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 On the eastern side, China had to face North Korea, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

These six nations had enmity with China not only in the Heaven Awaken World but in the real world as well, and there was often friction at boundaries.

Since there had always been enmity, they would definitely attack savagely this time with cruel methods.

The first to attack was South Korea, which gathered six million players and ferociously attacked.

Similarly, the system main city here went into a neutral defensive status and evicted all of the Chinese players. However, the Chinese players had expected this after hearing about the south, and after hearing that South Korea was attacking, they immediately chose to run.

There were less one million Chinese players here, so it was impossible for them to stop the South Korean army. As such, they could only choose to run.

They contacted the surrounding regions, wanting to resist the South Korean invasion together, but none of the other regions agreed to come and help.

Many people still thought that it was not their problem, as it was not their region being attacked. As such, why would they go through all that inconvenience and trouble to fight with their lives on the line? If they died, they would lose everything and sacrifice a lot of money. Moreover, no one would compensate them, and it would just be them who suffered.

Others' blood heated up, and they wanted to come over. However, they had not made sufficient preparations. Even if they hurried over, the South Korean army would have bathed the region in blood already, so they decided to start preparing defenses in their own region.

The person leading this army was called Bak Seolhyun. Even though she was a woman, she was an important figure within South Korea and had an esteemed status. She was also extremely beautiful and was admired by many South Koreans.

Bak Seolhyun had been quite excited to lead the South Korean army, as this was their opportunity to show the world how powerful South Korea was and have the world prostrate themselves before South Korea.

However, by the time they arrived, they found that most of the Chinese players had escaped, making Bak Seolhyun feel quite disappointed. After all, only by killing the Chinese players could they prove how powerful they were.

However, now that the Chinese players had run off, what could they do?

Bak Seolhyun felt quite unresigned and immediately gave the order to give chase, and they caught 3,000 of the Chinese people who were slower than the rest.

Looking at these 3,000 Chinese players, Bak Seolhyun smiled and gave the order for them to be brought forward.

Looking at the large number of South Korean players around them, the 3,000 Chinese players felt quite fearful and shakily stood in front of Bak Seolhyun.

Bak Seolhyun finally said, "You lowly Chinese people, I'll tell you now - Korea was the origin of eastern culture; you shameless Chinese people claimed that our culture came from you. How shameful.

"You're all thieves who stole what belonged to us, which explains your inferior bloodlines. Throughout history, you were our slaves, and you all have the blood of slaves. Now, you should recognize Korea as your master and that Koreans are greater than you lowly Chinese people. Do you understand?"

"Understand, my ass! How shameless can you be?"

"Is your head alright? You've never studied history before, right?"

"What an idiot! How disgusting!"

Countless people cursed back at her. After all, South Korea was a much smaller country compared to China, and it had always been a vassal to China. Now that its economy had started to boom, it had started to claim that China originated from it.

Bak Seolhyun's beautiful face became cold. Hearing these people's words, she immediately said, "Drag those people out! Behead them all!"

The South Korean players were already quite displeased, and after hearing this order, they dragged those Chinese players out and forced them to kneel. They swung down their sabers, causing heads to fall to the ground and for blood to stream out of their necks.

The remaining Chinese players were terrified, and their faces became pale as their bodies trembled.

"As long as you acknowledge that Chinese people are lowly existences and Korea's servants, as well as that you stole our culture, I'll release you all!" Bak Seolhyun said as she looked at the Chinese players in front of her.

Roughly 2,000 of the 3,000 Chinese players had just been beheaded, and only 1,000 of them were left. Some of these 1,000 Chinese players cursed at the South Koreans, but they were quickly dragged out and killed, leaving only 500 or so Chinese players.

One of them was a weak-looking youth, and seeing the beheaded corpses, he couldn't help but say in fear, "Really? As long as I say all that, you'll let us off?"

Bak Seolhyun smiled as she said, "Of course! As long as you say those things, I'll definitely spare all of you!"

"Alright! I admit that the Koreans are the best and that we're your servants. We also stole your culture!" the weak-looking youth nervously said in a loud voice.

All of the South Koreans started to laugh, and Bak Seolhyun nodded in satisfaction and said, "You can go!"

Hearing this, the weak-looking youth felt delighted and quickly ran away. Seeing him run away so wretchedly, all of the South Korean players continued to laugh - to them, such people were just like animals.

Seeing that someone had been let off, others also quickly started to say, "Korea is the biggest country in the world, and we're not as good as all of you. We Chinese people stole what was yours."


Countless South Korean players loudly laughed, and the remaining Chinese players nervously looked around them. Bak Seolyun nodded in satisfaction and said, "You can all leave!"

The Chinese players felt as if a massive weight had been taken off them, and they immediately run off. However, some people were unwilling to say those things, so they were executed on the spot.

In the end, out of the 3,000 Chinese players, around 400 ran away in humiliation.

Bak Seolhyun grinned - this was exactly what she had wanted.

Now that most of the Chinese players had escaped, Bak Seolhyun could only change her target to the Chinese indigenous resident villages.

The six million players spread out and found many villages quite quickly.

After breaking through those villages, Bak Seolhyun announced her plan to make the Chinese people slaves. Even though this was not currently possible for the Chinese players, they could at least start with the Chinese indigenous residents.

This was the first time anyone would want to turn Chinese people into slaves and publicly announce it. This made many Chinese people furious, and many of them cursed at Bak Seolhyun on the internet, saying that they were going to attack South Korea. As for whether they really would, that was uncertain.