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 On the western side, China had to face Pakistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar - eight nations in total.

One of them was China's biggest opponent, India. Its population was close to China's, and it would most likely surpass China's in the future. Right now, India's economy was not as developed, and its GDP was much lower.

Comparatively speaking, India's capital was like a small city in China - it was evident how far behind India's economy was. Moreover, India was a country with many religions, and many of them forbid abortion, which contributed to the boom in population.

On the other hand, China's population had been greatly restricted since recent times, and even though the Chinese population was greater at this moment in time, it was likely that India would surpass it in future, especially as its economy developed.

Apart from population, India was also a threat in terms of culture and history - India was also one of the four ancient civilizations, and it had a Clan Armament and a few famous Dynasties.

If it wasn't for the fact that India had been invaded so many times throughout history, its Fate would have been massive.

Currently, China was currently being invaded on all sides, and the outcome was like what had happened to India throughout history.

Putting aside the other nations, just India alone gathered 30 million or so players and split them into three armies. These armies gave off shocking auras and easily plowed through three regions.

The leader of these armies was the Legatee of the Maurya Dynasty, Shama. He not only had the Nation Armament Pillars of Ashoka, but he also brought India's Clan Armament with him.

Anyone could imagine just how terrifying this was - moreover, apart from India's invasion, the western side of China also had to face another seven nations.

"System announcement! The Dudo Region has been conquered by India. China's overall Fate has decreased while India's overall Fate has increased."

"System announcement! The Start Source Region has been conquered by India. China's overall Fate has decreased while India's overall Fate has increased."

"System announcement! The Grand Light Region has been conquered by India. China's overall Fate has decreased while India's overall Fate has increased."

"System announcement! The Earth Path Region has been conquered by Ukraine. China's overall Fate has decreased while Ukraine's overall Fate has increased."

System announcements continuously pierced into Chinese players' minds; it was as if all of China's territory was being broken through. Even though China's territory was many times larger than other nations', it could not afford to continue to lose territory like this. After all, more territory meant more Fate, and after having so much territory taken, it was a heavy blow to China.

However, the situation would not continue like this; China had fewer people in the boundary regions, and they had not been prepared at all, resulting in them being slaughtered.

However, things were different now - the government was calling all Chinese players to defend against the invasion, and with the government leading the players, the players were much more likely to participate.

Moreover, the government made announcements to help the ordinary people understand that there was no chance for peace talks and that China had no retreat now. They had to either fight or be slaughtered.

This forced many of the people who didn't want to participate to fight - they did not want to be killed for nothing, so they had to be united and defend against the enemies together.

The Hundred Schools of Thought and the various sects were also quite willing to participate - right now, it was a national crisis, and these people were all incredibly patriotic. They didn't have the ambition to conquer the world, but they would not let anyone invade China.

The government also made appointments to meet with the Dynasty Legatees and various Nation Legatees, sincerely asking them to help.

The Dynasty Legatees and Nation Legatees were willing to help because if foreign nations invaded China's territory, the ones who would be hurt the most would be them. As such, it was only natural that they would help; otherwise, if China's Fate decreased, it would be even easier for other nations to kill them.

The government also shamelessly asked Great Qin to help and sent an invitation to the Ying family. Even though they knew that they would not be able to invite Great Qin's Legatee, they asked Zhao Fu to go, telling him to put aside the conflict and hatred between him and the others and to unite together to fend off the invasions.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but coldly laugh; they had allied together to destroy Great Qin many times and done all sorts of things to suppress it. They had even called it an evil demon, yet they were asking for help now. Zhao Fu did not even bother looking at the invitation and had people return it.

At the same time, this invasion was not something that Zhao Fu could fend off by himself. China was being invaded on all sides, with hundreds of millions of people in total, so what could Zhao Fu do?

Could he summon the Six Paths Demon Images again? However, the four Guardian Beasts definitely would not allow this, and it would be very difficult for Zhao Fu to summon them again - after they had been killed last time, he had left a mark on their bodies, and they would be reluctant to be summoned again.

Could he ask the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon? That was even more impossible - this was an important historic moment, and the Guardian Beasts only cared about the preservation of the Heaven Awaken World. Even if China was destroyed, it would not care.

Zhao Fu did not have any methods anymore; now that Great Qin's Fate had been completely expended, he did not want to do anything big and harm Great Qin's foundation.

Some people were worried that Great Qin would take revenge at a time like this. However, whenever people had done such a thing throughout history, the nation had always perished, as this was incredibly stupid. Even though it would feel quite refreshing, the conclusion would be quite tragic.

In actuality, this invasion was quite beneficial to Great Qin - China's Dynasty Legatees and various other factions could not continue to attack Great Qin, as they had neither the time nor the energy. Otherwise, they would have been able to gather countless ordinary players, and Zhao Fu would only be able to turtle up within the Great Qin City.

Of course, it was quite difficult for many people to gather in the northern region of the Midland Continent, as the northern side had been heavily wounded by Great Qin. Now, each region only had roughly 1.5 million players.

As such, Zhao Fu did not have to worry about them joining together and using ordinary people to try to destroy Great Qin.

Moreover, this was also good for Great Qin because after joining together to destroy Great Qin, the rest of China was being invaded - this was the punishment that they deserved. If it wasn't for the atrocious acts of the foreign nations, Zhao Fu would have been quite happy about this.

By having the rest of China fight with the foreign factions, they would wear each other out, decreasing their battle strength. This was quite good for Great Qin, as it would be much easier to destroy them in the future.

As such, Zhao Fu decided to not participate - he was unable to help much, and by sitting still, Great Qin would benefit.

Even though China's territory was being invaded, the rest of China had long since effectively banished Great Qin. However, Zhao Fu still thought of himself as Chinese - this was something that he could not change. Whether it was Great Qin or his bloodline, Zhao Fu belonged to China.