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 Following this, Zhao Fu went to the City Heart and chose to conquer the city. The City Heart continuously trembled and exploded out with a powerful aura as a gray pillar of light shot into the sky, causing the weather to change.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The mournful drum sounds rang out nine times, and almost the entirety of the northern side of the Midland Continent could hear them.

Countless people looked over in surprise. Because of all that had happened before, they knew what this signified. However, during this time when China was facing invasions on all sides, fighting intense battles, who had conquered another Legacy?

In the northern side of the Midland Continent, apart from Great Qin, who had gone silent for a while, there was no one else who could or would do such a thing!

After hearing the sounds of those drums, the five countries invading from the northern side felt quite panicked and immediately went into a defensive status, temporarily not daring to advance.

After hearing about this, the other Dynasty Legatees coldly laughed and had people go out and spread this news. Very soon, countless people heard about this - during this time when China was united against foreign enemies, Great Qin had started internal conflicts and conquered another Legacy.

China exploded into an uproar, and countless people started to curse at Great Qin.

"Screw you! Are you even Chinese anymore? Putting aside the fact that you're hiding away like a coward, you've even started internal conflicts and disrupted our unity. Is Great Qin even human?"

"Great Qin is an idiot! Get out of China. We're disgusted by you!"

"Great Qin is a traitor to China and has sold out its own country. Otherwise, it wouldn't do such a thing. Remember, if we have an opportunity in the future, we have to get rid of Great Qin!"

"Disrupting unity, going against the country, and not helping out in a time of crisis, it's best to destroy a garbage dynasty like this as soon as possible. We don't need someone as selfish as Great Qin's Legatee, who only pursues his own interests and has no love for others!"

The sounds of cursing resounded throughout China, but the various foreign countries started to feel immense fear. Didn't Great Qin use up all of its Fate? And Great Qin's Legatee received a Fate backlash, right? Why wasn't he hiding away, nursing his injuries? Why had he instead run out and conquered another Legacy?

Could it be that Great Qin had already recovered even though it had not been very long? Otherwise, how could they do such a thing? The various countries all hesitated and chose to go into a defensive status, no longer attacking to see if the situation would change.

India's Shama looked incredibly serious. Now that he had a Nation Armament and a Clan Armament, he was not threatened by anyone and believed that no one could defeat him. The only person who he was worried about was Great Qin's Legatee, the person who struck fear into everyone in the world.

Shama did not have much confidence if he had to face up against him - after all, Zhao Fu also had a Clan Armament and various other terrifying methods. There was at least a 50% possibility that he would lose if he faced off against Zhao Fu.

Shama thought about it and decided not to advance. Instead, he decided to wait it out to see what would happen.

After conquering Northern Qi City, a chain of system announcements sounded out in Zhao Fu's mind to the point that he thought that his head was going to explode.

"System announcement! Northern Qi has submitted, and all of its Fate has been devoured by Great Qin. Great Qin has obtained a large amount of Fate."

"System announcement! Great Qin has subdued Northern Qi and obtained all of its Legacies."

"System announcement! Great Qin's City Heart has started evolving and has completed 4/30 of the evolution."

"System announcement! The Great Qin City has obtained one-fifth of Northern Qi's City's stats."

"System announcement! The Nation Armament Twelve Metal Colossi has obtained a massive amount of Fate and has become slightly upgraded."

"System announcement! The Clan Armament Imperial Ruler's Seal has obtained a massive amount of Fate and has become slightly upgraded."

"System announcement! You have conquered a Legacy City and obtained 6,000 Achievement Points."

"System announcement! You have obtained 500 War Points."

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have fulfilled the final requirement to level up the Great Qin City. The Great Qin City has been leveled up into a Level 1 Great City!"

Zhao Fu did not bother going through the other system announcements, but after seeing that last one, Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile. Great Qin had finally risen to a Great City.

At the same time, Great Qin absorbed a large amount of Northern Qi's Fate. Great Qin's withered Fate regained some of its vitality, and Zhao Fu's injuries also quickly healed. Now, he could walk around with no problems at all.

After taking care of these things, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin, satisfied. Northern Qi's foundation had not been severed, so they could not relocate the city, and Zhao Fu did not take any people away either. After all, Northern Qi City only had around 70,000 people left, which was not much for a Basic City.

Zhao Fu decided to provide some high-grade medicinal pills and good equipment to help them defend the city. Zhao Fu also kept some of the villages outside to help Northern Qi recover faster.

Now that Northern Qi belonged to Great Qin, it would be protected by Great Qin, so it was quite safe. However, it still needed to become more powerful.

However, Zhao Fu had to take away Gao Li and the six historical beauties. Even though Gao Li was Northern Qi's Legatee, she had become an Imperial Concubine, so Zhao Fu had to take her away. Northern Qi City was given to people who she trusted to run, while the City Lord Seal remained in Gao Li's hands.

Zhao Fu would have some of his people go and manage Northern Qi City, and he permitted Gao Li to return there every once in a while.

Gao Li was quite grateful towards Zhao Fu's arrangements, so she left willingly with Zhao Fu. Afterward, Zhao Fu was quite surprised to find that Gao Li was compatible with the Silver Lake Immortal Sword, so he gave it to her. He decided to also keep her at his side and develop her as a bodyguard.


:2492950/6240000 362640/1282000

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu took a look at the Great Qin City's new stats.

Village Name: Great Qin City (Epic)

Level: Level 1 Great City (1,800,000/11,200,000)

Village Area: 4,500 square kilometers

Village Territory: 201,800 square kilometers

Residents: 2,492,950/6,240,000

Military: 362,640/1,282,000

Popular Support: 85

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +150%, Territory Crop Growing Time -150%, Population Limit +105%, Residents' stats can randomly +10, Soldiers' stats +11%, Population Attraction +125%, chances of attracting higher grade population +125%.

Subsidiary Village Limit: 8,400

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village...

After rising to a Level 1 Great City, Great Qin now needed more than ten million EXP to level up again. This was a massive figure, and ordinary people would not be able to amass such a figure in their entire lives. However, it was an incredibly simple matter to Great Qin.

After leveling Great Qin up to a Level 5 Great City, it could become a Capital City, then a Royal City. Only with a Royal City would Great Qin be able to restore its nation, which was quite an exciting matter.

Rising to a Capital City required three Great Cities, six Basic Cities, and nine Basic Towns.

System main cities were Great Cities, which Great Qin had plenty of, and they had many Basic Towns from clearing out the Forest of Horrors. Now, they just needed more Basic Cities and EXP!