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 "System announcement! The Dead Tree Region has been conquered by Japan. China's overall Fate has decreased while Japan's overall Fate has increased."

This region was naturally easily conquered by Japan, and the other nations to the east of China, North Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia also attacked.

Out of those four nations, the Philippines was the most powerful, and it often had conflict with China about territory. As such, both sides had been eyeing each other with enmity for quite some time.

However, they were not as arrogant as Korea or as perverse as Japan, and their invasion was much more direct and bloody, like the invasions in the south.

There were ten million Philippines players gathered together, forming a terrifying army. They flooded into a region, wanting to kill all Chinese players.

The region that they invaded had roughly one million Chinese players, and most of them had heard about what was happening, so just like the players from the other regions, they chose to escape. However, a small portion of people decided to remain to counterattack against the Philippines players. Even though they knew that they would die, their blood was incredibly heated, and they lost their rationality.

If they had stayed rational, they would have chosen to run away and not resist. After all, fighting would not bring them any benefits and would only cause them heavy losses, and they held no advantage. As such, not choosing to fight and running away would at least preserve their interests.

When they had allied together to destroy Great Qin, because of the various benefits and rewards, they had disregarded everything and passionately joined in. However, there were simply no benefits to defending against this invasion.

Those who stayed behind were filled with passion and recklessness, preparing to give it their all to prevent their nation from being invaded. They did not want China's glorious name to be sullied by anyone.

However, out of the one million Chinese players, only 150,000 people remained, and the result was obvious: there was no hope of 150,000 players facing ten million players.

The two Chinese system main cities also went into a neutral defensive status and evicted all of the Chinese players. After losing the protection of their system main cities, the 150,000 players decided to use the terrain that they were familiar with and fight with guerrilla tactics.

However, reality was cruel - the guerrilla tactics only had a slight effect on the Philippines army, and because of the disparity in their numbers, the massive ocean of people quickly surrounded the Chinese players.

The surrounded Chinese players started to ferociously counterattack, but they were annihilated by the Philippines army in just an instant.

The Philippines players had also captured some of the Chinese people - they had not surrendered but were forcefully taken captive.

The leader of the Philippines army, Eduard, used horrifying torture to reduce the Chinese players' morale and make future battles easier.

As such, all of the captured Chinese players died horrible deaths - they were skinned, hung on trees, and had honey spread all over their bodies. This resulted in countless bugs biting at their bodies, causing terrifying screams to resound throughout the region.

After successfully taking over this region, Eduard let the Philippines army to the next region.

The three other nations were slightly weaker - North Korea only sent four million people, Indonesia sent five million people, and Malaysia also sent around five million people.

The three of the nations joined together because not only did they not have many people, but their battle power was also lower than other nations.

If it wasn't for so many other nations invading China, they never would have dared to do such a thing. It was only because there were so many nations invading China that they decided to also join in and obtain some benefits.

Their plan was quite successful - they advanced from three different directions and surrounded the region, making it so that their attack was not any weaker than a big nation's. Not a single Chinese player dared to stay behind, and they were able to easily take down three regions.

"System announcement! The Spring Peace Region has been conquered by North Korea. China's overall Fate has decreased while North Korea's overall Fate has increased."

"System announcement! The Scarlet Region has been conquered by Malaysia. China's overall Fate has decreased while Malaysia's overall Fate has increased."

"System announcement! The Doju Region has been conquered by Indonesia. China's overall Fate has decreased while Indonesia's overall Fate has increased."

The nation system announcements seemed to stab into every Chinese player's head, and only now did they realize how severe the situation was. They quickly reacted and did not dare to stay passive anymore.

After putting together some arrangements in the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu decided to return to the real world as the information he had in the Heaven Awaken World was not very complete. As such, he could only go back to the real world to seek more information.

Zhao Fu knew that the shift in Fate would cause China to become a big piece of meat that everyone would want to take a bite out of. The situation in China was quite dire, so he had to go back to the real world and gather information on the overall situation.

After his consciousness returned to the real world, that feeling of pain and weakness once again assaulted his mind and body. It seemed that his body in the real world had also suffered the Fate backlash and become incredibly weak. Zhao Fu had expected this, but because of the Phoenix Qi, he was still able to do some simple things.

Zhao Fu called Mu Guilin in and asked him for some intelligence, and he also heard that some people wanted to meet him, such as the family leaders, Flower Moon's people, Feng Shiyu, and the White Lotus Society's people.

Zhao Fu understood what they wanted, but he did not want to see anyone right now - without even thinking about it, he knew that all of them had come because of those system announcements.

After all, the system announcements had revealed that Great Qin had expended all of its Fate and that Great Qin's Legatee had suffered a Fate backlash - now that such a big thing had happened, they all felt incredibly concerned and wanted to know how Great Qin was. However, with how weak he felt, Zhao Fu decided that it would be better to not meet them.

One reason was that it was inconvenient for him to talk while feeling so weak, and the other was because it might raise suspicions.

As for why Flower Moon's people wanted to find him, Zhao Fu was not sure why they had come, so he did not want to meet them either.

After looking through the intelligence reports, Zhao Fu understood the situation in China, and he had never expected it to be so bad. A trace of anger appeared on Zhao Fu's face after reading about what the foreign nations had done. Since Great Qin was part of China, this was like slapping Great Qin.

Great Qin was at the northern region of the Midland Continent, and because of its presence, the invasions from the north were relatively milder, as the foreign factions were afraid of a bloody retaliation from Great Qin. Moreover, because of everything that had happened in the north, it was quite difficult for the Chinese players to stop their invasion.

Before, Zhao Fu had only heard about the situation in the north, and now that he knew what was happening all around China, he knew how severe the situation was.

However, the northern side, the southern side, and the eastern side were not as intense as the western side.