 Talisman Weapons to give to some soldiers.

With the Reality Harming Talismans and Talisman Equipment being produced, Zhao Fu felt much more at ease.

The next day, another piece of good news came: Great Qin had found another Basic City, and it was an Elf Basic City.

This Elf Basic City was in the depths of Red Plum Plains and had been quite difficult to find. There were 210,000 Elves, which was quite normal. Elves did not make others races slaves, so there were only Elves in the Elf City.

However, in terms of strength, this Basic City was many times more powerful than Westpan City from before. After all, not only did they have Archers, but they also had Cavalry as well.

Their mounts were giant deer, which were similar to the Orcs' giant wolves. They were also bred and raised using special methods.

Their bodies were twice as big as normal deer, and they were incredibly powerful. They could easily run with two people on their backs, and they had pairs of sharp antlers that would deal a lot of damage if they rammed into someone.

Apart from the Archers and Cavalry, the Elves also had a Mage profession. Even though there were not many of them, they could cause a lot damage and negate Great Qin's damage with healing spells.

Moreover, within their Infantry, they seemed to have a special profession. Even though Zhao Fu was not clear as to what sort of profession it was, they seemed quite powerful - each of them wore silver equipment and held a silver sword, and they gave off a holy, dignified aura.

There was also a large tree within the Elf City, which was most likely a Tree of Life that gave the Elves some bonus stats. It increased the Elves' recovery speed and healed them when they were injured.

With all these stats, the Elf City's battle power was not weaker than Kaki City, and in terms of defense, it was even more powerful than the Orc City.

Orcs and Elves were relatively more powerful than other Outlanders, and Kobolds and Goblins could not deal with them. They had more Legacies and were stronger as well.

However, in front of Great Qin, this was not much. Great Qin could easily destroy it - in fact, Zhao Fu did not even need to bring a soldier - just him and the 21 City Lords would be enough.

A terrifying aura covered the Elf City, causing the entire city to sink into horror. All of the Elves' bodies instinctively trembled as they looked at the sky in fear towards the 20 or so god-like people.

Zhao Fu looked down at the handsome Elf who seemed to be in charge and got straight to the point, saying, "I'll give you two options: you can surrender, or you can allow your city to be slaughtered!"

The handsome Elf's expression became quite unsightly, and he hesitated. The Elves around him were split into two factions.

"City Lord! Let's fight to the death. I don't believe that our 200,000 Elves can't defeat 20 of them!" one Elf angrily said after hearing Zhao Fu's words.

"City Lord! Don't do that. They are all City Lords. We'll definitely lose if we fight against them, so let's surrender. There are Outlander City Lords in the sky, which means that this person won't treat us badly!" an elderly Elf hurriedly said.

Zhao Fu stood in the air and waited for their reply. He did not like meaningless slaughter, or he would not have given them the option to surrender. However, if they wanted to resist, he could only choose to commit a massacre.

Zhao Fu had already decided to give this City Lord Seal to Daisy.

After a while, Zhao Fu still had not received reply, and he could see that the Elves had decided to resist to the death. After all, a large number of Archers had hurried over, and even some civilians had picked up bows. Zhao Fu did not bother continuing to try to convince them and said, "Kill the City Lord, and if any of the civilians resist, kill them as well!"

Hearing Zhao Fu's order, the other City Lords exploded out with their powerful auras, which buffeted the city like a wild gale. Countless trees madly swayed as rocks and ceilings were lifted up into the air, and the City Lords prepared to start a slaughter.

At that moment, a someone softly said, "Owner, can you please wait? They're from my race, and I want to try to persuade them."

Swish, swish, swish...

The sound of the air being torn could be heard as countless arrows flew upwards from below like a shocking dark mass.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Great Qin's City Lords released immense power from their City Lord Seals, combining their power to create a barrier.

Countless arrows smashed against the barrier and were knocked back, and not a single one was able to break through the barrier. Instead, an arrow wave fell from above, causing countless Elves to dive for cover.

Zhao Fu looked down disdainfully; how could they break through the barrier with only 80,000 to 90,000 arrows? Without 400,000 to 500,000 arrows, it would be impossible to break through the defenses of 20 or so City Lords.

Zhao Fu had wanted to stop when Celia spoke to give the Elves a chance, but they had started to attack. Since that was the case, Zhao Fu did not hold back anymore, and his gaze became cold as he said, "Kill!"

The 20 or so figures in the sky turned into rays of light and sped towards the Elf City. Ten City Lords attacked the Elf City Lord while the others attacked the countless Elf soldiers and civilians who were holding weapons.

Celia did not say anything else and only looked quite sad. She felt quite uncomfortable inside as she had the Elf Royal Bloodline, and the Tree of Life and Elves were very dear to her.

She had wanted to use her identity to try to convince them to surrender, but it seemed that this would not be possible, as Zhao Fu had already given the order.

The ten City Lords attacking the Elf City Lord unleashed their most powerful attacks. Even though the Elf City Lord did his best to resist, he was still heavily wounded quite easily.

The other City Lords dove into the crowds of armed Elves and unleashed terrifying attacks. Sword lights and saber lights shot everywhere as explosions continuously rang out. Powerful shockwaves rippled out, causing buildings to collapse and the ground to crack as pained cries sounded out and blood flew everywhere.

Facing the City Lords' attacks, the Stage 1 Elf soldiers tried to resist, while the ordinary civilians had no power to retaliate at all and continuously died.

However, the City Lords mostly only attacked the Elf soldiers and did not wantonly kill civilians. Soon, the Elf City's 60,000 soldiers had all been killed.

With the 21 City Lords' power, it would be difficult for even a system main city to defend against them, let alone a Basic City.

However, Zhao Fu would not directly attack a system main city, or it might join up with other system main cities. Great Qin did not yet have the strength to fight against multiple regions, so it was best to remain low-profile. Only after clearing out the surrounding four regions would Great Qin start to act more boldly.

Conquering a few Outlander cities would be fine as long as he did not make a move against any system main cities yet.