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 However, even Advanced Restriction-Breaking Stones were unable to break through an Advanced Void Zone, as they were different powers. Void Zones were made from the energy of a region, and they were very difficult for Restriction-Breaking Stones to break through.

It was a pity that Void Zones only extended for 5,000 kilometers. Zhao Fu wanted to make them wider so that anyone who wanted to enter the Xianyang Region without permission would have to walk for a long time and would be susceptible to many ambushes.

However, this was still quite good - ordinarily, it would take at least two to three days to travel 5,000 kilometers, and Great Qin would be able to set up some decent alerts so that Great Qin would be able to respond as soon as possible if people were to invade.

Next, there were region bonuses to stats - as the official faction of the region, Great Qin's subjects obtained a 10% buff to their basic stats, while invaders received a 10% debuff to their stats.

Apart from these battle stats, Great Qin also received additional production stats: Crop Production +30% and Crop Growing Time -30%.

They also obtained a special profession, 'Region Guards.'

[Region Guards]: D- grade Military, Description: Soldiers of the official faction of a region, Effects: Receives [Region Power].

After using the Profession Upgrade Stones from the Ghost Festival, the Great Qin Soldier profession was now D grade, which was a bit higher than the Region Guards. The Region Guards were essentially like a village's special profession.

However, the Region Guards had Region Power as a result of Great Qin conquering the entire region, so perhaps they would be more powerful than the Great Qin Soldier profession within the Xianyang Region. However, if they went out of the region, perhaps they would not be as powerful. Zhao Fu decided to nurture a group of Region Guards to test them out as guards for Xianyang.

Apart from these professions, Zhao Fu could also give Official Posts, and the officials would receive Region Fate and some protection.

These Official Posts included things like Mayors, and they were different compared to Mayors of Towns in the wilderness who had risen up by themselves. Only people given Official Posts by the official faction of the region would have these bonuses.

Zhao Fu could also send out Region Announcements and Region Quests.

Anyone within Xianyang, no matter where they were, would hear the announcements sent out by Great Qin, just like the system announcements from before.

As for the Region Quests, they were like the quests given out in cities, but people did not have to go to Quest Stone Steles to claim them - no matter where people were, they could accept and claim quests.

This was essentially like receiving some system authority, which was incredibly powerful and could make anyone incredibly excited. That was the benefit of unifying a region.

Now, Great Qin had full control over Xianyang, and they had finally set up a cornerstone to conquer the world. Now, they turned their gaze to the surrounding four regions: Red Plum Plains, East Green, Little Valley, and Hundred Bamboo.

These four regions essentially did not have any system factions anymore. After that large battle, some of the system main cities had been conquered and relocated by Great Qin, and the remaining system main cities knew that Great Qin would not let them off.

After seeing Great Qin's strength for themselves, they knew that they would not be able to stop them, so they could only choose to relocate, taking their City Creation Stones and countless residents to other regions.

Out of the four regions, Zhao Fu decided to clear out Red Plum Plains first, as it mostly flat, so visibility would be good, helping them clear out the other factions.

Another reason was that the plains were a good region for raising horses, and Zhao Fu wanted to turn this place into a horse-breeding area. In the future, the Great Qin Empire's warhorses would be supplied from here. In ancient times, Cavalry was one of the most vicious and ferocious parts of the military, and they definitely had to have many soldiers with this profession.

Zhao Fu had not yet started to clear out the Red Plum Plains, and he instead split the 1.2 million soldiers into four teams and had them go into the four regions, setting up camp where the original system main cities had been.

"System announcement! East Green's system factions have all relocated, and you have conquered East Green and obtained a large amount of Region Fate. Players will no longer spawn in this region."

"System announcement! Red Plum Plain's system factions have all relocated, and you have conquered Red Plum Plains and obtained a large amount of Region Fate. Players will no longer spawn in this region."

"System announcement! Hundred Bamboo's system factions have all relocated, and you have conquered Hundred Bamboo and obtained a large amount of Region Fate. Players will no longer spawn in this region."

"System announcement! Little Valley's system factions have all relocated, and you have conquered Little Valley and obtained a large amount of Region Fate. Players will no longer spawn in this region."

Apart from receiving these four system announcements about conquering the four regions, Zhao Fu also received four system announcements about receiving four Region Treasure Boxes, making him laugh in delight.

Zhao Fu wanted to first conquer the four regions before slowly clearing them out completely. This prevented anyone from slipping in without him noticing and stealing the four regions' Fate.

With the Region Fate from the four regions, Great Qin greatly recovered, as did Zhao Fu's injuries. Now, he was able to use some of his strength again.

At first, Zhao Fu had not thought of this, as the four regions essentially already belonged to Great Qin. As such, he did not pay too much mind to them, and he only realized this after fully clearing out the Forest of Horrors.

The four sudden system announcements about Great Qin conquering four regions shook the entire Midland Continent. After all, the system announcements that they received were different from what Zhao Fu had received.

"System announcement! East Green Region has been conquered!"

"System announcement! Red Plum Plains Region has been conquered!"

"System announcement! Little Valley Region has been conquered!"

"System announcement! Hundred Bamboo Region has been conquered!"

Those continuous system announcements shocked countless people into not being able to speak. How could someone continuously conquer four regions? How was that possible?

At first, the ordinary people had not realized what was happening and thought that four boundary regions had been conquered, giving them a big fright. However, they soon realized that these regions were all within China's inner territory. Someone conquering four regions was simply too terrifying!

Even India, with 40 million people, had to conquer region by region; just who could simultaneously attack four regions?

Countless Legatees' faces fell. Because of Great Qin, they clearly remembered those four surrounding regions' names, and they realized who had done this. Apart from Great Qin, who could do such a thing?

Had Great Qin recovered already? Was it baring its fangs towards them again?

Simultaneously conquering four regions was, no doubt, declaring: You group of trash, your elder's standing again.

All of China's Legatees immediately stopped what they were doing and had people go and investigate Great Qin. The foreign Legatees also heard the system announcements because they were within China's territory, and after hearing them, they quickly went to investigate Great Qin as well.