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 Of course, Zhao Fu had no idea what the other Legatees were doing, and looking at the four Region Treasure Boxes that had appeared, he smiled. The things from these Region Treasure Boxes would not be ordinary at all - after all, he had obtained the Reality Tree and the Seraph's Heart from such boxes.

After opening the first treasure box, a light shined out of it, after which a fist-sized, square-shaped stone appeared, that gave off a faint silver light.

[Enhanced Spatial Stone]: A stone with powerful spatial attributes. It can be used on teleportation channels or weapons, giving them powerful spatial energy.

Looking at this stone, Zhao Fu grinned - with this item, after the Chaotic World Stone Stele rose to Level 6 and he spent the rest of his War Points, he would be able to do a lot with it.

When that time came, the Heavenly Domain Stone, the Boundary Iron, and the Enhanced Spatial Stone would all fulfill their uses, creating something that Zhao Fu had wanted for a long time.

That thing was very important to Great Qin, and it could cause Great Qin to rise above the entire world, giving them an immense advantage. He would most likely be able to obtain it soon because the Chaotic World Stone Stele was almost Level 6, and it would most likely be there after clearing out Red Plum Plains.

The first item was already incredibly good, and Zhao Fu expectantly opened the second Region Treasure Box.

It was a very big ballista that was nine meters long, five meters wide, and it looked incredibly complicated. Most ordinary people would not be able to make sense out of it, but it gave off a powerful and savage aura, making it seem quite extraordinary.

[Dragon-Slaying Ballista]: A ballista specially made for shooting dragons. It deals an incredible amount of damage. It can kill all dragons below Stage 7, and those who use it must have at least Stage 4 Cultivation.

So it was an item that could kill dragons. With how powerful dragons were, if this item could directly kill them, it would be abnormally powerful.

Directly killing dragons below Stage 7 was quite astounding. Now that Great Qin had Stage 5 Wyverns, their power was enough to make countless people tremble. With their advantage in the air, even 50,000 Stage 1 soldiers would not be able to deal with a single Wyvern.

However, this ballista could kill dragons below Stage 7 - one could only imagine just how powerful it was. It could at the very least heavily wound Stage 7 dragons, which was incredibly shocking.

Looking at the large ballista's, which gave off a faint glow, complicated structure, Zhao Fu knew that Great Qin would not be able to create such a thing. Just all the materials alone would definitely all be Epic grade. Great Qin could not even create Epic grade equipment yet, let alone such a powerful ballista.

The second item was yet another item to rejoice over, and Zhao Fu felt even more hopeful as he opened the third Region Treasure Box.

A light shot out as a lump of metal appeared. It was as big as a chicken egg and was oval-shaped and golden-colored. It gave off a brilliant golden light as well as a sharp aura.

[Innate Variant Gold]: An Epic grade material that is incredibly sharp. It is suitable for forging equipment.

It was only a material, making Zhao Fu feel a bit disappointed. However, an Epic grade material was still quite good, so he was not overly disappointed.

Now, there was one treasure box left, and Zhao Fu wondered if he would get anything good from it.

Zhao Fu lightly opened it, after which a medicinal pill appeared before him. It was red, black, and yellow, and it gave off a grass medicine smell. Zhao Fu wondered what sort of medicinal pill it was.

[Domain Pill]: A medicinal pill that can awaken one's Domain, and if one already has a Domain, it will strengthen the Domain.

Looking at the medicinal pill, Zhao Fu felt that it was quite good. He already had the King's Domain, and this medicinal pill could cause it to become even more powerful.

Overall, Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with his gains from these four Region Treasure Boxes - as expected from things obtained from Region Treasure Boxes.

Zhao Fu returned to his room and sat cross-legged on his bed as he consumed the Domain Pill. His body trembled as the Domain Pill turned into three streams of energy that flowed throughout his body and gathered in his head.


Zhao Fu felt an explosion within his mind as a semi-circular black barrier expanded outwards. It was 300 meters wide, and the nine dragon inscriptions now became 36 dragon inscriptions that flowed around on the black barrier.

Zhao Fu's King's Domain now gave off a powerful aura of suppression, like a dragon's might, and it was at least four times more powerful than before. It had obtained incredible strength and defense.

After those around saw the gigantic dragon-inscription barrier, they all felt quite surprised and wondered what had happened. They worriedly came over.

Zhao Fu retracted the King's Domain and received a system announcement.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have unlocked one of the five Celestial Senses, Perception."

Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel ecstatic - he had never thought that he would unlock the third Celestial Sense like this. Zhao Fu had already unlocked Divine Sense and Heavenly Sense, and now, he had unlocked 'Perception.' Now, he needed two more to unlock the legendary Celestial Mode, which Zhao Fu was quite eager for.

"Your Majesty, are you alright?" Xianru's voice sounded out from outside.

Zhao Fu replied that he was fine and told her to come in. Seeing that Zhao Fu was fine, everyone outside let out a sigh of relief. Now that Zhao Fu was still recovering from the Fate backlash, they couldn't allow anything to happen to him.

Elsewhere, Great Qin's soldiers in the four regions started to return, while spies from the other factions started to silently enter those four regions.

When the spies first received their orders, they felt unwilling, as they knew that great changes had happened in those four regions. If they were caught by Great Qin, they would have to immediately commit suicide, or they would be tortured to the point that they would beg for death.

Everyone was quite clear as to Great Qin's ruthlessness now, but after going to the regions for a few days and finding that not much had happened, they all went back to report.

After hearing this, the countless factions let out sighs of relief, and the various countries started to advance and fight again. There were massive benefits riding on these battles, so they couldn't just stop like this.

Zhao Fu was quite leisurely these days and did not have much to do, so he rode Little Black and brought Little Gray and Little White to stroll around Great Qin's territory.

Zhao Fu suddenly felt that Little Black, Little Gray, and Little White sounded quite childish and did not suit them anymore. As such, he decided to change their names: Little Black was renamed to Black Forest, Little Gray was changed to Moon Wolf, and Little White was changed to Fat Cat.

Little Black had the Underworld Nightmare Bloodline and was extremely fast, and its hooves had four balls of fire. Little Gray was now snowy-white and did not have any gray fur anymore. It seemed to have the Howling Moon Bloodline, and its movements became more elegant as its appearance started to look more good-looking and majestic.

Finally, Little White spent every day with Asani and only ate and slept, making it look like a fat ball now. Because of this Zhao Fu decided to call it Fat Cat.