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 Now, Great Qin had two main things to do: the first was to clear out the remaining one-third of the Forest of Horrors and unify the Forest of Horrors before clearing out the other regions.

The second was to produce Reality Harming Talismans. Even though they had the materials and the recipe, Great Qin still had no way to produce the talismans, as it lacked the Talisman Master profession.

Talisman Masters could create various types of talismans. Great Qin did not ordinarily use talismans, and because it had always bought talismans during festivals, it never had the need to nurture Talisman Masters.

Great Qin had only developed two types of Auxiliary Professions: one was Equipment Master and the other was Pill Master.

These two professions were of the greatest use to Great Qin, so they had nurtured many people with these professions. Now, it seemed that they also needed to nurture many Talisman Masters. This was because apart from creating talisman papers, they also wanted to create Talisman Equipment.

Talisman Equipment was made out of Talisman Stones, and the creation method was quite complex. As such, it was necessary for them to be created by Talisman Masters.

The golden dragon had told Zhao Fu that Talisman Equipment was something that the Heaven Murder Empire had obtained after destroying the incredibly powerful Talisman Empire. They were incredibly powerful equipment and were the Talisman Empire's greatest secret.

White grade Talisman Equipment were more powerful than ordinary Blue grade equipment, and they could even be used with talisman papers to give them even more powerful buffs. With the right talisman papers, a White grade Talisman Equipment could be more powerful than an ordinary Silver grade equipment.

It was a pity that Great Qin greatly lacked Talisman Stones, and they were incredibly rare. The majority of the Talisman Stones on the market were White grade, and they were incredibly expensive, one gold coin each.

However, what Great Qin lacked least was money - putting aside the equipment they had obtained, Great Qin had conquered ten or so system main cities, and each of them had provided at least three million gold coins, which was at least 30 million gold coins in total.

Zhao Fu ordered some people to mass-buy Talisman Stones, the higher the grade the better. That way, the Talisman Equipment created from them would be more powerful.

Apart from this, Zhao Fu also spent much money to buy ten Talisman Master Profession Change Stone Steles. Each of them could allow 2,000 people to obtain the Talisman Master profession, which was 20,000 people in total.

It would be for the best that the Talisman Masters would be able to read and write, as most of their work involved calligraphy.

Zhao Fu left this to his subordinates to take care of. They needed to quickly nurture Talisman Masters to create Reality Harming Talismans and Talisman Equipment. This would not be possible in a short while, so Zhao Fu turned his mind to other things.

He called Sun Hanxiang and the other female Generals over. Because he had been quite busy, he had not been able to pay much attention to the four women. After staying in Great Qin for a while, their Loyalty values had changed - Bai Xihan's Loyalty was now 80, and Zhao Fu could make her an official General.

However, the three other women's Loyalty was not very high yet - Sun Hanxiang's Loyalty was at 40, Wei Qing's was at 30, and Xu Liuyi's was at 50.

The three of them were not ready to serve Great Qin yet, making Zhao Fu feel a bit disappointed. He did not know when they would finally submit to Great Qin, so he said to the three women, "You may leave for now!"

Zhao Fu decided to keep Bai Xihan with him. She was a Great General, and as long as she was willing to serve Great Qin, he was willing to give her an equal position with the other Generals.

However, at that moment, Wei Qing suddenly said, "I don't want to sit around with women all day. I want to fight on the battlefield!"

All of them were Great Generals with a lot of experience, so they were unwilling to be like the other women and just sit around doing nothing every day. They had had enough of remaining within the City Hall every day with the other concubines.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile and say, "Do you really think that with your Loyalty I'd trust you enough to give you soldiers to command?"

Hearing this, Wei Qing couldn't say anything in response.

Sun Hanxiang bowed and sighed as she said, "I'm willing to submit. I've already slept on the same bed with Your Highness for a few days, and my reputation has already been tarnished. I'm yours now!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite awkward.

Seeing this, Xu Liuyi also made a decision. Because her Loyalty was at 50 and was ten higher than Sun Hanxiang's, she said, "I'm also willing to serve Great Qin!"

Finally, Wei Qing hesitated, perhaps because of the tension between Great Qin and the Han Dynasty, which she had served previously. However, since things had come to this, she decided to also pledge her loyalty to Great Qin.

The three women's Loyalty immediately rose to 70, and Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile. He had wondered when they would finally be willing to serve Great Qin, and he had never expected things to change so quickly.

Even though a Loyalty of 70 was not very high, he could give them some responsibilities for now. Hopefully, their Loyalty would increase even more soon.

After giving the four women titles as Generals, they felt settled and did not oppose Zhao Fu anymore. Slight smiles appeared on their faces - they could lead soldiers in battles now.

"Your Majesty, they're all Generals?" After Gao Li saw those women, she felt a bit surprised. She could detect their auras and could tell that they were not ordinary people. They were very different than other ordinary women, and most people were quite familiar with the ten Great Generals from the New Year Festival.

Zhao Fu nodded. Now that Gao Li belonged to Great Qin, Zhao Fu did not hide anything from her and gave her a brief explanation, making Gao Li feel incredibly shocked. She thought to herself, "Great Qin is indeed a monster; they must have obtained at least half of the best things from the New Year Festival. No wonder no one can beat him!"

This was no longer important. Now that she belonged to this man, the more powerful Great Qin became, the more powerful and well off she and her family would become as well. When she thought of that, an emotional look appeared in Gao Li's eyes, and she started to want to become Zhao Fu's woman.

After making those four women Generals, Great Qin had four more Generals. They all had General Stars, but their General Stars were sealed by Fate Seals. After resolving this matter, Zhao Fu had one less thing to worry about.

Finally, Zhao Fu went to the Wyvern Den and had a look. The Wyverns were Great Qin's greatest hidden weapon, and they could completely change the tide of a battle. It was a pity that there were not many yet, only 32 so far.

There were only 27 that could fight, and the rest were juveniles. The other ones that were mature or elderly could fight.

Time gradually passed, and after the various countries felt that Great Qin was not going to do anything else, they all slightly relaxed. As more and more people joined the fights at the borders, the fighting became more and more intense.

Great Qin lapsed into a period of peace and did not send any soldiers out of the Forest of Horrors, nor did they attack any system main cities. Great Qin's soldiers just cleared the Forest of Horrors, while the rest of Great Qin stabilized the production of various resources and also switched over to spring crops.