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 However, after India conquered a sixth region, they stopped advancing. They did not dare to go too deep into China's territory because once their path of retreat was cut off, they would be completely doomed.

Moreover, because of Great Han in the west, Great Qing in the northwest, and Great Tang in the southwest, who had used Boundary Medallions to stop India's immense momentum, they had to stop.

Because of this, the three Legatees' reputations shot up, and they were celebrated by countless people as heroes and won their respect and praise.

After the situation with India calmed down, the rest of the western front also calmed down.

Finally, all four sides around China gradually stabilized, and they had temporarily defended against the invasions, beating back many of the nations. All sides built up defensive walls and continued to wait.

However, the Chinese side would not be able to take back the boundary regions for now.

Turning to War Points, there were two types. The first was the War Points unlocked from the first stage of the Chaotic World, which were obtained from conquering villages.

The second stage of the Chaotic World gave all system main cities Chaotic World Stone Steles and gave War Points for killing people from other nations, and they would be recorded on a person's stat page.

Killing someone from another nation usually gave 100 War Points, and after the shift in Fate, foreigners killing Chinese players would now receive five times that, while Chinese players would only receive two times that for defending against the invasion. Just from the rewards alone, they were at a disadvantage.

War Points could be used to exchange for all sorts of items - City Creation Stones, equipment, and skills could all be exchanged for, and the highest grade was Epic grade. As such, War Points were extremely valuable, and the rewards were not inferior to the rewards from festivals.

Most of the ordinary players who had invaded China had done so for those rewards, while the Legatees who had invaded mostly did it for Fate. After all, the more territory a nation controlled, the more Fate it would have.

After looking through all of the information, Zhao Fu understood the current situation in China. He had no idea how long this shift in Fate would persist for, and the battles between China and the other nations would also go on for a while.

After going through the information, Zhao Fu entered the Heaven Awaken World again. According to the calendar, it was now the second year of the Heaven Awaken World. Spring was returning, and the ice gradually melted away. The warm sunshine falling on people's bodies made their hearts feel warm again.

By now, Great Qin's population had risen to five million people, and it had 720,000 soldiers. Virtually all of these 720,000 soldiers were Stage 1 soldiers; there were 560,000 surviving soldiers who were already at Stage 1, and there were also the 100,000 captives and the remaining soldiers from Battle City.

Ge Nia had also convinced the old City Lord to allow Battle City to join Great Qin. The old City Lord was an intelligent person, and after hearing about the outcome of the battle, he was happy to agree.

He had already given the position of City Lord to Ge Nia, as well as all of the rights and responsibilities. The only thing he was concerned about now was his residents, and now that Great Qin was rising up and had promised to view Battle City's residents as its own subjects, he was only too happy to agree.

However, he had a single requirement, which was to keep the Arenas. He only had ten or so years to live, and the Arenas were his only hobby.

Zhao Fu accepted this condition, as the Arenas were a specialty of Battle City. Originally, Zhao Fu did not plan to keep the Arenas, as they resulted in many casualties and would reduce Battle City's fighting power.

However, after thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided that keeping the Arenas would be good too - Great Qin needed some bloody things that would help the residents become more accustomed to fighting. Those who belonged to Great Qin had to be able to fight.

At the same time, Zhao Fu did not disregard education. Now that Great Qin's population had reached five million people, Rising Qin Academy was unable to fulfill the needs of the population, so Zhao Fu ordered people to set up a few more academies.

The military was used to expand the kingdom, but only educated ministers would be able to administer it well. A nation could not lack either of the two.

Historically, Great Qin's military was incredibly ferocious, but its ministers were quite incapable. Zhao Fu did not just want to establish an empire with a powerful military. Instead, he wanted one that was well-ruled and educated.

Even if the world was spiraling into chaos, Great Qin only had one goal, which was to unify the surrounding five regions. If they could unify those five regions, Great Qin would become much more powerful.

There was also the matter of the Basic City. Great Qin had long since fulfilled all of the conditions to level up to a Great City, and it had only been lacking a Basic City.

There was also something else important, which was that Great Qin had finally found a way to harm players in the real world.

Zhao Fu had happened to find two things called Void Ink and Void Paper, which he had not paid much mind to. After all, their descriptions were just that they could create special talismans. Moreover, they were both quite expensive; combined, they were worth 300 New Year Points.

There were many things that could be redeemed in the Exchange Stone Stele, and Zhao Fu had not thought that they would be very useful. However, upon seeing those things, the golden dragon had suddenly said that they could be used to create Reality Harming Talismans.

Reality Harming Talismans could transfer injuries in the Heaven Awaken World to the real world. If they attached these talismans to weapons and used those weapons to kill players, the players would die in the real world as well.

However, these were low-grade talismans and would not be able to injure those with a large amount of Fate, as the damage would be resisted by their Fate.

However, these talismans could still hurt ordinary people, which was still very good. This meant that Great Qin did not have to fear the masses of ordinary people anymore - before, they did what they wanted relying on their ability to respawn, but facing true death, very few of them would dare to continue.

On the fourth night of the New Year Festival, Great Qin had obtained two billion New Year Points, and he had only used up 300 million buying a General Fate. With the remaining 1.7 billion, and with their gains from the fifth night, they had 3.5 billion New Year Points.

Zhao Fu spent three billion New Year Points on buying Void Ink and Void Paper, which could create 30 million Reality Harming Talismans. This meant that Great Qin would be able to kill at least 30 million ordinary players.

What's more, these talisman papers were not single-use items. Instead, they could be used three times. This meant that Great Qin could kill a maximum of 90 million players with these talismans. The golden dragon also mentioned that they could create Talisman Weapons, amplifying the effects of the talisman papers by four times. That would mean Great Qin would be able to kill 360 million players.

With that sort of terrifying figure, who would dare to make Great Qin an enemy? The population of the world was only seven billion, and with the ability to kill 360 million people, that was like killing an entire country.

If all Chinese people had a Talisman Weapon, they would be able to easily repel those invasions. All of the other countries would be scared out of their wits and would immediately retreat.

Even India, a powerful country, would not be able to face against them. Killing a million of them would not make them feel much fear, and even killing ten million would not either. However, killing 100 million would cause India to collapse even in the real world.