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 This was quite exciting, and Zhao Fu couldn't help but grin. Great Qin did not need to worry about the threat of ordinary people anymore. Now that one of his biggest problems had been resolved, Zhao Fu was able to relax.

However, did he want to use them to resolve the invasions? Great Qin had the power to do so.

Zhao Fu thought about it before sighing and deciding not to participate. The other factions fighting each other was beneficial to Great Qin because they would not pay any attention to Great Qin. Great Qin could use this opportunity to stealthily develop.

If China started to wholeheartedly resist the invasions, Zhao Fu could help China resolve this crisis. However, after so many operations to destroy Great Qin, Zhao Fu's heart had become cold.

However, battles between nations reduced the strength of humanity overall, and an even more dangerous crisis was approaching.

Zhao Fu was unable to care about the whole world, so he could only grab this opportunity to quickly restore Great Qin as soon as possible in order to guarantee that Great Qin and Great Qin's subjects would not be harmed.

With the remaining 500 million New Year Points, in order to increase the speed at which they conquered villages, Zhao Fu exchanged for items called Village Compasses that could point to villages within ten kilometers.

Even though it was only ten kilometers, which did not seem like a large area, they would be able to save a lot of time. This was because they could tell if there were villages nearby, and if there weren't, they could immediately leave and look elsewhere.

These Village Compasses were quite expensive and cost 10 million New Year Points per compass. In order to clear out the five regions faster, Zhao Fu bought 50 of them.

Right now, with their forces, clearing a region would take at least a month, and clearing the four other regions as well would take at least another six months. It was simply too long.

Now, Great Qin returned to clearing out the Forest of Horrors, and with the ten or so City Lords controlling the situation, the soldiers split up into teams to sweep through the region.

A week later, all of the snow and ice had melted, and green sprouts and buds started to appear on the ground. The world once again seemed full of life.

Great Qin had cleared out roughly two-thirds of the Forest of Horrors, and they only had one-third left to clear before unifying the Forest of Horrors.

There were not many changes to China's situation at the boundary regions - each side would launch attacks at the other side, but the situation still remained at a stalemate.

However, Zhao Fu also received a piece of good news, which was that within the regions that Great Qin was going to unify, they had found a Nation Legatee.

The Legatee was the Legatee of Northern Qi, which was one of the lewdest dynasties of China. The Emperors would often rape married women and do shameful things like sharing women with fathers, sons, and brothers.

This not only applied to their concubines but to their official wives as well. These things were not just occasional happenings but part of the norm. At the same time, the rulers liked to take the wives and daughters of ministers and officials, and they sometimes even had their way with them in the imperial court. Some Emperors even went to the imperial court naked.

Apart from the lewdness of the dynasty, the politics were incredibly corrupt, and half of the time Northern Qi was in power, China had been incredibly lawless. Everyone did as one wanted, and people killed others at their own whims. The rulers killed whoever they wanted to kill, and after being killed, their bodies would be dismembered. Some people were executed by being boiled within the imperial court, and it was as if the rulers were not satisfied if they did not kill people every day.

Sometimes, many people were killed every day. In order to please the Emperors, the ministers would hand over many death-sentence criminals to the Emperor to execute.

Moreover, they lived extremely luxurious lives and disregarded the suffering of the common people. They constructed large palaces and used countless people as manpower.

Also, two of the Northern Qi Empresses voluntarily went to become prostitutes in order to gain fame and pleasure. Many gentlemen and scholars went to seek their services - it could be seen just how licentious this dynasty was.

China only had one dynasty that was like this, and it was referred to as the most bestial dynasty in China's history.

During the political disturbances in the Northern Wei dynasty, general Gao Huan took control of the Northern Wei dynasty and installed a puppet Emperor. After he died, his son Gao Cheng took over, but he was assassinated by a slave. His younger brother, Gao Yang, rose to the throne, got rid of the puppet Emperor, and established Northern Qi.

Northern Qi had six Emperors in total, and it was destroyed by its enemy, Northern Zhou, lasting 28 years in total.

It would have been surprising for such a dynasty not to be destroyed. For it to last less than 30 years, it was a fairly short-lived dynasty.

However, as a dynasty from the Wei, Jin, and the Southern and Northern Dynasties, it still had quite a lot of Fate, more Fate than the later vassal states.

Great Qin required Fate right now, and if they were able to conquer Northern Qi, Great Qin would recover a lot of its Fate. This would also help heal Zhao Fu's injuries, so Great Qin definitely had to conquer Northern Qi.

After Great Qin had conquered the other Nation Legacies, Northern Qi had cut off relations with the rest of the world and hidden away. Great Qin had searched for it for a while, but they had not been able to find anything or receive any information about it.

It was purely by chance that they had found it this time. When Northern Qi had risen to a Basic City, it had caused some abnormal signs, which were noticed by a lost player, who had found its location.

After finding Northern Qi's location, the player was incredibly delighted. After finding his way back, he contacted Great Qin and sold this information for 10,000 gold coins.

Spending 10,000 gold coins to obtain the precise location of a Nation Legacy was incredibly worth it, and Great Qin was too happy to make this transaction.

Since Northern Qi had been able to rise to a Basic City, it seemed that it was doing quite well. Conquering Northern Qi would fulfill Great Qin's requirements for leveling up to a Great City, which was killing two birds with one stone, making Zhao Fu feel quite happy.

Right now, Basic Cities were not as important in and of themselves to Great Qin. Great Qin would be able to easily conquer even system main cities now, as Great Qin now had 20 City Lords, which did not include Zhao Fu, as well as 720,000 Stage 1 soldiers.

Zhao Fu immediately gathered his forces and headed towards where Northern Qi was. Because it was a Nation Legacy, Zhao Fu decided to go there himself as well.

However, because his body was still quite weak, he needed Xianru to support him. He did not need to worry, as Ge Nia had returned and was acting as his personal bodyguard. Within the Legacy Land, no one would be able to harm Zhao Fu.

Without having to make any plans, Great Qin directly sent out its entire army, giving off an immense aura as it surrounded China's most bestial dynasty.