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 "System announcement! The Nine Shepherds Region has been conquered by Mongolia, and China's overall Fate has decreased while Mongolia's overall Fate has increased."

Yet another system announcement sounded out, causing all of China to shake.

Turning to Kazakhstan's Advance - Kazakhstan was not a very powerful or famous nation, and it did not have any overly impressive historical figures. Moreover, it was in the inner regions of Asia and had many deserts.

Most of their soldiers were Infantrymen, and the army had very few Cavalrymen. After combining their forces from a few regions, they had gathered seven million players, while the Chinese players within the border region numbered roughly one million; it was impossible for them to defend against Kazakhstan's advance.

Just like the other regions, the two Chinese system main cities went into a neutral defensive status and evicted the unsuspecting Chinese players.

They were immediately attacked by the Kazakhstan army, first by a wave of arrows. The Chinese players were completely defenseless and split into a faction that wanted to fight and a faction that wanted to negotiate for peace, unable to unite together.

The Kazakhstan army created a shield wall on all sides, surrounding the Chinese players. The Chinese players finally started to counterattack, but the effects were negligible.

After setting up the shield walls, the Kazakhstan players started to advance, shrinking down the area within. Spears also poked out between the shields, piercing the Chinese players to death.

The countless Chinese players slowly retreated in terror while the Kazakhstan players gradually advanced. The space that the Chinese players had shrunk more and more until they were all crammed together and those on the outside were stabbed to death. They tried to break through the shield walls but were completely unsuccessful.

Many people started to kneel and surrender, and the Kazakhstan players really did not kill them. After those who resisted were killed, there were roughly 20,000 Chinese players as captives.

The Chinese players thought that the Kazakhstan players would spare them, and they started to thank them. However, their fates were still the same.

The Kazakhstan army was led by a yellow-skinned, fierce-looking man called Kostya. Seeing the countless Chinese corpses, he felt incredibly delighted and happy.

Their nation had not had any extremely famous people or done any world-shaking things, and it did not have a big presence in the world. As such, they wanted to change this, and now that the biggest country in the world, China, had lost much of its Fate, this was an extremely good opportunity.

Now, Kostya had brought the Kazakhstan players to immense glory and made the world know of Kazakhstan's name. As such, he had to continue invading China and defeating the Chinese players to receive even more fame and glory.

That was why he felt so ecstatic upon seeing these Chinese players' corpses - this was the first step to fulfilling his dreams.

"Sir, what should we do about the Chinese captives? Surely we aren't going to let them off!" a person walked over and asked.

Kostya coldly laughed; how could he spare these Chinese people? After all, killing them gave five times the rewards, and even if he didn't kill them, the others wouldn't let them off.

Because of how happy Kostya was, he decided to hold a celebration - it was a hunt to raise the Kazakhstan players' morale, and of course, the Chinese players were the prey.

The captive Chinese players had their equipment taken away, and they only had their clothes left. They were then brought up 1,000 at a time.

The Chinese players still had not understood what the Kazakhstan players were planning and stood there feeling confused.

Kostya laughed and said loudly, "This is a special hunting event; anyone who shoots and kills a Chinese player will not only receive the five times the War Points, but I will also give him ten silver coins!"

The Kazakhstan army was immediately sent into an uproar, and countless people excitedly asked to join. Kostya casually chose 1,000 people and had them stand about 100 meters behind the Chinese players.

Seeing them draw their bows, the Chinese captives immediately realized that the Kazakhstan players had never planned to spare them. As such, they immediately tried to run, but they had nothing on them, and it would be difficult for them to survive.

In order for the event to go on, Kostya gave the Chinese players some hope - anyone who could survive the attacks from the Archers would be spared.

Since resisting would mean certain death, the Chinese people could only participate and endure the humiliation, becoming prey for the Kazakhstan players.

Following this, the hunt began, with the Chinese people quickly running away and the Kazakstan players drawing the bows and attacking from behind.

The arrows flew out, piercing through many Chinese players' bodies. Some of them died on the spot, and others were hit but had not been killed, resulting in them lying on the ground screaming. However, some who were hit desperately tried to crawl away.

Seeing this, the countless Kazakhstan players loudly laughed.

The few who escaped from the arrows ran in terror, but they had to deal with even more Archers now. The rules were that after killing someone, the Archers could kill someone else. Because the distance between them was only 100 meters, the Archers would have many opportunities.

Very few people were able to escape, and most of them were killed. Those who escaped were not chased down, as Kostya just saw it as releasing a few bugs.

This event greatly boosted the Kazakstan players' morale, and they followed Kostya to attack the next region.

"System announcement! The Sand Province Region has been conquered by Kazakhstan; China's overall Fate has decreased, and Kazakhstan's overall Fate has increased."

Those three nations were the first to attack, and they had acted incredibly quickly. Before the Chinese could even react, China had suffered heavy losses.

Back then, the Chinese side had not realized the danger that they were in, and it had thought that it was just a few other nations invading them. However, the invasion was happening all around them, and it was incredibly ferocious.

At that time, there were still many people who wanted to maintain peace and negotiate. After all, Chinese people were conflict-averse, and this sort of invasion was very detrimental to China. As such, for their own interests, they did not want to fight.

When the three system announcements for Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan sounded out, other nations were also attacking, but they were not as fast. It was only the southern region of the Midland Continent that had suffered these devastating blows so far.

Zhao Fu did not think about this too much - Great Qin was not at a boundary region, so they did not have to worry about enemies invading Great Qin just yet.

However, Zhao Fu knew the significance of this shift in Fate, so he discussed with his Generals and made some decisions. He then set up some defenses, as being vigilant in dangerous times was something that concerned the survival of a nation.

Right now, Zhao Fu was still incredibly weak, and he could barely walk. He could not go anywhere and had to listen to the reports given to him.

The southern region of China's territory was currently being ravaged, and this was not what really angered him - what was truly angering was what was happening in the eastern region of China's territory.