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 After Great Qin's army took over Northern Qi City, Xianru helped Zhao Fu into Northern Qi City's City Hall, and he sat down in the main seat. Zhao Fu looked at the handsome, pretty-looking woman kneeling in front of him, who had a trace of blood leaking out of her mouth and looked quite wretched.

After capturing Northern Qi's Legatee and taking over Northern Qi City, Zhao Fu had wanted to conquer and relocate Northern Qi City, but this Legatee had suddenly changed her mind and decided to submit to Great Qin. She expressed that she was willing to do anything and hoped that Great Qin would preserve the name of Northern Qi as opposed to destroying it completely.

Having a nation submit was better than destroying it, as it would be able to continuously provide Fate to Great Qin, and they would be able to use that nation's historical Generals.

Zhao Fu did not have to think about it too much to agree, but he did not give her a Lordship. Instead, he had her come up and lifted up her chin. Seeing that she did not have an adam's apple, it seemed that she really was a woman.

Apart from checking for an adam's apple, there were other methods, but seeing that Northern Qi's Legatee's chest was quite flat, there was only one other way. Since he had already confirmed that she did not have an adam's apple, there was no need to go so far.

Northern Qi's Legatee, who was called Gao Li, looked at the pale-looking young man in front of her. After seeing those blood-red eyes, she felt an instinctive fear, and she had long since heard of his mighty name. Every day, she had been worried that he would attack.

After Zhao Fu lifted up her chin, Gao Li's body froze, and she did not dare to resist. After all, Zhao Fu could do whatever he wanted to her now, as her life was within his hands. Now that he had taken over Northern Qi and captured her, Gao Li could only submit to him out of fear of him acting cruelly.

Zhao Fu took his hand away and slightly smiled as he said, "I can not destroy Northern Qi, but you must become an Imperial Concubine!"

"Mm!" Gao Li did not feel very surprised - after all, she had heard of Great Qin's Legatee's lustful ways, and she could only nod.

Zhao Fu looked at Xianru, who handed over a sheet of paper with Gao Li's name written on it. Zhao Fu then summoned the Imperial Ruler's Seal and gave Gao Li the title of Imperial Concubine.

This was the second time that Zhao Fu had met a female Nation Legatee. Even though Wu Qingniang was the first one, with the Zhou empire's history, Zhao Fu was not surprised. However, he was quite surprised that Northern Qi's Legatee was a woman.

This was because most of the Legatees were male, and female Legatees were quite rare.

Right now, Gao Li had both Dragon Qi and Phoenix Qi, and because she did not have a constitution like Wu Qingniang's, upon being made an Imperial Concubine, all of her Dragon Qi was converted into Phoenix Qi. The amount of Phoenix Qi that a Legatee had was simply immense.

After the Imperial Edict turned into a ray of light and entered Gao Li's body, countless traces of gray dragon qi rose out of Gao Li's body, and the gray dragon within her body started to go through changes - it became a golden color and gradually dissipated before a golden phoenix appeared.

The golden phoenix within Gao Li's body flapped its wings as an immense wave of Phoenix Qi rushed out of her body.

Zhao Fu's pale face looked a bit rosier - after all, the amount of Phoenix Qi that Gao Li had was more than what Sun Hanxiang and Wei Qing had combined. As expected from a Nation Legatee.

After seeing this, many people gasped - they had all thought that Gao Li had been a handsome, pretty-looking man, and after hearing that Zhao Fu wanted to make her an Imperial Concubine, they had been incredibly shocked. They wondered why His Majesty had all of a sudden become interested in men!

Looking at the Phoenix Qi rising up out of Gao Li's body, everyone realized that this handsome, pretty-looking man was actually a woman.

"Your Majesty, we didn't find any historical Generals or any historical Generals' corpses, but we found a few historical figures!" a soldier came up and reported.

Zhao Fu felt a bit surprised - how could they not have any historical Generals? Even if they were killed, surely their corpses were still somewhere! If they could find them, they could take them back and refine them for Innate Talent Blood Crystals.

Gao Li sighed and said, "Your Majesty, Northern Qi doesn't have any historical Generals, only historical beauties."

"Not a single historical General?" Zhao Fu asked.

Gao Li nodded, feeling quite annoyed towards her Legacy.

It was indeed China's lewdest dynasty; there were not any historical Generals, only beauties. Zhao Fu was quite surprised at this, but he realized that this was only natural.

However, he did not mind too much as he needed their Phoenix Qi, so he said, "Bring them in!"

The soldier nodded, after which six peerlessly beautiful women walked into the hall. Not only their looks but their demeanors were also incredibly attractive.

Northern Qi was quite capable to be able to collect these six beauties. They were not inferior to the women on the Ancient Beauty Rankings at all.

The first was called Lu Lingxuan, and she was 26 or 27 years old and had extremely good looks. Her skin was snowy white, and she had an elegant figure and a very domineering demeanor. Her gaze seemed quite deep and sharp, making her seem like a woman with ambition, and she was silently weighing up Zhao Fu.

The second was called Rou Ran, and she looked quite extroverted. She was quite tall and had tanned skin, and she seemed to have a wild side.

The third was called Cao Zhaoyi, and she had just turned 20 years old. She looked as beautiful as a flower and had a sweet, graceful figure, giving off an air of irresistible charm.

The fourth was called Lou Zhaojun, and she was around 30 years old and also had good looks. Her body was quite mature, giving off a wise and kind aura.

The fifth was called Li Zu'E, and she was incredibly beautiful and had supple skin and a warm demeanor.

The sixth was called Feng Xiaolian, who was a famed beauty. Her looks were much better than the five other beauties. Not only did she have supple skin, but it was also incredibly white, and she had a graceful figure and a dignified demeanor.

Zhao Fu had Xianru look at their Phoenix Qi and found that they had an immense amount of Phoenix Qi - the amount they had was many times more than those of descendants of big families.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate to make them all concubines. As their massive amount of Phoenix Qi was absorbed into the Emperor Phoenix Statue, Zhao Fu instantly felt his injuries quickly recover. Now, he could walk without being supported - this was a big step forward.

A Fate backlash was not something that could be healed by ordinary things; ordinary medicines were completely useless, and only by obtaining Fate or other special resources could one gradually recover.

Zhao Fu turned to look at Feng Xiaolian - her descendant, Feng Shiyu, was at the Ying family's residence.

Meeting Zhao Fu's gaze, Feng Xiaolian pouted playfully, a flirtatious look in her eyes.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and ordered his people to take Gao Li and the six historical beauties away before preparing to conquer Northern Qi City.

After others found out about this, they couldn't help but feel that it was only right that China's lewdest dynasty had fallen to a person like Zhao Fu.

After Zhao Fu heard about this, he felt that his reputation had taken another blow and couldn't help but feel a bit wronged.