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 Another week later, Great Qin finally finished clearing out the Forest of Horrors. There were essentially no obstacles, and ordinary villages were unable to resist at all. Facing Great Qin, they were easily destroyed.

At the same time, after clearing out an entire region, Great Qin once again became immensely more powerful.

Great Qin's population reached 6.5 million people, and Zhao Fu also expanded the army to 1.2 million. 800,000 of them were Stage 1 soldiers, and the 400,000 new soldiers had all used Blood God Pills to boost their cultivations. With Stage 3 medicinal pills, they would be able to reach Stage 1 quite soon.

There were now also around 10,000 Stage 2 soldiers who were all the soldiers who had followed Zhao Fu from the start. These Stage 2 soldiers would be able to instantly kill Stage 1 soldiers or below, and one person could easily deal with seven or eight Stage 1 soldiers.

If Zhao Fu had 20,000 Stage 2 soldiers, they would be able to deal with 140,000 or so Stage 1 soldiers, which was incredibly powerful. If he could nurture Stage 3 soldiers, each one of them would be able to deal with 50 Stage 1 soldiers each.

This was a world where high-cultivation soldiers dominated. They were the main force in conquering the world, and low-cultivation soldiers could only be slaughtered. Zhao Fu had long since wanted to nurture a high-cultivation force.

It was a pity that despite doing his best, it was still too slow. There were still many soldiers who were not even Stage 1 yet, and there was not much they could do about this but wait. One day, Great Qin would be able to have Stage 3 soldiers.

Apart from population and soldiers, Great Qin now had 19 Great Cities, three Basic Cities, 12 Basic Towns, and 1389 Villages.

They were all the foundation of Great Qin. The number of villagers spawned every day was incredibly shocking: each Great City spawned at least 500 people per day, each Basic City spawned at least 200 people per day, Basic Towns spawned at least 100 people per day, and Villages spawned at least five people per day.

Nineteen Great Cities spawned 9,500 people per day, three Basic Cities spawned 600 people per day, 12 Basic Towns spawned 1,200 people per day, and the 1,389 Villages spawned at least 6,945 people per day. Altogether, this was 18,245 people, close to 20,000, in just a single day.

This did not even include the people that Great Qin was buying from the various regions every day. Altogether, Great Qin was gaining around 25,000 people per day.

Only with a massive population would they be able to make up for the loss of people in future battles in order to not leave the kingdom empty with no one to defend against invasions.

The Forest of Horrors had now become the base of Great Qin after they had wiped away all other factions. This was Great Qin's cornerstone, and it was Great Qin's first step in dominating the world, as well as the capital of the Great Qin Empire in the future.

After clearing out all other factions, Zhao Fu received ultimate control over the region and a system announcement.

"System announcement! You have destroyed all other factions in the Forest of Horrors and obtained supreme control over the region. You are now the Region Lord of this region and can change the rules of this region."

After this system announcement sounded out, the entire Forest of Horrors trembled, after which three-colored light started to gather above Great Qin.

A massive aura spread out from the sky, and it emanated pure strength, making countless people feel awe and respect.

At the same time, a two meter wide, three-colored orb of light appeared in the sky and slowly descended before merging with the Great Qin's City Heart.

"System announcement! The Great Qin City has fused with the Region Heart. The Great Qin faction has become this region's official faction."

This was something that could make anyone jump with joy, as one would now hold supreme power within a region. Just hearing this, one could guess how powerful it was. Moreover, the Great Qin faction had become the official faction of this region, meaning that Great Qin was now the governmental faction of this region.

Zhao Fu started to excitedly laugh. Now that Great Qin had become the official faction of the Forest of Horrors, the power that it wielded was immense.

At the same time, there were countless unexpected benefits.

This made Zhao Fu so happy that he could not stop laughing. The benefits exceeded anything that anyone could think of, even things that other people thought were impossible.

First, there was a new page after the Great Qin City's stats page, which was the Region Page. Now, the entire Forest of Horrors was under Great Qin's control.

Zhao Fu now had the power to change the Forest of Horrors' name. Even though the name suited how the region looked, Zhao Fu did not like this name. After all, this was Great Qin's headquarters, and the Forest of Horrors was not a very nice-sounding name.

Zhao Fu thought for a moment and decided to change the region's name to the Great Qin Empire's historical capital, Xianyang.

Zhao Fu typed Xianyang into the Region Page and chose to confirm it. A wave of light rippled out from Great Qin, and those who were within the Forest of Horrors received a Region Announcement that the Forest of Horrors had disappeared and been replaced with the Xianyang Region.

Next, Zhao Fu could also change the settings for the Void Zone. The Void Zone was now under Great Qin's control, not the system's control.

Even if the system opened up all the paths to other regions and removed the Void Zones, the Void Zones around the Xianyang Region would still remain, as they were controlled by Great Qin. Whether or not they were open was dependent on Great Qin.

It was only natural for Zhao Fu to choose to have Void Zones, and ones with Advanced Void Energy as well.

Advanced Void Zones were not passable even with Void Crystals, as Void Crystals could only pass through Basic Void Zones.

Moreover, despite Advanced Void Zones, Great Qin would still be able to freely enter and exit the Xianyang Region. After all, Great Qin was the official faction of the Xianyang Region, and the Region Heart had fused with the Great Qin City. Therefore, Zhao Fu could also set who could freely enter and exit the region.

Zhao Fu did a test to see if the various methods to destroy isolation barriers would work against the Advanced Void Zones and found that they were ineffective.

Great Qin already had methods to destroy isolation barriers, which required Restriction-Breaking Stones. These stones specialized in breaking isolation barriers, and they were quite rare.

These Restriction-Breaking Stones were split into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, and most that could be found were Basic Restriction-Breaking Stones that could only destroy Basic isolation barriers.

Before, Great Qin had always been using Basic isolation barriers, as the area that they needed to cover was fairly large. Great Qin only had one or two Intermediate and Advanced isolation barriers, and because they could not cover a large area, they could only rely on Basic isolation barriers that were often broken through.

If they used Intermediate or Advanced isolation barriers, things would have gone differently, but it was a pity that they were simply too rare. Otherwise, no matter how expensive they were, Great Qin would have bought them.