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 Little White was not very happy with this new name, and it acted as if it was going to ignore Zhao Fu. However, after Zhao Fu agreed to take it out to play, it jumped onto Zhao Fu's shoulder and quickly accepted the name.

They were Lord class creatures and particularly powerful because Zhao Fu had been nurturing them with the things from the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation.

Zhao Fu rode on Black Forest and slowly strolled through the forest with Moon Wolf by his side and Fat Cat comfortably perched on his shoulder.

There was also a Wyvern in the air, which was the original Wyvern that Zhao Fu had hatched. After a few months of raising and using Raising Stones, its body was much bigger, and it had a wingspan of fives meters as well as a powerful dragon's might.

It was now also a Lord class creature, and it was named Dragon Spirit.

Now, all of Xianyang belonged to Great Qin, which Zhao Fu felt quite happy about. The road to Great Qin's restoration was not far off.

After playing outside for a day, the sun started to set, dying half the sky golden and making it seem quite beautiful.

Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin and saw that Xianru was waiting for him. Xianru smiled as she paid her respects and called out, "Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu lightly nodded and got off Black Forest as he asked, "How's the development?"

Xianru replied, "Everything's going quite smoothly. We've started producing Reality Harming Talismans, and we're preparing to produce Talisman Equipment."

Over the past few days, Zhao Fu had 20,000 people become Talisman Masters and had them continuously learn how to draw runes. In order to help them properly grasp this profession, Zhao Fu had spent a lot of money on employing hundreds of Talisman Masters to teach them.

These Talisman Masters were all Intermediate Talisman Masters, and not a single Advanced Talisman Master had been willing to come. However, what Zhao Fu didn't know until recently was that he had an Advanced Talisman Masters in his own city.

Zhao Fu had conquered many system main cities and gained many indigenous residents. One of them was an Advanced Talisman Master called Shi Qianhuo. He was 50 or so years old and had a rather irascible personality. However, that was only in front of other people; he acted like a meek old man in front of Zhao Fu.

Producing talismans would become an incredibly important production in Great Qin, so Zhao Fu specially made a Department for it. Because Shi Qianhuo was quite adept at such things, Zhao Fu put him in charge.

With Shi Qianhuo, as well as the hundreds of Intermediate Talisman Masters, the new Talisman Masters were able to quickly learn. After a few days of hard work, they had successfully become Basic Talisman Masters and could start to create Reality Harming Talismans.

The Reality Harming Talismans were Great Qin's greatest weapon against the ordinary people. It was best to produce a large number of them as soon as possible to defend against any unexpected variables.

For the next three days, despite all of the intense fighting, Great Qin peacefully remained within its territory and did not do much, while the soldiers swept through Red Plum Plains.

The fighting at the southern side of the Midland Continent was not very intense, while the battles were more intense at the eastern side. However, the Chinese forces on the eastern side were not weak at all, and they did not show any weakness. On the other hand, the northern side was incredibly still and calm.

India could be said to be Chian's greatest enemy, and the Chinese side facing them had been at a disadvantage this entire time. If all of China and India fought, India would definitely be the loser. However, Chian not only had to fight India but also 21 countries in total, and with the many other countries waging war as well, they could not focus on India alone.

Now, India had gathered another ten million or so people and was invading from another region, while the Chinese side quickly gathered people to defend.

"Your Majesty! We've finished producing Talisman Equipment!" an old man said delightedly as he brought over a newly-forged weapon to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was currently sitting on a bamboo chair beside a small stream and was leisurely fishing as he cultivated. Hearing this, a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he received the sword handed to him by Shi Qianhuo.

The sword had a tinge of bronze as it was made out of Bronze Concentrate, and it was about one meter long. The middle of the sword had a row of runes that Zhao Fu could not understand, while there was a Talisman Stone where the blade and hilt intersected. The sword gave off an aura of mysteriousness and profoundness.

Zhao Fu gripped the sword and testingly sent his cultivation power into it, and he heard a buzzing sound. The row of runes glowed with a faint white light as a sharp sword light came out of both sides of the sword, giving off a cold sharpness that made one's hairs stand on end.

The sword seemed quite extraordinary, and it gave off an incredibly sharp aura that made people tremble.


Zhao Fu casually swept out with the sword, causing a white sword light to shoot out. A tree that was as thick as a person's thigh was instantly cut, leaving behind a stump with an incredibly smooth cut.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked, this already surpassed the sharpness of ordinary Silver grade weapons.

Seeing how surprised Zhao Fu looked, Shi Qianhuo gave a pleased smile and said, "Your Majesty, the Talisman Equipment can also be used with talisman papers."

Zhao Fu nodded and took the Fireball Talisman that Shi Qianhuo offered and stuck it to the sword. He once again sent his cultivation power into it, causing the row of runes to light up. The talisman paper on the sword started to burn as fire attribute energy fused into the sword.

The sword light that the sword gave off became a fiery color, and Zhao Fu once again swept out, causing a fiery sword qi to slash out with immense force.

This Talisman Equipment was incredibly powerful, and if all of Great Qin's soldiers could have such equipment, Great Qin's overall strength would become many times more powerful.

Zhao Fu started to feel excited - after all, this was only a piece of equipment made out of Blue grade materials and a White grade Talisman Stone, yet its power was equivalent to an exquisite Silver grade weapon. In fact, it was even comparable to poor-quality Gold grade equipment.

If they used a high-grade Talisman Stone and higher-grade materials, the Talisman Equipment produced would be even more powerful.

Right now, Great Qin did not lack Blue grade materials at all because of the Bronze Concentrate mines, and they bought Silver grade materials from various other regions through conquering and killing animals. They were also able to obtain some Gold grade materials.

However, even ordinary Talisman Stones were quite rare. Out of 100 or so regions, they had only been able to buy 150,000 or so Talisman Stones, most of which were White grade. There were 1,000 or so Blue grade Talisman Stones and not a single Silver or higher grade Talisman Stone.

This made Zhao Fu give up on getting every soldier a piece of Talisman Equipment. Right now, they would only be able to forge 150,000 of them, and hopefully, they would be able to obtain higher-grade Talisman Stones in the future, as the strength of a piece of Talisman Equipment primarily depended on the Talisman Stone.